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  1. In the good old days ie. last year there used to be sales of shore excursions every few weeks. I used to keep a close eye on my booking but haven’t bothered for a few months so don’t know the current state of play. Have there been any recently? Chris
  2. have you looked at other cruises. I think it has to be the same number of days but can be on an M or S class ship (assuming your were on M to start with). I don’t think you need GTY to be available, just same level inside/outside/balcony etc.
  3. The airfare doesn’t get transferred over. I would check on the price for next year and see if it’s worth it.
  4. I know I’ve just missed 3 perks for the price of 2 but does anyone know of any upcoming offers? Back when times were normal I remember seeing a post that had a schedule of offers for the forthcoming months, perhaps posted by a TA. Anyone know anything? Chris
  5. Or there will be several drills with a few hundred people in the theatre for example.
  6. Just in case you get to do this trip again, or for others considering it you may be better buying a through ticket from London to Dublin. This would cover you if the train was late and you missed the ferry and can be cheaper than booking the train and ferry separately.
  7. Retreat is just the new name for suites. It appears on all sailings as far as I can tell, including mine on Infinity in July which isn’t due to be revolutionised by that time. if you look in the small print it says not all retreat facilities on all ships.
  8. I don’t think any of that is actually happening just yet so most people will still be able to use the people mover or the Aligaluna boats to get to the cruise terminal.
  9. Sadly we are there on the 15th along with Marella Celebration and Seven Seas Splendor. The Splendor is scheduled to dock 🙁.
  10. I'm intending to do just that. Can you remember how long the sail in takes? I don’t want to get up too late.
  11. That’s fantastic, that’s just what I needed to know. Thank you.
  12. If you choose anytime then you can reserve a table in advance including people from other bookings. We did this and only had to queue up to the podium, once there it was straight in.
  13. Our included package doesn’t show on our personalised so I would have to call Celebrity to upgrade.
  14. Hi. Our July cruise on Infinity needs tendering at Kotor. I’ve only done tendering once before and that was 10 years go on the RCL private island so don’t remember much, I think we just went to disembark as normal and got on a boat. I’ve searched on here but nothing has come up so can someone explain the process for me? Specifically I’ve seen mention of tender tickets. Where do we get these from and will I need my sea pass card? Can I get tickets for my other half without him being there? Can I get tickets for my family who are in a different cabin? We will not be taking a Celebrity tour so I assume they will have priority, how long should we allow to disembark? Any information welcome, Chris
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