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  1. I dont understand why they released the photos of this new evidence in an attempt to defend the GF. If anything it makes him look even more guilty. It shows how much effort he went to, to lift her up and over the safety rail. It shows he wasnt just holding her up to the window to look out and slipped, but he went to a lot of effort to put her in a dangerous position...
  2. That doll isn't even near the same height, weight or shape of an 18month old, surely they could have got a more realistic doll...but then, most people have accepted/seen what actually happened and dont need deperate posed pictures to try and sway a vote.
  3. They lost my sympathy literally hours after it happened when they tried to claim it happened within a kids area. Well they looked a little silly when all you can see is a bar... And their "there was no sign" argument is getting old. If there was a sign on the window, you wouldn't see it, because the window was open. If there was a sign anywhere else they would be arguing that it wasnt visible if you were standing at the open window... At the end of the day, if he hadn't lifted her up, she would still be here. RC didnt lift her up to the window, and RC didnt force him to lift her up to the window.
  4. People seem to be getting phone calls with free down-grades these days...
  5. What specifically did you want to know? They can change cruisely. If you want an idea of activities offered you can look at most other ships because they all do pretty much the same thing.
  6. My favourite bit of all this is that Michael Bayley was spammed with pictures of the naked man!
  7. I don't think Royal paid a man to stand in his birthday suit in the middle of your adventures, and unless the bus breaks down every time, I don't think they can really be in the firing line for that one either... Was it really an 'insincere inarticulate apology' or was it just a reply that you didnt want to hear? Especially as it came from a 'low level employee' rather than a 'senior executive'?
  8. Too many people leap to conclusions here. Nowhere did OP ask "is it ok to take my screaming, shouting, crying toddler?" Maybe that's how your kids would have behaved but not all kids do. OP, as there is no age limit it proves you are just as entitled to eat with your family as those who feel they are entitled enough to eat with no kids around. Ignore the cruise grinches. I'm sure some people go on cruises to just find things to complain about: "we went to Mexico and the locals spoke spanish", "we went to the beach and it was sandy", "we went on a family cruise line and there was a child eating 😱".
  9. Its nothing new. On a lot of ships the 6-8 and the 9-11 age groups are always combined, and it happens on all ships when its quiet. Every cruise there will be a few 12 year old bumps downs too. But the 6 year olds and the 12 year olds all survive and come back for more....
  10. British here and we had Pigeon and chicken (and pigs in blankets!) for christmas this year 👍 no Turkey for us!
  11. They have a roster with names and birth dates. If you lie and try and cheat the system they'll say no. If you go and explain the situation, they'll more than likely let you sign the waiver for them to join the teen club. As with all age group changes, one wrong move or if they're immature/don't fit in with their new group, they'll be back down to the appropriate group.
  12. It depends on the ship. On a sea day, if a ship has an separate open play area then they are generally open 9am till midnight (but will close at 10pm if there are no bookings), but some might close over lunch 12-2pm-ish. If a ship does not have an open play area (vision/radiance class for example) and the nursery is used instead then they will be open 9am -12 noon, then the nursery is available for free play until it opens for drop off again for the evening (which can vary slightly between ships but usually around 5-6pm, again until midnight or 10pm if no bookings. On port days, if the ship has an open play area then usually when the ship docks (if before 9am) or 9am, all the way through until 10pm/midnight. A ship with no open play area will not be open for drop off until the evening session, unless you have a pre-booked RC shore excursion and they will open up for you, or if the ship docks at or after lunch time, then they may open up for the morning session too.
  13. I dont know why people have mentioned it twice in this thread but Disney are also 6 months to sail, (or a year for transatlantic, Panama and Hawaii sailings) and has been for nearly 5 years now...
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