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  1. We are booking a shuttle from Fiumicoino airport to an airbnb near the civi port for our May 20th cruise. We looking at booking with airport-shuttle with 4 adults with luggage. We were quoted $115 Euro. Has anyone used this company and do you have comments or possibly have a shuttle/taxi service you recommend from the airport to the vicinity of the port. And any recommendations from the cruiseport to Rome for post cruise? Thinking of just taking the train. Comments? Appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I plan to bring some Euros and now have an idea of the rates. Thanks again.
  3. We haven't cruised to Europe before although we have cruised elsewhere many times. Do you buy your Euros onboard for your shore spending? We would bring some with us, but wondering if we needed extra, if buying onboard would be advised. We are on the Koningsdam in May. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions. We have booked our accommodations. Really appreciate all your suggestions.
  5. We are arriving back in Rome on Saturday June 1st on Holland Koningsdam and the flight we would like to book departs at 1:45 p.m. Would this be enough time to travel to the airport including the few hours we would need to check in for an international flight? Also, what is your preferred way to travel to the airport. Thanks !
  6. I have reviewed a number of posts in the Italy posts and most of what i have seen are a few years back at least. So I will ask this question hoping it hasn't been answered a number of times before. We are spending 3 to 4 days pre-cruise in Rome in May of 2019. Looking for recommended hotels near Vatican/Trevi fountain area. Also, if you booked tours of Vatican and other tourist sites. (We have never been to Europe before). I would appreciate any info on tour companies you recommend.
  7. We were interested in the cruise listed below. I'm just wondering if anyone has cruised on this line before. If you have any pros and cons, I'd like to hear your thoughts. We are thinking September/October if the weather there is ok at that time of year. Thanks! Impression of China & Yangtze River Cruise (Three Gorges) 13 Days 2018-2019
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