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  1. Thank you 2cruiseagain for all the info. The fact that the plug has a cord means that I can transfer items from the desk to the floor, out of my way. I ordered the plugs for one grandson and me and the bag for my other grandson who is finishing his masters and will need it for work. Perfect gifts. Julia
  2. Yes. Please provide the name of the item and/or link to purchase. Many thanks, Julia
  3. Richard Chamberlain was charming,engaging,and delightful. He may be old—-fits right in—- but he’s sharp as a tack. Plus, clips from his shows were shown. In one he was halfway nude. Barbara Stanwyak—-don’t know how her name should be spelled—-was almost drooling. Great fun. Julia
  4. The waiter said there were no udon noodles on board. And yes, they are still on the menu. Julia
  5. Stickman—-Umi Uma has no udon noodles. No draft beer anywhere. Julia
  6. Stickman—-he should say, “you’re welcome, my pleasure, or certainly.” The point is it’s not a problem. It’s his job. He’s not doing me a favor. He is performing a service for which he is paid. If you were doing something for me you could say no problem, although I suspect you would not, because I am not paying you. Julia
  7. Also, people have complained because there is no draft beer and no udon noodles. Those don’t bother me. But no ginger tea does. But Kodiak was warm, sunny, and my tour was good.
  8. Grand marnier soufflé is no longer a staple on menu but must be special ordered which I have done. Asked for a cup of ice twice and when it did not appear, I asked the head waiter and he brought it. Last night I thanked my waiter and twice he said no problem. I reported this to Remi who said he also dislikes this. Same waiter did not say this tonight so I hope Remi spoke to him. Sometimes difficult to get wine glass refilled. Things are different. Food is still very good. Julia
  9. I just bumped into Louise. She said meet and mingle is Sunday, June 2, 5:30. Symphony is great. Took one call to get temp. fixed on Sat. Then TV had to be rebooted. Now it’s all ship shape. Julia
  10. I travel solo and have my favorite E1 cabins which, being selfish, I will not share. However, if you will look at Roy's pictures and study the deck plans in the brochures you can decide for yourself. Also, when you are on your cruise and planning for your next one---for there will be a next one---walk on the deck to see which cabins have almost no obstruction. Enjoy. Julia
  11. Thanks to both of you. I'll give it a shot. Julia.
  12. Have you ever downloaded a kindle book while on a cruise? There are 3 books I want to read which will be published while I'm on my next cruise. I thought I would pre-order and download if that works. Advice? Thanks, Julia
  13. We have a fairly active Roll Call and there are 25 registered for the M & M ---I bought name tags today. If there are any more lurkers, please signup and join us. Looking forward, Julia
  14. I keep getting a message saying that so-n-so has responded to a roll call message. But when I look on that roll call there is no message from so-n-so on any of the pages. Not sure what to make of this. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? I did a search of her name which turned up nothing. Gremlins? Thanks, Julia
  15. Keith, please add me: May 26, 2019, OCS190526-22, Tokyo-San Francisco. Jinn/Julia. Thanks
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