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  1. yes, out of galveston! yes, on the freedom! not expecting too much on this journeys cruise (have a 7 dayer already booked for the "benefits") need to go find costumes!!! thanks for all the info! hugs
  2. Thank you! Please post link I'm not too computer savvy ☺️. How about Halloween? Does anyone know about costumes?
  3. Hi all, hope you can help me. We are going on our first journey cruise in October (we will also turn platinum on this cruise yay!!!) Questions: What can we expect time wise boarding? We probably won't get to the port until 12 or 12:30. This journey cruise will be over Halloween, do people dress up? What else can we expect during the cruise? About debarkation, we usually self assist, what can we expect being platinum? Any other advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. we didn't hear anything!!! i don't think it was used much on the Conquest.
  5. we had an L shape cabin on the conquest and it left a little to be desired. lacking moving about room. when you opened the bathroom door it hit the bed. the only good thing was the bed faced the window and the patio door so you can sit on the bed and watch the waves!! hope that helps some.
  6. Hi, I find this room lacking in move around space. When you open the bathroom door it hits the bed. Now for the good, I loved that the bed faced the window and door so you can sit on the bed and watch the waves go by!!!
  7. Congrats on retirement! You will enjoy it!!! We are ☺️
  8. can you pull up your pictures on the hub???
  9. thank you! have been reading lots but i guess it takes lots to get it into this old head!! thanks again for saving me the fttf $!!!
  10. should i try to get fttf or should we go with the plat boarding??? 🙄 never been on a journeys and definitely haven't been plat till now, however, we have experienced fttf and loved it. 😍 please help!!! ☺️ thank you in advance
  11. thank you! i guess october will be comfortable. but after being on the vista, and the breeze got to liking indoors!
  12. does that mean it is or it isn't??? thank you
  13. After dry dock is it still outdoors?
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