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  1. All this talk about the exhaustion and frustrations of getting to and from Ushuaia makes me glad I went to Antarctica on the Seabourn Quest. A direct flight to Santiago, straight to the ship, a week sailing down through the fjords and adjusting to the cooling climate, five days in Antarctica, four days in South Georgia, then five days back up to Buenos Aires, straight from the ship to the airport, direct flight back home. Done and dusted.
  2. We rented a car and drove the entire island. I remember swimming from a stunning beach at the far western tip of the island. It's a charming little place.
  3. There is very stormy weather at Ushuaia and the Drake at the moment. Seabourn Quest has been unable to leave and has already lost a full day. Silver Cloud left Ushuaia and appears to have turned back from the entrance to the Drake Passage. Sorry to hear about all the embarkation day issues. It takes the gloss off a trip. But these things happen, especially on the edge of the known world.
  4. The Quest has just arrived in Ushuaia and is berthed alongside Silver Cloud and behind the Hanseatic Inspiration. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/argentina/tierra-del-fuego/ushuaia/ushuaia.html
  5. Drones have certainly revolutionised professional wildlife footage. The recent series Planet Earth II and Our Planet make great use of the new technology. The drone shots in the first episode of Planet II which went to Zavodovski Island in the South Sandwich group was truly incredible but they still somehow landed filmmakers on the island for conventional photography. However, in the wrong hands it can become a rather lazy option as in several cruise line videos. There was a recent Seabourn Quest one in Antarctica when it become downright monotonous and was a poor substitute for classic photography.
  6. That's brilliant! That's Silversea for you! Loving all your commentaries on this trip.
  7. I hope that wasn't the Gerlache Strait . . . like ten Milford Sounds glued together.
  8. Thanks a bunch, whogo. I hope you continue writing just as you are. I love cruising vicariously with people just like you. Keep focussed, don't get deflected! Looking forward to hearing about the weather, the landings, the clothing etc. You'll love the boot room service. Nothing like HAL. Prattle on.
  9. Me too - I'm enjoying this blog. Whogo - when you get to Ushuaia you will probably see quite an assembly of ships, all smaller than the Quest and rather more expensive. As I wrote in my own blog of the Quest trip, Seabourn in Antarctica might be considered to be the budget option. 😉
  10. As someone with a sort of movie background, I did appreciate Jimmy's technique which should be a lesson for many people - keep the camera steady, don't pan around all the time and don't zoom in or out.
  11. Lovely video - and great to see Danny Edmunds. We sailed with him a few times on the old Clipper Odyssey and Noble-Caledonia.
  12. Our cruising life began in 2005 on a Noble Caledonia cruise to the Baltic. We were hooked on the small ship experience. We went everywhere with NC until 2016. That was our 11th cruise with them to the Caribbean aboard the Serenissima. That ship was beyond awful and a lot went wrong with the itinerary as well. It was the cruise from hell. I wrote some harsh criticism on the internet and received a letter from NC's managing director who said he disliked public criticism so much that he had banned us for life. That's the sort of company that NC is. Very touchy. When things go right, their cruises are great. When things go wrong . . . Have a great trip on the Hebridean Sky.
  13. Cabin 510 will be fine. There is a trade-off in space inside the cabin because of the balcony and the balcony itself will be narrow, so you will sit facing each other rather than facing outwards. BTW, another of these ships is the Silver Galapagos which you might have been on. As far as flights are concerned, I have no way of knowing except they are most likely to use British Airways which flies into Gatwick from Malta, arriving sound 4pm. Only NC will know and maybe not yet. I often used to call them about flights and hotels and they hadn't a clue until very near departure date. NC excursions are generally very well organised and heavily biased towards cultural sightseeing. They won't do touristy things or much shopping and your itinerary will be heavy on history. The Sicily portion looks fabulous. I once did a NC cruise in this region and it remains one of our best cruises. There will probably be some sort of historian on board for talks, there will be a pianist but nothing else in the way of entertainment. Your fellow passengers are likely to be at least 95 percent British, elderly and extremely well travelled. NC has a loyal following of regulars who have been everywhere, usually on NC ships. Do not expect a genuine luxury cruise like Seabourn or Silversea or Regent - the only other cruise lines I have sailed with. Food on the ship won't be in the same league and house wines are very basic with a choice between red and white and that's it. However, it will be a rewarding cruise and a very social one - everyone gets to know everyone else. And there is no dress code. In my experience on NC ships, the classier the person, the least dressy they are. NC has very little internet presence. They like it that way and most of their clients have never heard of the internet anyway.
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