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  1. haha! I just saw that too 😂 Whoever posted me to John Heald’s page, thanks for the thought, but I’m certain he can’t just give me another cabin lol!!! lots of comments on his page mentioned my husband should definitely get a sleep study. I agree. He probably does have sleep apnea but as to convincing him to see a doctor, Let’s just say I might have more chance of receiving a free extra cabin from John Heald 😂
  2. Alcohol will definitely be utilized...I just need to be able to get up the next morning! 😂
  3. I thought about that too! When we booked the same cabin type on Splendor a few years ago I did notice that the relaxation room was open 24 hours a day and would have been an excellent spot to escape to for some sleep if necessary. It seems like the Vista Class ships have smaller Cloud 9 Spa spaces and I’m wondering if the relaxation room is also smaller or is closed off at night. It will definitely be worth checking in to! Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. I wish! We already booked a Spa Interior cabin.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, all! I definitely have to use earplugs and I’ll probably use some sort of sleep aid medication as well. Like I said, I’m hoping it would never come to me having to decide to sleep elsewhere but it’s nice to know I’ll have options if I just have to 😂 I forgot about the Serenity Deck clamshells, thats a great option. I also had not considered the library. side note: if you use noise-cancelling headphones/earbuds, what brand/model do you recommend? A friend of mine has the Bose ones but I’m not in a hurry to spend $250 for something I won’t use often 😳
  6. This is an odd question. My husband and I haven’t cruised together in 2 years and since the last time we cruised, he has developed quite the loud snoring problem 😫 I know I can’t be the the only one with a snoring spouse. So I’m wondering if anyone else has, in a moment of desperation, found somewhere in a public area on Horizon that they could escape to in the middle of the night for a few hours’ sleep?? Also, would this even be ok? Or would staff members ask me to go back to my room?? Honestly I’m hoping it wouldn’t come to this but I need a plan in case I can’t deal with the snoring. Please advise!
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