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  1. thanks for the info. Well, obviously the Scots do accept the current conditions on these MSC cruises. Do you know whether in Scotland individual excoursions are allowed?
  2. In Europe (med and baltic) it is max. 70%.
  3. I think this has something do do with the UK regulations. Almost all restrictions are gone so maybe MSC used this and makes the buffet self service only for UK cruises. Self service offers the possibility to reduce the staff or use it somewhere else.
  4. there is a big difference between "Not caring about other people when they see it" and "not caring about other people when they don`t see it". The balcony door thing you can completely ignore the other passengers feelings and nobody of the other passengers will know that it is you. In such situations many more people behave selfish then if all other passengers could see that it is you who does not care about the others. Maybe 97% is way too high, but it is for sure the clear majority.
  5. Thats exactly the point ! Most people do whatever they want during their vacation to make it as comfortable as possible for them. Especially during vacation the people don`t care if their behaviours might afffect other people. Yes, some people do care. But 97% don`t. If they want to leave the door open for their convenience thaen they will not care if it affects other cruisers cabins air quality. I think it has more to do with "fresh" air or some wind. Cause if you put the A/C to max. power and lowest temperature then the cabin temperature will be lower than in 80% of the world du
  6. DOn`t trust any port schedule at the moment.I guess that most püorts just don`t update them at the moment due to the very low number of ships and the insecure situation whether they will really come. If NCL tells you they are sailing then they are sailing. 😉
  7. If you don`t like to wear masks on a ship don`t book it but please don`t let everybody know it. Vaccination does NOT mean 100% safety. Based on the delta-type of the virus the effectiveness of the vaccines is between 65 and 80%. It is way to insecure to waive the mask requirement. As far as i know MSC allows unvaccinated passengers on board(they need a test instead) In this case it is even more risky. If 100% of the passengers are vaccinated then this is something different and mask can be removed.
  8. Of course it can be done. But it is additional efforts for the cruise line and 99% of the passengers will not change to another cruise line just because of this issue...at least not during Covid-times. So MSC has absolutely no need to change their procedure. (although i clearly have to say that this doesn`t make them more likable)
  9. If they let the customers choose then 80% will choose something between 11 am and 1 pm. This will not work. And if they do it at the first come first serve version then the result will be the same that most of the guests will not get the time they want. I think it is very difficult to find a solution that makes guests and cruise line satisfied. Also you should not forget that for European customers many TA offer packages incl. flights. And for these guests the embarkation time should fit to the flight arrival time.
  10. Well,i don`t think that this is necessarily a choice of MSC but also from the authorities of the flag state.(in case of MSC it is Malta and Panama.) If the flag state requires them to have specific protection measures then they haver to follow it. And even Italy can have a big influence cause they finally decide whether MSC is allowed to dock at their ports or not.
  11. Well,they stagger the times to avoid crowds at the moment.SO if 40% of the passengers want to change their time and MSC would agree every time then it would be insanely complicated for them to keep the crowds small.It is simply too much effort for them. (and obviously they don`t need to offer any additional form of customer service other than the absolute minimum)
  12. MSC has over 400 COntainerships and "only" about 15 cruise ships. And currently the cargo market is exploding...they are making insane money at the moment.
  13. In Europe fewer people in percentage terms are (fully)vaccinated but in absolute numbers there are over 171 Mio. people vaccinated in the EU...slightly more than in the US. So there are already 171 mio. potential customers for MSC: 😉 And i am sure that a lot people who are currently not wanting to cruise would make a cruise as soon as all the restrictions are gone. So i don`t think that requiring all guests to be vaccinated would cost MSC a lot of guests.Maybe some would not be able to cruise with them then but therefore some others would make a cruise(who didn`t think about it so fa
  14. If 100% of the guests will be vaccinated then MSC will change to no masks required.I can`t imagine that they want to risk to lose customers to other cruise lines. If not all guests are vaccinated(i don`t know the current regulations and laws regarding this in the US/north american continent) then MSC will not risk it. At least thats what i think...but i might be also completely wrong. 😉
  15. TUI cruises and AIDA cruises are operating in Europe already since middle of last year, MSC since august last year. None of these cruise lines did require vaccination. And the result is? TUI hat 4( !) cases so far(carried in total approx. 100.000 guests), AIDA had none(as far as i know) and MSC also did not have that many cases. The number of cases in relation to the amount of passengers during the last 12 months is much lower than on land in any country in the world. What i want to say is that cruising without mandatory vaccination can be absolutely safe...it just depends
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