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  1. Eh. I mean I agree that calling is effective, but it shouldn't be required. Nice hotels generally manage this pretty well; there's no reason cruiseships can't do the same. No reason, except of course, that they choose not to devote enough staff to get it done.
  2. If you've never had a massage, I would go with Swedish vs one of the more specialized (and pricier) options. Be prepared to speak up if the pressure is too hard or not hard enough; everyone likes something different and any good therapist will be happy to adjust as needed.
  3. I think they all do have the galley tour, yes. (Sensation hosts in the Library, but there's the tour first.) I pulled my reservation email, and there's no mention. The website just says "Cruise Casual / Cruise Elegant," unless and until you click that link, where there's a paragraph specifying that Chef's Table requires close toed shoes. I never clicked that until this thread, despite doing a CT last May and having another reserved for November. I just assumed it was the normal CC / CE code, and only clickable in case you didn't already know what those codes meant.
  4. Not sure if this is ship-specific (which doesn't seem like it would make much sense), or just not policed, but my gf and I did the Chef's Table on the Sensation last May in dressy sandals. We weren't knowingly breaking the rules; just wasn't aware of the requirement. I should go dig up my confirmation email from the maitre d' and see if it says anything about shoes...
  5. OP, if you're already booked, you can see (and book immediately if desired) the full offerings for your cruise. 🙂
  6. I like to use a third party site, because they typically list cabin categories outright vs the Carnival site's "pick a cabin type / want to upgrade? / pick a part of the ship / now pick a deck / now provide dob and ssn" rigmarole. All you need is a single available cabin in your category available for booking at the lower price, so just price checking for that category is much easier.
  7. On my last cruise, I had to go to GS right away (after we secured Atrium bar drinks, #priorities), because our internet plans weren't working. Before anyone asks, it was a billing/GS thing and not a tech/InternetGuy thing. 🙂 I also always go to confirm our muster station is somewhere indoors.
  8. (Given that all I have to go on is the passenger video...) I would be much more sympathetic if one of the passengers were freaking out, lunging for ceiling tiles, things like that. I didn't see any of that; just know it alls who were not only very rude, but also quite possibly endangering themselves further.
  9. Side note: I'm not 100% sure, because I don't drink coffee, but isn't it free in the MDR anyway? I know the fancy barista coffees are charged, but I thought "regular" was free....
  10. I watched the passenger's video clip - the one that is 100% "his side of the story" - and thought he was a pot stirring, argumentative nimrod. The professionals are here, they're working to get you out safely. Pipe down and DON'T TOUCH anything.
  11. (Particularly if you have Cheers, so you're not paying extra for it...) Pouring a shot of Frangelico over the vanilla ice cream in the MDR is SO good. Big thanks to the awesome headwaitress I had on my last cruise for the suggestion!
  12. I can't speak for the tipping part, and if Canadians tend to be bad tippers, then I agree that part sucks!
  13. I'm American - people sometimes think I'm Canadian because I'm nice to people when I'm on vacation. Which says a lot about the stereotype, and how often it's true. And I do pride myself on being polite and kind to people in the hospitality industry; it shouldn't be a source of pride, it should just be a thing that everyone does. But I've seen (wayyyyyyy) too much completely unnecessary rudeness in my travels, to know that isn't the case.
  14. QFT. Courtesy is free. Re "ugly American" stereotypes, I've been asked more than once where I'm from in Canada...
  15. They'll scan your boarding pass, and your profile will show that you have Cheers. Bottoms up! 😁
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