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  1. Funny you should mention this ... we have a friend who is a casino cruiser. We sail w/ her occasionally. It is amazing the perks they get! She gets off EVERY cruise w/ a free one. I went to Cuba w/ her on a 6 day out of Tampa. We sailed ocean view for $161 PP for 6 days. I got ALL of her casino perks traveling as her guest, which included free drinks in the casino, entry into ALL of the casino drawings, etc. I am NOT a gambler by any stretch. However, I was in the casino w/ her on the 1st night of sailing & got called for the 1st raffle ~ won $500. Our last night in Havana I was exhausted. We got back on the ship @ 11:00. They had a drawing @ 11:30 & we had been out off the ship since 8:00 AM. She bugged me to go w/ her for the drawing. I reluctantly did. I was the 4th out of 6 people to get called for "Fill my Bag". I was the next to the last person to be called out - that equaled $600 in cruise cash, a free massage at the spa, dinner for 2 in the steakhouse and a bunch of other stuff (hat, tshirt, umbrella, bag & a stuffed duck). I got off the ship w/ more money than I put in to go or spent! In addition to that, we got wine EVERY night in the dining room ... pretty nifty casino gift (leather luggage tags, leather bound writing book and pens) and another option for free dinner in the steak house. AND she got a slip for her next free booking. Now mind you ~ she spent $3K in the casino on that cruise, which is about what I spend on a balcony cabin when I sail w/ my husband. They make money, no doubt.
  2. I said this in my last post ... I've never gotten the offer in my Delta Skymiles card either. The ONLY time I use my DSM card is to book Delta flights - then I transfer the miles over to my Plat Travel card to redeem. I've seriously thought about canceling this card too. The only reason I have it is b/c I got it when it wasn't offering a yearly fee and got the 150K bonus miles - that was first class airfare to NOLA round trip for free. 🕵️‍♀️
  3. I have used this offer so many times in the last few years it's not funny. We get about 1/2 off of all the cruises we book using these offers. We have 4 AmEx cards - Plat, 2 Blue Cash, Delta. I've never gotten the offer on our Delta card. However, we have cards for all of our kids under us (and that's 7) when we started helping them establish credit several years back, and we are users on each others cards. The trick to get the offer on each card is to have a login/username for each card. We have all of ours set individually. I go in and add the offer to each card when available and use them all to pay balances. That's 11 options I get to use the offer when it comes up. You can't beat that w/ a stick! I use reward cards like some people coupon and reap rewards for EVERYTHING. I've seen offers to "World's Leading Cruise Line" which is all of Carnival's lines in the past. As well as individual ones for Princess, Holland, Costa and a few others. I will add them ~ EVEN if we don't have balances to pay for. I was told awhile back by an AmEx rep that adding offers (even if you don't use them) insures you will be chosen for those offers in the future, so I've added them ever since.
  4. Same for us! We pretty much live in the spa. Always book a spa balcony or a suite. There are not many perks to being in those cabins (say like there are for those who live in the casino). We usually book our own excursions outside of the ship unless the schedule is tight ... and still manage to average a few $K on every cruise. I'll be diamond on my last cruise in 30 days ... we started cruising a few years ago. I turn 50 in Dec.
  5. We are flying into Dublin Ireland a few days prior to a Transatlantic Cruise out of Southampton England next September. I haven't been to Europe since the early 90's and that was a guided group. We know that we want to take the ferry from Ireland to Scotland. We were thinking of renting a car in Scotland and then driving to England. Is this possible? Is is complicated? Also trying to figure out lodging for our stay prior to. How does one go about finding areas that are safe for stay? Anyone have recommendations? We like to stay places are that older and more historic in nature. Trying to figure this all out on our own. TIA!
  6. We always purchase the Value plan (middle tier internet package), which allows you to email, facebook calls and most social media. This cruise, we want to be able to get pics from the GoPro to the GoPro app. Does anyone know if the middle tier package will allow for this? TIA!
  7. Guess that depends on what you do & how you do it. LOL I did 28 countries through Europe in 31 days w/ my daughter about 9 years ago & had a blast. Obviously you can't see or do everything ... but that's not the point.
