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  1. Adventure - Cian is now cruise director. Not sure who AM is now.
  2. I love this thread. Some of you are so dramatic it's hilarious! You make it sound like there's 50 savage dogs running around every cruise! Personally, I've worked on ships for years and I don't think I've ever seen more than 2 dogs on-board a contract (6 months)...
  3. Dock damage is the real reason! KW can still take 2 ships, but if 3 are scheduled someone's not getting in!
  4. It is the real reason. 😉 It's was damaged a while ago. Google it. KW can still accommodate 2 ships, which is why there's still reports of ships docking and not all itineraries have been changed. But if you're due to be there on day that 3 ships are scheduled someone's gotta make a change...
  5. The dock in Key West was damaged months ago. I'm sure Google will tell you specifics. The issue is when 3 ships need to dock, that's why people have docked/are docking/ aren't getting itinerary changes. KW can still accommodate 2 ships, just not a third!
  6. Kids club food: Lunch is only available on port days. Dinner on formal night and any ports you're in later than around 4.30/5pm is guarenteed. They may do other nights too. Although, most ships ask you sign up beforehand (earlier in the day) as spaces are limited and they pre order the food.
  7. Depends on the ship. Not every ship will do it every night. General rule is, it will be available on formal nights and any night that there is a late port stop (after 5pm) for sure.
  8. Every ship, on the majority of cruises. Just rarely becomes an outbreak like this one.
  9. Call guest services! Even if someone has been through this before, chances are it will be different this time...
  10. Don't count on it though. I've seen lifeguards and deck crew patrolling telling kids not in diapers to get out. I've seen guests arguing that their kids weren't tall enough for the slides in the potty trained side and still told to leave. Depends on the complaints that cruise - if a parent of a little one has complained that the baby splash area is full of potty trained kids and they don't think it's safe or appropriate for their baby, they'll be on it and older kids will be asked to leave. If not, or parents have complained that their potty trained kids aren't big enough for the slides, they'll let them in.
  11. This is from oasis but gives you an idea of where/ what you're looking for...
  12. Info on the baby groups will be on the royal tots compass and not usually the cruise compass (just one for the whole cruise, not each day) They should be offered on sea days around noon, either maritime music or a craft.
  13. There's no smoking in the casino on cruises from the UK thanks to UK laws and the ships and guests survive the season!
  14. Nah! I'm talking about the cheap ones. Stop trying to cover up for them 😂
  15. Not saying all of you, but some of you just come across as really cheap every time this topic comes up (If you have a strong reaction to that statement then it's probably you 😂)... So, just wondering, do you cheap ones try and argue that you shouldn't have to pay ports fees and taxes if you don't get off or do get off and don't like it? After all, you're not seeing the port or using its services or it's not up to your standard....
  16. 'Google Allo' works for both android and iPhone users in the same way, connecting to Wi-Fi but not needing/logging onto a package.
  17. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends if Rapunzel has a 'friend' in the cast when you are on-board... And the cast could change between now and your sailing. DCL won't ever guarantee any characters that will be on-board because anything can happen at any time. They don't have back up plans like they do in the parks.
  18. Tbf, this letter could be used for the majority of ports in the majority of countries. But of course the cruise line are going to try and put you off getting off in one of the less fancier looking ports... more $$$ for them if you stay on...
  19. Having done both royal and disney (can't talk about ncl) . If you're kids didn't like it before then they probably won't now either. The two styles of programming are completely different. Disney has the option of 100% free time, sure they run activities but no kids are expected to tske part and often only a small portion of kids participate and the rest enjoy the iPads or craft or a movie or the other games around and at times is a free for all for any kid aged 3-12 The idea behind royal is age appropriate sessions and kids go for those sessions. There's usually some free time at the start and occasionally during but it's activity based and once the session starts there's limited (if any) other options of entertainment. So, for example, if your kid does or doesn't like ball games either aim for that session or totally avoid it. Same with rock and roll night of your kid does or doesn't like dancing and loud music, or movie night, pirate night, sports night, trivia afternoon, etc... Again depends on the kids. Some kids thrive on structured activities, others would rather have more freedom and find their own entertainment. Royal might take a bit more planning than just drop in and play like other lines but for many kids, royal doesn't need to 'improve' their facility and match what other cruise lines do.
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