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  1. So still no Elite drinks on Day 1 or Senior Officers party - even with them loaded on your card? That seems a bit petty given that they don't even have to bother to set up the lounge area now.......JMHO.
  2. Not a group but a single person - a singer called Jane McDonald - she actually started many years ago as one of the singers on Celebrity - and was the star of one of the first 'fly on the wall' documentaries we had over here following her life onboard. She has developed into quite a TV celebrity - she is on a chat show and also does a regular programme on cruises in various parts of the world. Strangely RCI and X ships never feature!!! She has got a week charter on Anthem from 9/20/20. The FAQ does mention WWRY.. https://floatingfestivals.co.uk/jane-mcdonald/venues-bars/
  3. In a full ship charter, do they have the usual RCI production shows... thinking of Spectres and WWRY on Anthem. Someone has said they won’t have them.... thanks
  4. Because the deployment team work in total secrecy and even sign NDAs. The frontline staff will be told of the new itineraries in a briefing the day they go on sale.
  5. My cousin is on a Silverseas cruise at Christmas out of Auckland and one of the tours advertised is a helicopter trip to land and walk on the volcano crater.So it seems to have been a commonly offered trip by cruise lines. I find some of the comments and conjecture on legal action against RCI quite sickening.
  6. Bob, there isn’t even an area to put in you c&a # or to enter discount codes like dp340 when trying to price a new cruise on the UK site...... that’s how bad it is!!!!
  7. One photo on another site showing Odyssey 4/30/21 9n from Rome to Santorini, Mykonos, Athens and Naples FYI. 2 overnights. Balcony from €2569.
  8. Yup, that’s how most of us recommend utilising the discount to the best effect.
  9. If the USA site has the "see if you qualify for exclusive rates" option on the first page, and if the UK site now copies the base template of the USA site.... which bright-spark made the conscious decision to remove this option from the UK front page.. - asking for a friend.
  10. Someone obviously didn't bother to even UAT the site - no where to put in C&A number or DP340 code. Epic fail!
  11. The bar prices on U.K. sailings were changed to include the tip because so many people were at GR trying to get the drink tip removed. ☹️😖🙄🤐🤷‍♀️
  12. There are 45 1D balconies left - that is just counting one category - for the 1/27 sailing. Looks like enough sun loungers to go around!
  13. Unless you are sailing from England where the prices on the bar menus already include the tip so if you buy a $14 drink you will pay $1!
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