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  1. Official answer, no. But there is a tiny chance, but depending on numbers and people onbaord, and be prepared to pay for a trial in the nursery so the staff can see how potty trained, how good communication is and how good rule following is. They have the final say. Adventure ocean is an activities based programme.
  2. Quantum and oasis class, no. Other, yes.
  3. It does. The teen staff have a manifest with dates of birth on, they are alerted to the ones that turn 18 within the cruise, before the cruise even starts, and the teens are told the day they go and get their wristband or whatever that ship is using for the teen club. teens have to show their card everytime they enter so yes, they do know even without a new sea pass card, but what do I know? I only worked there lol! This is because once they turn 18 they are classed as an 'adult' which, if anything happened with and 18 year old around teens makes royal liable.
  4. Nope. Even if someone turns 18 halfway through the cruise, they can only go for half the cruise. They day they turn 18, bye bye!
  5. Depends on how many kids onbaord but you usually get 16 hours at the start. You can use those however you want (there is no rule about only 2 hours at a time). This is just to give everyone a fair chance of nursery time. Usually after the 2nd day they open up the left over available hours to everyone so there is a chance to get more. They are pretty much the same as Disney. they both follow USPH for cleaning and food handling. They both have cameras everywhere. They both have sleeping areas. They both follow the same ratio 1:4. Royal require extra training g for their nursery staff. Royal also ask all their youth staff have related degrees and experience. (Disney only ask for experience.) Royals staff tend to be older and many of them have children themselves. If you want to see what they look like, there are many videos and picture out there if you search it.
  6. I wasn't necessarily talking about the nursery itself. Like the poster below you said, parents will go to the casinos, bars, nightclub, where babies cant go. That makes them a chunk of money from the parents that otherwise wouldn't go, and then the $8 an hour on top of that. Some families only cruise on ships if theres a nursery... And there are very few ships that have a capacity of 4 (I can only think of 1), even on the small ships there is a capacity of 8. And they obviously are worth it to the company as over the years they have added them into ships during dry dock. They majority of ships now have them. And many are full a lot of the time to the point there is a waiting list... But by your argument you could say the same for all the kids clubs as they bring in $0, and things like the sports courts, flow riders, ice rinks....
  7. I highly doubt its changed in the last 3 months. Too much of a money maker for royal.
  8. Two separate rooms: 1. Drop off nursery with an hourly fee, no (non-nusery staff) adults allowed in. 2. Free open play playroom where children need to be supervised by their own adults. Both open 9am-10pm, nursery drop off available later with pre-bookings. Hope this helps.
  9. You still have to have your sea pass card with your name on to pick up at AO.
  10. A potty trained 3 year old will be in aquanauts in adventure ocean. You have to fill out an initial registration but there is no booking system, first come first served. 3 sessions a day 9am-12pm, 2-5pm, 7-10pm. On port days they will take them to lunch. On sea days they are closed 12-2. Every day there is the option for dinner, where they go to the windjammer for pizza and fries (check onbaord for details as it can vary ship to ship) No sleep time in aquanauts (that's the nursery for under 3's and non potty trained kids) it's an activity based program. After 10pm they are open till 2am (or when the last child leaves) and costs $7 an hour. For this age it will probably be movie/chill time.
  11. "Technically" Didnt use the aquanaut program. Worked the aquanaut program. On many ships 👍 You must have got the one harmony cruise it was different...or they've changed it in the last 3 months...which I doubt. So tell me, what session did they run during this time, what craft, science, games did they do? Guarentee you none, because it's a break from the programming!
  12. Well, technically there is a break from the aquanauts programming. Theres no activities, most kids leave and it's usually movie time and they go with all the older kids for dinner. Lunch on a port day works the same as dinner. Pizza and fries, maybe chicken tenders in the windjammer. On sea days theres no lunch and they close down for 2 hours. Of course, you can leave your kids but theres a $1 a minute, a child late fee Haha!
  13. So babies should just stay in the house until they're old enough to remember then? Because I'm pretty sure you could use the same statement for anything you do or anywhere you go with a baby....
  14. Why does everything have to have a prize? And then when there is a prize, it's never good enough...
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