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  1. Southampton to Athens and back won't fit in with their 14n schedule! I think Odyssey will be based out of Rome. We want ships with retractable roofs then Radiance class is a perfect fit for those Baltic itineraries?
  2. Having seen how totally impractical Oasis is in a torrential downpour last week.... this certainly is not the class of ship for our English weather!
  3. Must put in C&A number as well as DP340 for all grades to get the pricing discount I’ve just found out!
  4. Follow the deployment thread It looks like Anthem will be back again. Last year Southampton itineraries were announced 18/Dec. Regions are announced in stages.
  5. The mattresses were the most comfortable I have ever slept in.... no need to replace them.
  6. There is only one post (moi) on the RC for all Seashore sailings. Not one other person on any date on any sailing.....
  7. The airline site will advise if you need to complete APIS. Go into the site with your booking ref? We always need to do it for flights into the USA, but assume you have a one way flight outta there as you are cruising into USA?
  8. On Oasis they took one card per table, not per person.... so they could not be monitoring each individual drinking patterns (otherwise they would think my friend who only seemed to hand her card over has a major drinking problem lol).... so my thinking it is for inventory and timing patterns.
  9. Went to GR and they blamed it on a housekeeping error not distributing the paperwork telling you what you were entitled to. As it was the afternoon of the sea day it was too late for lunch.
  10. Goodness..... I didn't even get the perks I was due last week on Oasis in a CP balcony. Obviously Oasis were jumping the gun on actioning the withdrawal of benefits. I didn't get any compensation either.
  11. Doh! Yes you are totally correct - 2 at each end and 5 down the side makes 9 Thank you for correcting me!
  12. Bobby Brown will be on Oasis for 3 weeks after dry dock Daniel starts on Freedom next Friday (sorry no surname)
  13. There were 3 tables. When we ate there last week there were only 6 of us on one table in the whole restaurant!. Our table seated 14. 2 at each end and 5 each side.
  14. Lots of good retail opportunities at T2B. One small duty free shop now recently opened at T2C (that EasyJet uses)
  15. Yes it was me saying how we didn't get our info fact sheet (and didn't have the lunch..) and you ... as it seems now correctly predicted they were going to bin it!!!
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