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  1. You can walk from Gruz to the Pile gate in 45 minutes so you should be fine in a taxi.
  2. As a special offer if you book by November 18th you can change your booking for free until December 31st
  3. There’s a new U.K. website and it’s just awful. Before you could easily see all the prices for the different categories and now you can’t. Worst of all, you can’t see flights at all, even if they’re free. You have to book your cruise (non-refundable deposit), then ring up to add flights on, not knowing how much they are. I cant see many people using the site to book, most people will need to ring up.
  4. Just a quick note that the pastries are free regardless. You don’t have to buy a coffee. 😀 Loving the report, thanks for taking the time to post it.
  5. You can’t check in online either. Has to be done at the desk at the airport.
  6. Not sure what was different on formal night except we all had our uniform on. Was just the same as any other evening but more uncomfortable.
  7. Not sure if I said this before but Celebrity will book you onto the direct flights, you just have to ring them up and pay up front (as you would do if booking yourself). They are currently offering free (direct) flights to Europe so that fixes that problem.
  8. We have! 8.00 flight from Manchester UK then smooth transfer to Celebrity transfer coach. Bit of a wait to check in and at security but settled in the buffet now. Buon viaggio!
  9. You can’t go wrong with the Baltic cruise. History, beautiful, people friendly cities and museums galore. Weather can be a bit hit and miss, but June to August is probably best. Each stop a new country with new food to try.
  10. Ship-Constellation Length of Cruise--9 days Cruise sail date--August 25 Date received e-mail offer--July 25 Captains club tier--preview Booked through Celebrity Current Cabin--Inside Bid--yes Cabin category--Ocean view Bid--£170 Notification Date--August 23 7.30pm unsuccessful.
  11. You’ve chosen well there. Some people don’t like that arrangement but I love the lack of a foot “coffin”. Those seats are very comfortable. The weather in the U.K. today is warm and sunny so you should get a good view of Windsor castle just before landing as planes are landing from the west today and hopefully a smooth connection. Your Venice flight is on time so you should have time to relax in the lounge and freshen up using the showers. Just in case you’re in the business lounge, champagne is available but only on request so just ask a server and they will bring you a glass. In the first class lounge it’s help yourself. All other alcohol is self serve.
  12. You are going to love it! The places you are going to are all beautiful and lovely just to stroll around. What have you got planned in each port? We can offer tips around your plans.
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