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  1. For smaller ships, nursery is often only open on a port day if there is a booking, otherwise its open play all day and no one is scheduled to work there. Some ships will only let you book for a port day if you have an excursion through RC. Bigger ships that have a separate space for their open play will be open all day and you can pre book or just walk in of there is space.
  2. I've worked on cruise ships. More than one company. And actually most people's least favourite guests are the entitled and annoying Europeans and Brits! Americans (and I'm not American) are our favourites because they're friendly, chatty and tip well 👍🤣🤣
  3. Probably not the report, but the score... All over FB: crew member friends onboard and theres a very reliable page that announces all the scores the day of the inspection via crew onboard... The actual report wont be out till a while after... Rhapsody got 100 in February and Brilliance in April
  4. These aren't the most up to date. At least three ships on that list have been inspected since that date, Brilliance getting 100! Do you understand the scoring? Though its lower than others, it's still a pass. Dont judge a ship by its solely USPH score. They dont pass, they dont sail. Always better to read the reports as to why they lost points. I read one once for a Disney ship who lost a point because there was a fly flying around the dining area of the buffet, there was then a note stating the fly was disposed of correctly, and another that there was an incorrect type of floor in the crew area, which doesn't effect the health of guests at all...
  5. Some people remove gratuities, just because they can, because it's the only tiny bit of power they've ever had in their lives 😂😂 And it's obvious who those people are because they come on every tipping thread, multiple times trying to justify themselves 😂😂
  6. You keep mentioning DCL. Yet you do realise they work to the same 1:25 ratio right? Only have a lot more kids in at one time and often go over that ratio so more chaos, more running and 100% of the time is free play.... Royal have their ratio and stick to it. Once its reached it's one out one in. So not understaffed. The first half an hour is free play so everyone can get checked in which is probably the crazy time you saw. Go back mid session and it would be way calmer than any Disney club... I've worked in both so can truthfully say this...
  7. Port days if all aboard comes after kids dinner time (5pm). Mainly because if parents are off the ship, what are you going to do with the kids checked into AO when they close at 5. All aboard 5 or earlier, then there may of may not be kids dinner (at least all the ships I've been on)...
  8. On vision class explorers and voyagers are always combined as they only have one room for them, and one for the aquanauts. So its 50 explorers and voyagers combined. Not 50 explorers and 50 vogagers.
  9. For the nursery, depends on the ship/kid counts. Some ships (usually the busy ones who will def have kids for dinner) have a different order pre-put in every day usually including, chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, fries, pizza, pasta, salad, yogurt, cookies, and then things that change every day like chicken tenders, hot dogs, quesadillas, and they'll ask what you want from that. Other ships (the quieter ones who may or may not get kids for dinner) will ask what you want/ give you a few options and order it once your kids there. The food comes from room service because it has to be on a time control plan, meaning it can only be out for a certain time and then it cannot be served to kids (another reason why they ask for pre packaged snacks and formula to not be ready mixed), so also check with the nursery as to when the food will be there as that can vary a little ship to ship too...
  10. It still sucks and shouldn't really happen but the more food being prepared, served, cleaned up is more of a chance to fail. Every cruise line does it. Hopefully from today it should be back to normal. If not, it wasnt a one off
  11. Yes it was a one off, USPH were onbaord yesterday doing their inspection. Apparently almost no food in the crew mess in the evening either according to a friend onboard.
  12. Most ships, parents of 3 years olds and kids with extra needs get a phone or a pager on a first come basis, as theres aren't enough for all the parents that want them. Some older ships only have a handful of pagers so wont even give them to 3 year olds and save them for kids with very specific needs. If your kid asks to leave they'll call the room/leave a message. If your kid is really upset they'll call guest service and find out where you last used your card and try and track you. If it's an emergency they'll call you over the PA. If you think your kids going to be upset or want to leave, you can call or check in at AO as many times as you like.
  13. Technically any age can be a self signer, not just those over ten. Also, you dont have to give self signer status when you sign up. You can do it at any time in the cruise, so why not wait a couple of days and see how they do. Get them to take you to and from the cabin and the club for example. Self signer status doesn't work when the ship is docked. Only when its moving, so usually sea days and evening sessions depending on sail away, if that makes any difference... When docked someone over 18 has to drop off and pick up. Just remember too, that in less than a year they would been in the teen club, which has no sign in or out and a lot of the activities happen all over the ship. So if you cruise regularly or plan to do so, self signer from AO could be a good introduction to the teen club freedom.
  14. Depending on numbers onbaord, most managers I've met would ask for a three hour session in the nursery first (the length of an AO session), maybe less, so the nursery staff can assess communication, concentration, skills and toileting first and then agree to the bump up or not. Even if bumped up, it's never a permanent guarantee. One accident or if they're unable to follow the session, and they're bumped back down.
  15. Why? You can still smoke on their ships. Just not in the parks.... Royal doesn't have parks...
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