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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Yes, embark and debark are on 7/Empress.
  2. Yeah, those embarkation ramps are not for the (literal or figurative) faint of heart.
  3. We live in Indiana, so it's a biiiiiit far for a commute! 😄
  4. If your back is to the port, you walk all the way down to the left, then hang a right and walk a ways down. If I ever cruised from Jax again, I would probably just do Carnival transfers.
  5. It was kind of a cluster, which frankly describes the port in general; I don't think I will cruise from Jacksonville again. (The cruise itself was fantastic!! But the port needs to get its ... situation ... together.) Uber TO the port was great, right up to the area with the porters, but when we left, we had to walk wayyyyyyy out to the north forty. There were no signs ("car service pickup area" or whatever) until you were almost there, so we stood in the general debark area wondering where our driver was.
  6. Yep, "large format" bottled waters are free at dinner, including "to go" ones that aren't opened at the table. Our first night, our (awesome) server dropped off two without being asked, so we had a stock for the stateroom.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, I'm just grateful someone is reading my rambling! 🙂
  8. Has anyone been on board and tried one of these? I love a fried egg on a burger, but I like them over easy and "bleeding" all over the burger. (Of course, I also like rare burgers, and can't get those at Guys...)
  9. Tribe lurker (mostly), checking in. Biltong Bar looks amazing!! Can't wait for the review to start tomorrow!
  10. She would say the seas were very (!!) unfriendly, but I didn't have any trouble aside from inability to walk in a straight line the first couple of days. I think just bad luck, unfortunately.
  11. You're welcome, glad I could help or at least be amusing! I have a land trip to Clearwater Beach in three weeks* and then Karen and I are booked on the Norwegian Breakaway to Costa Maya and Great Harvest Cay in May. TBD whether we'll go, after this year's experience with seasickness. We have until February 1st to decide. * I'm going to get all the laundry done from the cruise this weekend, and just put all that same stuff back in the suitcase! Never even put the suitcases in the closet once I got home - what's the point?? 😁
  12. I always lock mine, using TSA locks. Airport staff can open those, and I would think port (vs Carnival) staff can too. Carnival staff can call me to the "naughty room" if necessary, but that's never happened.
  13. Kim, so glad you're doing better, and super happy to see you're booked on a cruise! Re the shoes, and I hope I don't offend anyone with this, have you looked at Torrid or another plus size store? They cater to ladies that naturally have wide feet. Maybe a 9.5 ish would work width-wise, and then the length wouldn't be so crazy?
  14. Random notes and closing thoughts, in no particular order, but mostly about food: * The edible straws are a hard pass. HARD. PASS. They need to provide a bamboo stirrer or something for frozen drinks. I literally saw a guy ask for and receive a piece of spaghetti for the olives in his martini. So if you read that here like I did, and thought it was a joke, it wasn't! * The "country urn o'butter" is an utter embarrassment; I don't have germ issues, but it's (very, very) tacky. They should just fill small ramekins. * People waiting in line for burritos for twenty minutes, while ignoring an empty taco line, were my best friends this cruise. * Lido was remarkably uncrowded on this ship. I usually avoid it like the plague after embarkation lunch, but we stopped almost every day for a snack. * Room service was crazyfast, and really very good! I'm just sad I forgot to order any until late the last night. Did that for review purposes, of course. And then forgot to review it. Sid, Greg, and Jamman, how do you remember all this stuff?? * Our room steward was kind of iffy this time. Never brought the flat pillows we asked for, took away the towel animal every day (we sit them out of the way, and like to collect a menagerie), hit or miss with emptying trash, etc. Not terrible or complaint worthy, but iffy. * Forgot to mention it at the time, but I expected to pay a cancellation fee for the Nassau excursion. Excursion staff didn't even mention it, just refunded in full immediately when I said (truthfully!) that we were canceling because Karen was sick. * Spent no time at the spa this cruise. They never had spa flyers / specials, which was a first time for me. We were planning to spend HMC day in the spa, and wound up just blowing it off. I think that's everything I had to ramble about. 🙂 Great trip overall; now I'm just shopping on Amazon for upgraded anti-seasick meds!!
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