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  1. Assuming you are from 🇬🇧 Order Day 2 PCR for your return as rules don’t change till the end of October. Create login for Uk Gov PLF site which you need to complete within 48 hours of landing back in Uk and you need the booking ref from the Day 2 test ^^ to complete the form Have paper copies of vaccination (available from nhs site) Complete documentation to enter Spain. Currently you can only do ships tours in Italy.
  2. No one knows how to do this 🤷‍♀️
  3. No duty free on Jewel as it was an intra-EU cruise with no non EU ports! However you should have been able to buy duty free at the airports at either end? There will be no duty free on the UK Seacation but you should not have any issues on the TA.
  4. I will have as my Wonder booking tallies with my expected block at 630 points!
  5. Asking for a friend.... What is the best way to get non redeemable OBC back - via the Casino?
  6. Call the C&A desk in Weybridge (aka Guatemala)….0800 240 4261
  7. Dilemma: do I stick with what I’ve got planned and get an Odyssey block or do I book Wonder and get a Wonder block 🤷‍♀️ #firstworldproblems !
  8. I have seen it. It’s terrible. Jmho. Especially when you compare it to the brilliant Spectres and WWRY
  9. Not the RCI German site….but the one that scans? All suites are showing as sold out.
  10. First email from uk agent received but you have to call them for prices - So the embargo must have been lifted. Or they jumped the gun! Lol. Just seen the dates on The German Site…. Rome departures a little cheaper than Barcelona
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