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  1. Highpeaklad

    Flight Seat Booking

    You can’t do this. It doesn’t have to be pot luck though, you just all have to access the personaliser at the same time so you can see which seats are free and book together. Or alternatively, if your friends are willing, they can give you their booking reference etc.and you can have two windows open on your computer or use two devices and book it yourself.
  2. Highpeaklad

    Brittania Dress Code...confused

    Except the whole concept of a dress code is bizarre to newcomers. Our friends joined us on a recent cruise and had nothing remotely formal with them. They are a shorts and flip flops type and it never entered their head they’d need to follow a dress code.
  3. Highpeaklad

    Communication on board Britannia?

    Make sure you take your glad rags. P&O isn’t like NCL.
  4. Highpeaklad

    Black and white night

    Black and white night is optional. As long as you have formal dress for the other night you can wear the same and you will be fine.
  5. Highpeaklad

    Britannia Cookery Club

    Thai street food is very hands on and recommended. You make Chicken Satay, Thai fish cakes and Thai beef salad. Very tasty.
  6. Highpeaklad

    Squash or water in buffet

    Juice is available at breakfast only ( stops at 12 ) otherwise water only.
  7. Highpeaklad

    Britannia dining - Glass House etc.

    Assuming it’s Britannia, the beach house is reservable only on board, not in advance. Not sure about the glass house but definitely not reservable before you board.
  8. Highpeaklad

    Sun on transatlantic

    Very “posh” 😉
  9. Highpeaklad

    P&O trying become a holiday company

    I thought a cruise was a holiday ?
  10. Highpeaklad

    Is P&O for us?

    The dress code is a lot more formal than NCL for example. No wearing of shorts after 6 pm and you can’t wear ripped/light jeans/t-shirt either.
  11. Highpeaklad

    Britannia - Bad Flu

    I was on from 16feb-2mar and didn’t notice any coughing. A few medical emergencies mind you, but no one in sick bay by the final sea day.
  12. Highpeaklad

    Check in for flight to cruise

    At least those of us waiting at Barbados had a nice ship to wait in.
  13. Highpeaklad

    Check in for flight to cruise

    We flew out of Manchester terminal 2 to Barbados on the 16th of March. Flight was 12.10 we arrived at 9.40 and check in was dead - only 2 people in front of us. Security was 15 mins. Our friends arrived 15 mins after us and they were called by name at the door as they were last to check in. I’m amazed that people go so early. We usually aim for 1.5 hours before. Check in closes 45 mins before according to the TUI website.
  14. Highpeaklad

    New and confused!

    We went to the limelight on a formal night and most people were in formal dress.
  15. Water is free on request. A glass of water that is, if you want a bottle then yes you have to pay.