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  1. Yes, my bookings are in England - I can use the FCC on the bookings I have already made
  2. My friends in Spain are on day 26 of lockdown with another 21 to go. Their small little town is reliant on Spanish tourism. The locals who work as chambermaids or on the bars and restaurants literally do not have any money coming in. There is no government hand outs yet there. Cartagena is their closest big town and port.
  3. There is no penalty as it is under their CwC programme. X UK have replied saying it is an error at their end and a FCC for the outstanding amount will be issued.
  4. Spain lock-down now extended to April 26 so Allure isn't going any where near Cadiz for the next few weeks. She is currently enjoying the sunshine off the north coast of Cornwall
  5. Can anyone give me their thoughts on how that have calculated my FCC please and why I am down in the deal!! I cancelled on 3/21 for my 4/21 cruise. The total cruise fare paid 1744pp. FCC value only 1419pp. I expect 115pp t&f back to my card, so still 210pp out? 🤷‍♀️
  6. I’m seeing Refundable deposits option on a JS on RCI USA . Perhaps it is GS and up?
  7. X cancelled my cruise on 3/15. I elected for a cash refund. The cruise is still live in my planner ... the countdown shows sailed on 4/1. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Just to update you - her email says "I tried again today and was told again No, only for bookings with cancelations due to Covid-19 waiting on FCC’s."
  9. Thanks. She was given the info about the deposit date being automatically moved out overnight ; but when that didn’t happen she called today and was told it was for those with cancelled bookings only.
  10. I'll get her to check again! Thanks.
  11. A regular brand new booking cannot take advantage of the 5/31 delayed deposit option. It is only for people who have had their cruises cancelled or under CwC.
  12. She has been booking me for years so I think it is all ok. She has been told that the option for 5/31 is only available to guests who have had a canceled sailing under the Cruise With Confidence program or canceled by the cruise line due to their stoppage in operations; and not for new bookings. Drat!
  13. Thanks Ken - it is about $1000 more as NRD. OT but have you had any knowledge of applying FCC based in £ to bookings made in $? I am positive I was able to do this a few years ago....
  14. I’m booking 14n via my USA TA, but thanks for the clarification
  15. The deposit for JS and up is $450pp. If I book under NRD is it the same if you cancel/move you lose $100pp and get the rest back as FCC, or do they keep a larger sum as a penalty? thanks.
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