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  1. We have a very small OBC of $25 (yippee!). How would you spend it? 😛 Thanks!
  2. We have booked a free walking tour in Cartagena. We are to meet at plaza Santa Teresa in the Old City. I have a few questions: I need to take a taxi to get to the tour. Can I get a taxi by the port? Is there a set fee to get to the Old City? Do I need to set the price before I get in? And can I use US dollars to pay for the taxi? Or credit card? Also, once the tour is over and we want to tip the tour guide, would US dollars be appropriate? Thanks so much.
  3. When I read the description of the classic package it says liquor, beer and wine. Would that be ANY drink with liquor in priced $10 or less? I ask because the premium package states Frozen cocktails in their package. If a pina colada is $10 can I still get it with the classic package? Thanks.
  4. Thought I would check. Thanks for responding.
  5. @little britain did you take a tour through this company in Panama? http://mfm.somee.com/index.htm looking for any feedback you may have!
  6. No real interest in seeing the Panama Canal. We like beaches, hiking, waterfalls. Would prefer an independent tour operator, not a tour through the cruise line.Your input is appreciated. Thanks.
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