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  1. Sadly, it is being reported that Captain James has passed. Smooth seas Captain; RIP
  2. The block will be left on your bed during the cruise. If concerned it’s worth swinging past the LA early in the cruise to check you are on the list to receive it.
  3. I’ve matched to DBE but I don’t seem to have a membership number?? It also says my DBE match is good for 2024. Does that mean if I book another VV cruise in 2025 I won’t get DBE??
  4. So they haven’t replaced the blue saggy sofas in the cabins. Wonder if the threadbare furniture in Colony Club has been updated. Thanks for the very clear pic of the d7 extended balconies… have one of those next year 👍
  5. You have 14 points. Your wife has 14 points. Child 1 has 14 points. Child 2 has 14 points. No one is “out” any points.
  6. My US TA had this on his site 2 days ago. Nice prices. $1159 for a balcony before C&A discount.
  7. Does anyone have details of the RCI Ravenna port to Bologna train station shuttle (I am guessing the shuttle goes to the train station and not to the airport?) - looking for departure times from the ship, the cost and if anyone has done it last year - how long the trip takes? Trying to work out what time train I can catch from Bolonga to Florence. thank you.
  8. During pandemic all trips refunded in full - the only trip I lost money on was on an airfare via TAP - so much for European protection!! My recent cruises which were cancelled - USA TA refunded within 24 hrs. UK TA took several weeks and still haven’t actually sent me an email yet telling me the trip has been cancelled. I know who I’d rather book with. 🤷‍♀️
  9. You don’t take your bag so you can comb 🪮 your hair or touch up your lipstick 💄? Perhaps I’m a really girlie girl 👧
  10. Oasis didn’t. Of course a lady would take her bag to the bathroom. Well, this lady does.
  11. Because when I go out to the bathroom, which is outside the CK area… I have to wait for someone to let me back in Hardly dignified
  12. The OA TA crossing was handled very badly by the C&A team in board. We are NPE ( not pinnacle enough) to be allowed into CK, however it was like a game of Chinese whispers on board. Some people said we got one free speciality coffee ( which they usually do on top heavy cruises) but others said they were getting 2pd. Never any official notification from C&A. Then on about the 3rd day of the cruise another whisper went around that the NPEs were going to be allowed into CK for 2 nights. I went straight up to book, to get ahead of the rush as I ( and others) naturally expected this would be formally announced by the C&A guys at the Pin lunch. Which it wasn’t. I met some other NPEs on the last day and they had no idea about the 2 day access. And boy, were they furious! 😡 And having to stand outside CK waiting to be let in like a poor relation is frankly embarrassing.
  13. @Rogueperson he received email Confirmation of BE today not DBE My cruise confirmation email says $500 beer bucks ( or what ever they call them!!) but under addons it only shows $400. Perhaps the other $100 is under his? We only have 4n taster cruise. Could be carnage!
  14. Potentially more work for TAs… if I see a price drop I always first check to see if it’s the T&F which have dropped ( which you don’t get as you are locked in at the T&F price in the day you book). If this is the case then I don’t call. But now if it’s just one price then I don’t know if it’s a true cabin price drop or whether is a T&F drop. More work for my gal to check it out every time. I do wish the total price included gratuities though!
  15. Why not book via USA ? 7/8 of my future cruise are with my USA agents and the only one that isn’t is because my friend booked it otherwise it would be 8/8 !
  16. @pseudoware taxis in Singapore plentiful and very cheap. Avoid Marina Bay Sands as huge, impersonal, and far from anything unless you like shopping centres with faux Venetian canal! Recommend Telegraph Hotel right in Lau Pa Sat and easy walk to China town. Scarlett is boutique hotel little closer to Chinatown. DAO by Dorset is great hotel, rooms have kitchen area with washing machines - just a few mins walk further from Telegraph.
  17. Last time we were in Nha Trang Azamara offered a transfer there and back. X don’t seem to offer one so how easy is it to get there/back - taxi 🚕 at ports? Costs? 🙏 thanks
  18. @xpcdoojk it’s typically EU to waste time, money and resources to solve problems that no one thinks is a problem. I mean, how difficult is it to keep the bottle lid in your hand whilst you drink and then screw the lid back on again 🤷‍♀️
  19. I’ve got DBE under addons. And $100 and $300 bar tab ✅
  20. I can’t see a label for Addons?? home /discover /services /messenger /me ?
  21. Hey! Just settling down for a good read! Thanks for the mention about both needing to apply for DBE - I’m just filling it in for DH. I must admit I find the app very frustrating. There is no way to see what OBC you have it your loyalty number ? Or am I being thick?
  22. I’ve been on 5 cruises this year and have never had any issues using my vouchers in the MDR. Have never been charged for a drink… and yes, it’s hit or miss whether they charge you so you can sometimes get drinks without using any vouchers ! I am a little wary of this as you never know when/if they are going to register the drinks that day so I never go over the allocation and keep a record of what I have had in my head.
  23. Hiya! Following along!! Wait till you get to Europe. There is a stupid (imho) new ruling whereby the cap must still be attached to the bottle so you have to drink with the bottle cap halfway up your left nostril….
  24. Last November I docked at the further pier - Dique. It took me a leisurely 90 mins to stroll into town. RCI shuttle was $10pp Local #1 bus was €3 From memory it is a lengthy walk just to get out of the dock area until you get up the main road. I think the #1 came into the port
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