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  1. I know...same old story, same type of post... We are now past 6 months of waiting for our Future Cruise Credit and refund of port fees and taxes for a cancelled March 13th cruise. Have made 16 phone calls, sent 5 emails, have been assured my case had been "escalated" at least 3 times, and even tried the BBB route...all to no avail. MSC no longer bothers to respond to my emails and the phone reps just tell me nothing can be done until the Finance Office in Italy processes my request...however, they cannot say when/if that might be done. MSC also "blew off" the BBB...their current F rating with that consumer agency seems to be of no concern. Finally filed a credit card dispute as a last resort. Still waiting to see if that will have any effect. However, the manner in which MSC has managed my situation has led to one outcome. I now have booked two cruises for 2021 on Celebrity.
  2. Already tried that email. Received a message stating that the delay was not typical of MSC and that resolving my problem was a high priority for the cruise line..then, nothing was done. The response was disingenuous. As for the BBB approach, I agree that people generally wouldn't refer to BBB before booking a cruise. However, I got the idea from CC and thought it was worth a try to see if it might prompt MSC to act. I was wrong. Google MSC BBB and you will see a litany of complaints from people who have not received refunds and FCC's. Every story sounds the same. Will a poor BBB rating have any impact on MSC? Doubtful.
  3. I tried the Better Business Bureau route as well. At first, it seemed to be working because MSC responded to BBB and requested documentation. Then, they asked for more time to investigate the matter. I was offered the opportunity to reply that I was satisfied with MSC's response but, according to BBB, had I indicated I was satisfied, the case would be closed as resolved...so, each time, I chose to respond that I was not satisfied. However, after two more rounds of MSC replying "we need time to conduct a thorough investigation" with no further explanation or action, BBB finally sent an email to me saying the case was being closed as "unresolved" due to the failure of MSC to respond. Essentially, MSC just delayed and delayed until BBB gave up. This is challenging for me because I truly enjoy MSC cruises and the entire onboard experience. It's the administrative office that has proven to be beyond incompetent.
  4. As I've posted on similar threads before, it has been over 6 months since I filed a request for a Future Cruise Credit through the MSC Cruise Assurance Program. Have not received the FCC nor have the taxes and port fees been refunded to my credit card. I even tried to go through the Better Business Bureau and the only response I received was "be patient, we are work working on it". Today, I received a notice from BBB that there was nothing more that could be done. If, as an above poster noted, MSC's BBB rating already is abysmal, what do they care about another unresolved complaint?
  5. I've had a similar Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde experience with MSC. I had two cruises booked on MSC when the Covid-19 epidemic emerged. I had already made the final payment on the first cruise and have been struggling to get the FCC - for which I applied in March - processed. Despite many phone calls and emails, I haven't been able to get any movement beyond "we're looking into it" and "the central office in Italy has it and we can't do anything until they act". Conversely, I had paid only the deposit on the second cruise I had booked and received a 100% refund of that deposit in about 2 weeks after cancelling the cruise. Apparently, refunding a deposit is not such problem. I have no idea why one process was so easy and the other has been so difficult. We've had no prior problems with the booking process or even with post-booking changes/requests and our shipboard experiences on MSC have been outstanding...it's become one of our favorite cruise lines. That is why this FCC and refund debacle is so maddening!
  6. Totally agree. I've made nearly 20 unsuccessful attempts (through phone calls and emails) to get MSC to process the FCC for which I applied on March 10th. I've been told many different things by the various phone reps I've reached including, on several occasions, that my case was being forwarded to a supervisor, the Finance Dept. or Dispute Resolution...but to no avail. I recently filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also filed a dispute with my credit card company. I feel badly for the phone reps. Frankly, I think they are as frustrated as we are and the upper administrators are using the reps as a buffer between the frustrated public and themselves. Is anyone aware of any statement by a senior administrator about this situation? I haven't. What is sad is that I really love the product...our onboard experiences with MSC have been wonderful. But the administrative side is, as you note, really destroying the company's reputation. We've convinced friends to try MSC in the past but would have to think twice about doing that again.
