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  1. It was filmed in late 2019 by James Corden's company, Fulwell 73...
  2. It was an excellent programme, presented the ship and her staff well; and great to spot so many familiar faces (Reyno..). Looking forward to the next 2 episodes.
  3. It is actually my bucket list dream to fly to NY for the day.... earliest flight gets you in around 11a. Cab into town. Early lunch. Afternoon matinee on Broadway, shopping, dinner then back to JFK for the 11p flight home!!! Simples.
  4. See you on board! I agree this one is selling like hot cakes!
  5. Its 340 for reduced single supplement- the code DP340 actually works when you price up a cruise online too!
  6. You Only Live Once! It’s just the same as us popping over to NY for a weekend shopping 🛍 !
  7. Wonder what’s happening between 17th and 21st? Agent stuff or a small charter?
  8. Odyssey doing 2 short sailings from Southampton in April 2021
  9. I think we can all agree that the communications regarding this promo is a text book example of how things should NOT be done when dealing with your loyal guests who are keeping the ship afloat!!
  10. Portsmouth in England welcomed its first international cruise ship today: 19 people boarded Sea Dream I for a transatlantic crossing to Barbados. Wondered how they are getting around the FCO ban on Brits cruising 🤷‍♀️
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