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  1. Jim, I'd recommend removing the photo of your boarding pass. Someone with nefarious intentions could do a lot with the ticket number and PNR visible. Looking forward to following along on your review. regrettably, no cruising for me anytime soon!
  2. Jim, have you considered Uber? We used uber when we docked at BCN last November off the Eclipse and it was painless.
  3. Very nice! Been 27 years since I was in Tokyo. Great city. I'm looking forward to your reports and photos. Smooth seas!
  4. Following. I was on the Eclipse (Med) cruise with you last November and had thought about the both the TP cruise on Millie and the Suez Cruise on Connie. Neither one happened since wife became pregnant and there will likely be no cruising for a few years. Have a great time! I remember there were some amazing deals for this cruise back in Jan/Feb!
  5. My wife and I have become Cruise and Airline agnostic. We'll travel on a variety of carriers and cruise lines wherever we think we'll get the best fit for that particular itinerary. The one thing the cruise lines need to understand, and I mentioned this on my very first cruise a couple of years ago on the NCL Jade, for some of us the cruise is the destination, or a big part of it, and not just a conveyance. I got the distinct impression NCL was trying to Ryanair the voyage. Some don't mind looking at air travel as nothing more than an A to B experience but to me, a cruise is a floating resort that allows me to see a number of places in comfort and with good service. If they start treating it as a ferry service, that's troubling.
  6. Forgot to add that I hope you enjoy Hong Kong. I have great memories from some of the trips I have taken that have passed through there in the last fifteen years. Never done it by ship, though.
  7. Excellent! Looking forward to this as I have my eye on the Millie transpacific at end of April. Not sure if I'll be able to do it, but at least I can dream!
  8. To each their own, I suppose. It makes sense if you are wearing attire without pockets. Since I am always wearing pants or shorts, I just keep it in my pocket. People should do whatever they're comfortable with - pocket, wristband, or lanyard.
  9. Correction, KLM is operating the A330-200 and not the -300. I'm hoping to some day make it there as well. Watching jets land never gets old for me.
  10. Air France flies the A330-200 (scheduled to operate today's flight) and last I heard KLM was using an A330-300 after switching from the 747-400.
  11. Linda, I echo your sentiments regarding the silent disco as it was a "once and done" for me. Still, the 60 something french woman doing the Travolta to Stayin' Alive was memorable. Loving your review on a bitterly cold January day. You're a natural at this.
  12. Oh yeah, now I remember St. Lucia. The Piton Beer! I was down there on a Princess cruise (no, not looking for one as I already have one!) last January and most of the islands are just a blurry, hazy memory.
  13. I think it is because the celebrity board is on a different server than the others.
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