  7. Tried again today to get my promised FCC's applied to a future sailing. Was told by an agent in the Cruise Assurance section that everything appeared to be in order with my FCC request except for a question as to whether I was eligible for 100% or 125% and that it would be necessary to transfer me to the MSC Dispute Resolution office to take care of the matter. I said "no problem, just give me the 100%" but was told that only Dispute Resolution could do it. Having been in touch with that unit before, I suspected it likely would be pointless but I was told they were aware of my situation and were waiting to help me...so off I went. The lethargic person in Dispute Resolution who answered the phone told me that there were many people in my position, that the central office in Italy was working on resolving the matter, and that nothing could be done until that central office had done it's work. They were "hoping" it might be done by the end of August but could offer no assurance that would be the case. I asked if there was anyone in the entire United States who had the ability to resolve the situation and was told "no". I called the Cruise Assurance office back to tell them what had happened and the agent I reached this time said that Dispute Resolution was "higher" than them so they were the best office with which to work. Nothing can be done except to wait. Oh well...it's only been 5 months. What's another 5 months?
  8. Applied on March 10 for FCC for a mid March cruise. Still waiting for the FCC and tax/fee refund. Have called numerous times and although each agent stated they can see my request and that everything looks in order, no one was able to tell me why it hadn't been processed. Than, the last person with whom I spoke told me that it appeared to have been processed incorrectly by someone at MSC some time ago and was just sitting there unattended. I was advised to send an email to MSC to get things moving so I did...of course, no response. Sent a second email..no response to that one either. The two words that come to mind to describe how MSC has managed my situation are callousness and ineptness.
  9. Filed March 10th for FCC for March 13th cruise and have not yet received either the FCC or the refund of port fees and taxes to my CC. I've made multiple calls to the FCC office, the Resolution Center, and regular service reps and have been given three different time frames within which I should expect to receive the FCC and port/tax refund. I've also been told my case has been "escalated" to supervisors...of course, nothing has been done.
  10. Although I don't wish this upon anyone, for some reason, it actually makes me feel a bit better knowing that I'm not the only one! At least that may be an indication that it's just a messy process and our respective requests haven't been lost or forgotten. I do feel badly for the reps on the phone. They are caught between frustrated passengers like me and the supervisors or FCC department staff who seem unwilling to take direct calls.
  11. When the FCC program was announced in March, I decided to take advantage of it and cancelled a March 13th cruise due to Covid-19 concerns. Was told to expect the FCC within 2 weeks. Four months later, I still have not received it nor have the taxes and port fees been refunded to my CC. I've called several times to attempt to resolve the situation but each rep with whom I've spoken has been unable to do anything beyond telling me that it hasn't yet been processed and to "be patient". I finally reached the "Resolution Desk" 2 weeks ago and was told I'd receive the FCC within 48 hrs and the CC refund within 7-10 days. Of course, that did not occur. I cannot find an email or phone for MSC Headquarters...frankly, not convinced the central office would be any more effective than their staff. It's too bad. I am a big fan of MSC and have convinced friends to try the cruise line. However, this experience has been so frustrating that I'd think twice about doing that again.
  12. Similar for us. We requested a FCC for a cancelled March 13th cruise and are still waiting both for the refund of the tax and port fees to our credit card as well as for the FCC. I've called just about every 3-4 weeks to ask about the status. All of the reps with whom I have spoken were very nice and apologetic. However, while all were able to tell me they can see my application, none have been able to explain why it has yet to be processed. Conversely, a few weeks after we requested the FCC for the March cruise, we cancelled a fall Armonia cruise (well before the final payment date) and received a full refund of our deposit within about 4 weeks. Go figure...
  13. Due to the uncertainty related to Covid-19, we did shift our respective August 2020 Equinox and January 2021 Reflection cruises to a year later. We both have some health issues that could create complications were we to contract the virus and it just seemed prudent to us to postpone our planned cruises until the virus spread slows or scientists produce a vaccine (hopefully!). Of course, we will keep our eye on the situation and if it seems reasonable to do so, we'll look for some sort of last minute cruise in early 2021. Unfortunately, I think 2020 is out of the question for us. With that said, we do hope the cruise lines are able to start sailing again in 2020 but trust they will find ways to do so safely. I can't imagine that it will be a "business as usual" approach.
  14. So, it seems it could be a civil suit brought under the auspices of maritime law, not a criminal charge...correct? Thanks for clarifying. That makes more sense now.
  15. If the crew signed contracts containing a non-disclosure clause then whatever are the terms of that clause could be enforced. I assume that would include immediate firing and possibly other civil consequences. I can respect NCL's desire not to have information leaked that may be detrimental to the company but I do not understand how the crew members could be subject to criminal prosecution by "shoreside authorities". Unless I am totally missing some arcane maritime law of which I am not aware, I don't see how violating the terms of an employment contract with a private company (especially one that is incorporated in Bermuda as is NCL, I believe) could lead to criminal charges in the U.S. What specific law would a crew member have violated by posting something on Facebook or Instagram?
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