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  1. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't. No one knows how long this virus is going to be around for. If they cancel all cruises till the end of the year, people will complain. If they hold off and evaluate month by month, people will complain.
  2. 51 cases now reported on oasis according to the crew center...
  3. Crew weren't allowed off that day. The only ones that got off were the ones that were off to the airport to go home.
  4. This. I've mentioned this in a few threads that it's not just crew at the end of their contracts! I personally know 2 crew on 2 different ships who do 2 different jobs who have gone home within 3 weeks of their contracts starting....
  5. And Spectrum, and Ovation and Jewel and Grandeur and probably others. And not necessarily if they are within 30 days of finishing their contract!
  6. When all the Jewel crew went home, Italians were allowed to stay onboard. But the virus is everywhere so any crew member could go home and bring it back to the ship...
  7. The cast that just embarked on harmony about a month ago are going home... So it doesnt look like it matters when your contract is up...
  8. Jewel already sent home the majority of the crew earlier this week. Mainly management and Italians remain.
  9. Spectrum have started disembarking . They have been told they are going home. But it could take days/weeks for them to get their flights. Until then, they're enjoying the guest life.
  10. $16 an hour! On board! 😂😂😂😂 I've been underpaid the last 5 years then! If she worked out how much she got paid, and how many hours she actually worked, then yes, it can be as low as $3-$4 an hour No company pays that much for youth staff!
  11. Wow, your college educated childcare professionals and teachers earn between $3-$4 an hour, my bad, America really is great 😂😂
  12. She's youth staff. And while they are paid better than other positions it is still far from 'paid very well'...
  13. Not on all ships. I have friends onboard too. And some of them already have their flight schedules homes and some on other ships have been extended to stay.
  14. A lot are going home, some already have their flight schedules.
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