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  1. The ships will be wearing their finest too...
  2. Exactly this. Right now and for the foreseeable, crew boarding RC ships have to go through a month long quarantine. If they're still doing that once guests are back onbaord, crew could potentially be in isolation for a month, only to be infected by the first passenger they interact with....
  3. I'm guessing they'll do it how they were doing it pre-covid. Close all the venues and stop all activities. I assume all crew will still need to go the their assembly stations, to direct guests, check them in, answer questions which would mean bars and and everywhere else would need to be closed for this to happen. Crew still attend guest drill, including crew who's emergency duty was to patrol crew staircases, even though they have no guest interaction at that time. Then once drill is 'done' (however they say its done) everything starts back up again.
  4. I'm sure I read something from Captain Kate that they had special permission to dock there to change crew and to deliver supplies to those still on the island, but no one is allowed off the dock onto the actual island, which is all they've been doing the last few months anyway. But it was on one of her instagram stories that only last so long so I cant find it now...
  5. That's funny, because I'm a crew member who had my contract delayed/cancelled due to the shutdown. Every week (this week it has started every other week) I, and all crew have had a newsletter from the company. Every newsletter has mentioned the hardship, emergency and education funds that crew can apply for... 🤔 If a crew member doesn't read/recieve/put the contents of those newsletters all over the internet and because they're not mentioned in an article from, March/April?, doesn't meant they dont exist 😒
  6. From a crew point of view, I would hope so. All crew are going to be working 100x harder post Covid. Unlikely to be granted shore leave, much less socializing allowed, more trainings and rules to follow. I'm not sure how willing I would be do all that for a guest to lie to get onboard, bring it on and shut us down again.... Unfortunately, if sailing out of the US, I doubt it....
  7. Royal have hardship and emergency funds that crew can apply for if needed. They have communicated this many times (pretty much weekly) with crew throughout the cruising shut down.
  8. Technically any age can be a self signer, there is no official age set. However, the manager onboard makes the rules so it can/does vary and most will say 9+ But you could probably have the 9 year old be a self signer and also on the pick up list for the 6 year old.
  9. I should probably add that I dont know if I'll go back. But, it has absolutely nothing to do with how the company/cruise lines in general have dealt with it. I simply can't afford to wait until potentially next year. I tried at the start but as it gets pushed back, it's just as annoying for crew as those who are having cruises cancelled but for obviously different reasons. I'm applying for a few jobs that have a 2 year contract, so I wont be able to go back. If I get a job on land and enjoy it, I'll stay. I've been looking to leave ships for a while but haven't had the push. If Covid hadn't happened I would be onboard right now, or if Covid had done one already I would be ready to go. I just cant afford to wait.
  10. I used to think he was decent/on our side. He deletes comments and blocks people who speak the truth when it doesn't fit his 'news'. I commented once and he went and looked on my profile (but not much of what he can see is absolutely 100% so he kinda failed) and asked if it was an official statement from the company. And then couldn't accept that I actually love and enjoy my job and accept the rough deal we get with it, so he told me I had Stockholm syndrome. 🙄 Unfortunately a lot of people truly believe what he says over the people that actually live it, because he tells people we are brainwashed...
  11. Good luck with that. Your entertainment might be sorted but I think you'll be hungry on a dirty ship that wont be moving very far...
  12. Crew member here 👋 I am ready to go back as soon as I can get back, as are the majority I know (also part of various social media groups full of crew from all different companies and the consensus seems the same there too). I do not necessarily think the operations to get crew home was/is botched, not when you open your eyes to what is going on in the world, but then I dont believe much of what that cruise lawyer posts as 'news'. Crew onboard who are working are getting paid. Crew whose contracts have ended are not being paid a 'wage' but are still getting an allowance for necessities, as well as being fed and getting free wifi (which is where most my wages go) Those at home are also not being paid, no furlough for crew, and not many jobs available out there. Those that I see complaining the most are also the ones who complain about the job pretty much every day onbaord too, so it's probably best for everyone if they dont go back. For everyone who doesn't want to go back there are new crew waiting.
  13. For the majority of ships, actually yes you can guarentee it. As I said, many have been in isolation since March, have temperature checks twice a day and no cases onboard! Unless the virus apparates onto the ship... I would understand the CDC a little bit more if the US had been successful like Aus or NZ, but clearly they're not and a lot of Americans dont care either... Keep reading the Miami Herald and Jim Walker 😂
  14. Yeah they were. These crew have been in isolation for weeks. No one on, no one off, (and the majority of ships) no cases on board. They have not set foot on land since March! For ships that have had cases onboard they could enforce things. But for the most, the CDC were just being ridiculous. If anything, the crew are way more at risk setting foot in the US, than the US is from these crew members. It's not like the US has zero spread of the virus is it... But you keep believing whatever makes you happy...
  15. But they havent signed them for the majority of crew. That's why they're sailing out of US waters and shipping/flying crew home from elsewhere.
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