  8. We are on the Transatlantic sailing for the Mardi Gras in September of next year from Southampton to NY. We are actually looking at coming in several days early and flying into France ... then hopping to Ireland, Scotland and then driving down to pick up the ship in Southampton.
  9. I don't think this of Sea World. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabber in the state of NC ... so, I kinda know what to look for.
  10. We've been wondering the same thing. My husband and I are both 49, both working professionals, tatted and pierced and really enjoy cruising. We want to see other areas of the world and just not into the party crowd. Don't get me wrong, we can throw down w/ the best when we want to, but we are more & more increasingly turned off by the rowdy, barfing in the hallways, rude and obnoxious people we see on some of the cruises we've been on. You sound like our kinda group ... lol. Thus far, we've only cruised Carnival. Mainly b/c I was working toward Platinum before I switched to get the perks. It has not gotten better in the last few years to say the least. I will be Platinum this year but seriously looking to switch lines. We enjoy cruising, but the best cruise we've taken (ship wise) was our 1st on the Valor. If we had taken any of our other cruises 1st, we probably wouldn't have cruised again. Although late 40's we still feel like 20's and are adventurous and athletic. We want something classier ... that doesn't feel like a Walmart cruise, if that makes sense. Fox channel availability??? Seriously??? We don't resemble that remark. LOL
  11. You will love it! You're welcome! I haven't been to Ochos Rios yet, so I cannot speak for that port. Grand Cayman was our last stop on our 8 day and we were pretty exhausted from cave tubing, water fall jumping/hiking, dolphin swim, ziplining, etc. Our itinerary was a little different. So our stop in Grand Cayman we just had a driver take us to the flea market and around the island to look around and walk on the beaches away from the crowds. We came back and sat at Margaritaville (I collect glasses) and I will say they have the strongest (but best tasting) Margarita's I've ever had in my life!!! That was a lazy day stop for us. Sorry, I couldn't be more help on that. Chankaanab Park in Cozumel is not like that. I did a lot of research before I booked our swim. That particular park is also a rehab facility. The dolphins they have in captivity cannot be released back to the wild and they do a LOT of conservation work. Not that I am aware of. I've had friends do them around the Keys, but we have not done one there. I will say that we just came off the Splendor from Long Beach to Hawaii 12/01 through 12/14. We did a wild dolphin swim on Kona, Hawaii. It took me 6 mos to talk my DH into doing it. But it was one of the best excursions I think we've ever done! And it wasn't really "open ocean" like you would think. We were about 300 yards from the shore, 80 feet deep water so clear you could see to the ocean floor. We had about 150+ dolphin swimming around us in circles for about 3 hours while we just snorkled in the water watching them. They swam all around us, under us. It was quite an amazing experience. This was taken w/ our GoPro while snorkling.
  12. Chankaanab in Cozumel is the best dolphin swim out of the stops you are doing. I would recommend ... BOOK it THROUGH SHOREEXCURSIONEER and book the Royal swim. First, the park is 10 MINUTES from the pier and cost $10 each way for a cab! You don't have to worry about not making it back to the ship on time, etc. In addition, you get EVERYTHING the ship offers on the excursion (entrance admission to the rest of the park, lunch, etc), minus transportation. When we booked it 3 years ago it was $60 PP CHEAPER. And the ship groups were 12 to 16 people in each swim. There were 5 of us BY OURSELVES (This = more in water dolphin time). AND we got to go into the Manatee tank after the dolphin swim and feed the manatees. That was not included in the ship excursion! The pictures are EXPENSIVE. We paid for the CD for the 3 of us @ $210 which included ALL the photos taken (about 100). Otherwise, it was like $30 for 1 picture and like $50 for 2.
  13. We were on the Paradise a few months back in M140 (i think) - ocean view. It had a fridge.
  14. We've been on several Journey's cruises ~ i.e, 80's throwback parties, white night party, etc. We've never been on a "Plus" cruise. We are scheduled to do the 04/28/19 Cozumel Plus Western Caribbean Cruise out of Tampa on the Miracle. I can't really find anything on a "Plus" other than it has extended port times. I'm being asked in our cruise group if this will include the same stuff a Journey's cruise does and I'm guessing it does not. Is there anything else to know?
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