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  1. You are way off with the loyalty numbers!! There are also 300 children on board
  2. There are 280 Pinnacles. I’m betting on a higher number of kids than that! See you at the meetup on Wednesday!
  3. Never said anything about going it regularly… it’s just one way around the ridiculous one way flight fare. I have never gone this but if there isn’t a low cost carrier like Norse operating next April when I need to come over for my TA then I may 🤷‍♀️
  4. How can you see the set sail pass until you do checkin at 30 days out?? doh. My bad you mean May 6th and I saw it as 5th June!
  5. @firefly333 Finnair code shares with British Airways. They will be better than most airlines. One ways are always expensive. Buy a return and don’t use the 2nd leg
  6. The show girls one - excellent. Live Love Legs
  7. Meanwhile we drove to Canaveral and saw a rocket 🚀 launch!!! Wow. Some more satellites 🛰️ to make our WiFi 🛜 speed across the Atlantic faster!!! then we had dinner and ended at Señor Frogs . After which things get hazy.. the white dot is the rocket on her way.
  8. @Capt_BJ thank you so much! We parked on Playalinda and she took off on schedule. Incredible!
  9. I have only received notification about the Sou Rom leg not the Rom DXB leg??
  10. There is a 4 hour window on that site… does that window ever narrow closer to the date (📅) or do we just wait for 4 hrs?? Thanks
  11. @Capt_BJ many thanks. do you mean the Freddie Patrick ramp or that little jetty off the beach on the right where it sticks out? do lots of people go down to watch or do they now happen so often with SpaceX no one bothers? Both launches are scheduled for 5-6p
  12. We will be staying on International Drive but DH is desperate to see a rocket launch. Elon is sending up a few more satellites 🛰️ hopefully in the days we are there… so we will be driving over to see it. Where is the best place to head for to get a great view ? thanks 🙏
  13. It now logs you out of the app automatically. Even if you tick the box “stay signed in”
  14. His FB says he has finished his contract in early April and he is having time off due to personal reasons with his elderly mother back in England.
  15. Yes we are flying into MCO - DH is hoping to see a 🚀 launch. For not many sea days check out Brilliance TA next April. Great itinerary!
  16. I’ll be on board too! Will definitely say Hi. I had asked my TA to cancel my Adventure crossing in November and they accidentally cancelled this Oasis one ( I see a theme developing!) so I exactly know your pain! I woke up to emails of cancelled restaurant reservations and my one shore ex to Montserrat cancelled ( which I had purchased at a great price when on sale). A stress filled couple of hours waiting for the USA to wake up and then whilst he reinstated everything. Sadly I wasn’t able to get the shore ex back at the bargain price ! See you on board
  17. Neither have I. No idea why there are going to be so many on this one 😦
  18. Thanks! 🙏 Doing the Happy Dance 💃… menus in the app show Whispering Angel at $14 a glass! That’s my drinking sorted!
  19. If you are on the many groups for the TA you’ll know there are hundreds of kids on for the crossing though! @chodnett was the c&a drink allowance limit $13 or $14?
  20. We have just been on Ovation and did NS for free when docked in Sydney. There is a charge when at sea.
  21. Do not think prices loaded properly as balcony is $3635 normally or $3597 with C&A balcony discount 🤷‍♀️💵!
  22. I’ll probably try booking this one as a back up to my Anthem Suez! One day I’ll get to Petra!
  23. Were the specialty restaurants busy or were they touting for business offering reduced prices?
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