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  1. Thanks. We use it for non delicate items since we tend to go on longer cruises like TA and do b-b and Royal does not have a laundry machines. Luckily we have not had any bad experiences.
  2. Does anyone know if D+ still get a free bag of laundry. I can not find this perk on the list .
  3. Was on the 10 day may 25th. Now on the 7 day July 4th. Hoping to get on a ship .
  4. When trying to do check in on computer saw that we need the celebrity app for boarding. My husband has a smart phone but I do not. Can we both use his phone? How does it work?
  5. Sorry to see the Grandeur leaving Baltimore. We have been on the Enchantment when it was in Baltimore and prefer the Grandeur. The theater on the Enchantment is too small for the passenger load and if we wanted to see a show we needed to get a seat at least 30-40 min before the show. The cabins seem smaller. The pool area is nice on the Enchantment but everyplace else gets overcrowded.
  6. Are there different shuttles to get to different port gates in Civitavecchia. If so what is the best one to use to take a walk in the city?
  7. Can you purchase a case of water from princess prior to boarding? If so how much does it cost?
  8. Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from the cruise port to the airport? How long is the trip?
  9. Looking on line i see h19fal7. Does anyone know what that means. I am new to casino offers and prime.
  10. Seems RC bid prices are high. On Celebrity we were in an inside guaranty and the minimum bid for concierge was 200 pp. We bid 210 pp and got the upgrade. Enjoyed the change. Our choices were 80 pp OV, 120pp Bal and 300pp Aqua
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