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  1. Recommend that you book a private tour with Alla or one if the other reputable companies. More time. Less people.
  2. The first time we visited was in 2000 and we have been almost every year since! One year it was ...” when did they put that Canal there...!?”
  3. It’s called Interporting and RCI have done it for at least the past 5 years on their European season. Some people board in Rome and the majority board in Barcelona. It works very smoothly. MSC regularly do this and they have people boarding and disembarking every day. It only works, of course, when the ship does the same cruise week after week. It makes it far easier for you to fly to the port that offers you better Flights or cheaper flights or easier connections.
  4. @kernow your last pic of the hotel with the green lights is where we stayed! Lol!
  5. Have a great trip! Can you update Elsewhere with any useful gems and info and pics please too!?
  6. VTS are respnsible for berthing the ships and nothing shown docked in Southampton on 8/4. Spectrum is going to Australia - amazing job RCI.
  7. VTS only covers till the end of this year... so wonder where he’s seeing the info? Wonder in Southampton in April 2021 sounds about right before she sets off...
  8. Correct. SV is not included in the CC one category upgrade.
  9. Do they actually charge corkage? RCI are meant to charge corkage but I’ve never ever been charged.
  10. Aviator gin is on the menu. That’s good. What tonic do they have? Fevertree?
  11. Nothing showing on Southampton vts for RCI until Anthem docks 24/4/20. Where are you seeing this?
  12. Does deck 7 have kettles yet? We had to ask for one. Personally I would avoid deck 7 because of the obstruction with the life boats below. Deck 9 was much better, clear views and far bigger cabins too.
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