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  1. If you set up a cash account, instead of registering a credit card, when you are doing your on line check in; you can get cash out against your room account without paying the 5%. You can then use his winnings (!) to pay off your account on board. Downside of setting up a cash account is on cruises 6 days or less you can charge up to $300 and cruises 7 days or longer you can charge $500 before being asked to pay down the balance. The casino is US$. TBH it is probably easier to go to M&S and get some US$ out beforehand!
  2. You booked via TA so therefore there will be no financial information on your cruise account. You have no visibility of whether they have paid X or not; but as a huge seller of cruises they will be on 'account' with X which means they pay once a month for all their bookings. As Mike says - when this has happened in the past in the UK when another huge company went under a few years back then X took over all the bookings and the clients dealt with X UK directly. All was fine!
  3. So if we use 1 persons 90 mins and then, say on day 3 of the cruise the 2nd person goes to purchase the package they will apply the 30% off the current package cost; and I assume that the package drops by $$ a day so on day 3 the cost will be lower than on day 1?
  4. Anthem beats Independence any day imho. Also not an Indie fan.
  5. Anthem cruises now include the drinks package, but prices still pretty high. I think they will drop....
  6. @EmilyJay Explorer is the other ship in Southampton this year. Next year it is currently only Anthem, although it has been suggested that Odyssey may visit in late Autumn 🍂 2020....
  7. I said P&O prices were cheap.. under £800pp for a weeks cruise next summer. RCI is coming in at £1225pp. And P&O now include tips. Don’t get started on that subject lol.....😳
  8. On a per day costing, the cruises from Southampton are anything but cheap... so much so that it is often cheaper to fly to Barcelona or even Miami than it is to drive to Southampton. 8n cruise 2 people July Inside cabin £2798 ($3554) ....
  9. RCI has gifted the UK market to the oppo on a plate. The same day RCI announced they were withdrawing Independence; NCL announced they were basing the “renovated “ Star in Southampton; and coincidentally she was doing the same Baltic routes that Indie was doing. The same day I got inundated with emails from P&O reminding me that their brand new ship, Iona, was doing the same Baltic routes.... prices were cheap. And I mean cheap! MSC match status to tempt new customers I could go on. It just takes one hurricane through Coco Cay .... to ruin their plans.
  10. I called MSC direct yesterday and they told me they had issued the tickets to my TA yesterday morning.....and the TA will forward them to me..... tap tap tap.... 13 days to go! ps; this is why I hate booking via TAs!
  11. 5. Do they usually offer the 3 day dining package cheaper that 68.00 each or is that the best deal going? That is incredible price! It is $99 on every cruise I have booked... I thought I was doing well when I got one at $89!
  12. @Reina del Mar - When the ship is sailing you are no longer in the EU! You are connected to the ship satellite connection in Miami. And it is EXPENSIVE! I can assure you that data roaming whilst at sea is not free!!! In fact she should always have her phone in Flight mode and then only turn on data roaming when she is ashore and make sure she turns it off the second you are back on board again. We have a tradition where we say 'phone off' to each other least one of us forgets I have only today done battle with O2 who have charged me for data roaming in Gibraltar ( I was on board all day) saying I was connected to Morocco (not in EU)..... so even in EU roaming spots you may still have issues. I never got a Welcome to Morocco text (to my sunlounger) so they refunded the £78 charge! Mum 1: Daughter 0
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