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  1. I travel solo and have my favorite E1 cabins which, being selfish, I will not share. However, if you will look at Roy's pictures and study the deck plans in the brochures you can decide for yourself. Also, when you are on your cruise and planning for your next one---for there will be a next one---walk on the deck to see which cabins have almost no obstruction. Enjoy. Julia
  2. Thanks to both of you. I'll give it a shot. Julia.
  3. Have you ever downloaded a kindle book while on a cruise? There are 3 books I want to read which will be published while I'm on my next cruise. I thought I would pre-order and download if that works. Advice? Thanks, Julia
  4. We have a fairly active Roll Call and there are 25 registered for the M & M ---I bought name tags today. If there are any more lurkers, please signup and join us. Looking forward, Julia
  5. I keep getting a message saying that so-n-so has responded to a roll call message. But when I look on that roll call there is no message from so-n-so on any of the pages. Not sure what to make of this. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? I did a search of her name which turned up nothing. Gremlins? Thanks, Julia
  6. Keith, please add me: May 26, 2019, OCS190526-22, Tokyo-San Francisco. Jinn/Julia. Thanks
  7. Why do I have to log in every time I want to go to my roll call which I started? Julia
  8. After signing in, which I have not had to do in a loooong time, so long that I had to remember my password, I finally got to my rollcall. Then, when I wanted to read this forum, I had to sign in again---twice???? What gives?
  9. Jinn

    Tokyo Hotels

    Is this for OCS19052622, Tokyo to San Francisco? May 26? Thanks, Julia
  10. Roy---I would like to start the Roll Call for OCS 19052622, Tokyo to San Francisco, May 26. What do I need to do? Julia
  11. Jinn

    Tokyo Hotels

    Thanks to all. I just wanted to have an idea about which hotel Crystal might use. As a woman of a certain age traveling alone, I like to stay in the Crystal hotel but find it more cost effective if I make my own booking. Julia
  12. Jinn

    Tokyo Hotels

    Thanks, Patty. Julia
  13. Does anyone know which hotels Crystal typically uses in Tokyo? Thanks, Julia
  14. I stayed at the Kolbe Hotel Rome two nights before the Rome -Rome recent cruise. It was more expensive than what you have mentioned but was where I wanted to be and came with a very nice breakfast. I had a large, cool room with a large bathroom. The people at the front desk were very helpful in telling me how to walk to the places I wanted to go and in calling a cab for when I needed one. There is a good restaurant just around the corner. My TA recommended Rome Shuttle Limousine instead of Rome Cabs. They were excellent. The cost from the hotel to the port was 110 euros. Julia
  15. Sometimes there are get-togethers for solo cruisers. Of course, if you register for the meet and mingle, you will meet both couples and solos. Pregos has a table for solos on some nights. I have always found Crystal to be friendly toward solos. Julia
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