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  1. B is for .........................Barcelona's Montjuic Castle high on the hill overloking the beautiful city
  2. Haha and a smaller Aurora which we spotted in Cannes Marina at the same time ........
  3. A is for ........... A U R O R A
  4. Love 'The Forbidden Corner' up in North Yorkshire it is a fun place for all ages.
  5. Looks like all eyes will be on Italian Cruise Line MSC as Grandiosa has set sail again after five months - left from Genoa today.
  6. Does anybody have a booking with Eavesway Coaches that they have had to cancel and can shed some light on the current situation. Thanks
  7. I don't know if i am plain daft or genius but if all cruises did get cancelled and all the ships going nowhere could the Government not possibly pay something to utilize them. They could locate the ships at all the various ports around the UK and have all the cabins used for the extra hospital beds needed???????
  8. MSC have declared their change of Policy so that you can cancel any cruises booked up to 31st July
  9. alija1960


    Why on earth would you do that as it has been proven that you can actually catch it twice!
  10. My husband was wearing smart tailored shorts whilst we were having a quick drink in the Crow's Nest 5:45pm before getting ready for dinner on Aurora and we were politely told (with a tapping tof their watch) that there is a dress code at 6:00pm in there - in other words leave now!!!
  11. just recently off Aurora last week and the first thing that the steward advised us was that there was no turn down service on first night, but this did not bother us.
  12. Just back off the lovely Aurora and husband got Beer Package i think it was offered in Champions on around the 3rd day and they asked what beer he would probably drink - which is Peroni and it was £81 for 20 beers (maybe cheaper if you choose a different beer?) which is excellent value - just make sure you are not in a spainish port as tax would have to be added but the barman was very good and said he would charge it to our account when the ship had moved out of port as we were in Barcelona at the time. The only slight problem husband felt cheated as i was on the cocktails and he was having to use his beer tokens up 😁
  13. I think you will find it is actually at the very front not rear 'F' referring to front when stating 9F
  14. How about a set of walkie talkies would these work on a cruise? I think the kids would think they were cool - secret agent and all that!!
  15. This all worryingly seems to be getting a bit normal lately - really having second thoughts about booking with P & O now which is a shame as we have not even used them yet (sailing with them in August on Aurora). We will see how it all goes last few cruises have been with Princess and no problems there but just fancied a change.
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