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  1. 7-8 weeks a year. It contributes to my livelihood as a travel writer and creator. Of course not this year!
  2. The problem is we have a lot more testing - which inevitably means more cases. We did the right thing offering testing to anyone who wants it, symptoms or not, and other countries are punishing us for it. What’s really mind-blowing is that they’re closing the border to the US but not China! I guess we should have done a lot less testing like almost everyone else.
  3. The most important thing I hope they do and keep is staggered muster drills, so everyone isn’t crowding into one packed drill, or let people watch the drill on Cabin TVs. Second, I think self-serve at the buffet should go permanently. With servers would be fine. And I’d like to see more social distancing measures in general - I prefer peace and quiet to large, noisy crowds anyway. The meetup points for excursions also get too crowded, and disorderly with pushing and shoving - a solution to that would be nice! I do NOT want masks to be required on board, temporarily or permanently.
  4. They canceled our November Papeete to Sydney on the Jewel a couple weeks ago. No email, just disappeared on the app. Extremely disappointed. I can’t find the same itinerary in 2021 to replace it.
  5. I’m ready to sail as soon as they stop cancelling my cruises. I’ve had 6 cancel already including cruises in Nov, 2020 and Mar, 2021 - don’t know why so far out. My September back to back with Canadian ports is clearly not sailing even though they haven’t cancelled yet. The next I have scheduled that hasn’t cancelled yet is Panama Canal Jan, 2021. When they “officially” cancel my September dates I may book another in Nov or Dec - but I don’t know if I believe them anymore about the startup dates because they’ve been pushed back so many times already. In the meantime I can’t tolerate not traveling, and I’m a travel writer and creator so a portion of my livelihood depends on it, so I’m looking at some road trips. Maybe a Route 66 road trip. While I do feel safe taking a cruise I don’t feel safe flying.
  6. I love back to backs, especially when I can get 2 itineraries. I love the nearly empty ship in between voyages, and the way the staff treats you like a VIP!
  7. Governors didn’t cause this. The Chinese government lying about it and letting planes leave China but not fly within China when the outbreak started are to blame. We would have been sailing months ago if it weren’t for that. Governors can’t stay locked down forever; the economy is vital too. There are people out of work for months who can’t pay their rent or utilities or buy food. That can’t be ignored.
  8. This is not a relief at all, because they’ve pushed the dates back so many times I don’t believe them anymore. They could easily extend it again, and multiple times. I’ll be “relieved” when the first ship sails.
  9. This is totally absurd. Flights are far more dangerous because passengers are packed in like sardines in a can for the duration of the trip, and flights have never been grounded. I had to take one last week and it was 100% full and had a waiting list. The government needs to step in and refuse them stimulus money unless they reduce capacity. Meanwhile, cruises are being unfairly targeted. Social distancing is possible with changes (like staggered muster drills instead of one), and there are plenty of employees on the ship to enforce distancing. If planes can fly ships should sail.
  10. I posted an update on everything I could find out about the COVID-19 cruise situation as of the time I produced this video (over the past few days). Of course, as you all know, things are changing day by day... hopefully we will be sailing again soon!
  11. I’ve had 2 cruises canceled by NCL. One was a land based casino voucher and the other was a land-based casino upgraded tier level discount. I received FCC for both in the amount I paid cash (port taxes and fees in the case of the voucher) with 25% extra because I waited for them to cancel. I rescheduled the voucher to a week in September, and applied my FCC to future cruises I had booked already. If you had a voucher, they’re giving an extended time limit on when you can take the replacement cruise. If you cancel before they do, you will get 100% instead of 125%. The cruise next vouchers I used were also returned to my account.
  12. No... For this very reason I always go on excursions through the cruise ship (unless docked overnight), and arrive a couple days early for embarkation (unless the port is local). I WOULD have missed the ship once if I hadn’t been on the cruise line’s excursion - the tour operator’s bus broke down and we got back an hour late. Fortunately the ship was forced to wait for us.
  13. We went to New York City on March 13 for our March 15 cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Bliss... Needless to say, sadly it was cancelled 2 days before the cruise. So we stayed in New York 2 more nights. Hope this video will give some of you ideas on what to see and do in New York before or after your future cruise, or give you an idea on what you may see during your cruise excursions there! Click here to watch the video
  14. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I just completed a college course on travel and environmental and social impacts. Cruises are taking great measures, more than most companies, to minimize their carbon footprint.
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