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  1. Drinks packages and speciality dining are reduced today.
  2. I don’t know the answer, but if you proceed to try and book it, the correct price to pay will show including the service charge.
  3. Same here for Infinity in July. 25% off excursions but nothing on dining. No sale banners.
  4. Hi, new to RCL. Where do you make the reservation for Starwater when onboard?
  5. Word of warning. The deposit remains non-refundable in the U.K. picture from another social media site
  6. From the U.K. this links to a page no longer available page. Interestingly it has a picture of Century on it which is also no longer available😀
  7. Not in the U.K. sadly. You could get prices for all the different cabin categories and book flights and hotels. Now all all you can do is book a cabin. Only one price for outside/balcony etc. You cant even book flights when they are offered for free. You have to book your cruise then call to see what’s available if anything. So you’ll lose your deposit if you don’t like what’s there. Its gone from pretty useful if clunky to being worse than useless.
  8. On our Mediterranean cruise on Constellation in August I counted about a dozen jackets in a full MDR and a handful of tuxes. Most men in collared t-shirts.
  9. Usually but not always. Travel to EU countries you only have to be valid the day you return. Bonaire isn’t in the EU mind you. Cruise companies may have different general rules regardless.
  10. Have you checked on manage your booking? Ours showed up about a month before departure - logged into account, looked at cruise details and scrolled to the bottom and there it was.
  11. Someone recently did a trip report ? bimmer? on the Celebrity forum and they stayed at the horse guards hotel.
  12. The problem is the codeshare. These can throw up all sorts of anomalies as you’re discovering. I’ve sometimes found it can be impossible to get seat assignments so you’ve done well there. You may feel that Celebrity could be helping more but to be honest I think you are better off sorting this yourself. It sounds like an agent wouldn’t perhaps be as thorough in tracking things down as there’s been so much work and would just have told you sorry can’t be done. Im sure all will be fine but yes it is frustrating.
  13. I’m not sure what’s different between Celebrity’s evening chic and Marella’s dress to impress. On Celebrity I counted about a dozen men in suits/tuxes in a full MDR. Most people had short sleeved shirts and jeans or trousers.
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