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  1. Congrats on retirement! You will enjoy it!!! We are ☺️
  2. can you pull up your pictures on the hub???
  3. thank you! have been reading lots but i guess it takes lots to get it into this old head!! thanks again for saving me the fttf $!!!
  4. should i try to get fttf or should we go with the plat boarding??? 🙄 never been on a journeys and definitely haven't been plat till now, however, we have experienced fttf and loved it. 😍 please help!!! ☺️ thank you in advance
  5. thank you! i guess october will be comfortable. but after being on the vista, and the breeze got to liking indoors!
  6. does that mean it is or it isn't??? thank you
  7. After dry dock is it still outdoors?
  8. Does anyone know if the muster drill is still held outdoors?
  9. Thank you. This has been very helpful, especially since we just got off the Vista! Will have to download some videos. We were really hoping we didn't have to hunt for pictures! One more question please, was the muster drill still held outdoors???? Thanks again!!!
  10. Thanks for your review. Does the hub work? Can you view your photos on the hub? Or TV? Looking forward to hearing more. Will be on her for two weeks and want to be prepared!!!
  11. Tell me what it's like traffic wise on Sunday March 3rd of marti gras week. Thank you.
  12. Hmmm, guess mine isn't showing up because I'm signed in already. Thank you! Is there another way to sign up for it??? Anyone??? Thanks
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