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  1. I think the lack of ice machines is a cultural difference. There just isn’t the demand for it in the U.K.
  2. Sounds like a good idea. Just be aware of the dress code - no novelty t-shirts etc. allowed. With 20 of you, you’ll make your own fun anywhere.
  3. Currently a 3 day up to 25% off sale in U.K. for cruises until the end of September.
  4. Celebrity do Venice to Barcelona then Barcelona to Venice. Outward via Dubrovnik/Sicily/Malta, inward via Soithrn France/Rome/Naples. About 9 days each way. This could work for you.
  5. We’re going in August and the tour I’m looking at leaves from the bay next to the Pile gate. According to google maps this is a 45 minute walk/10 minute from the cruise port.
  6. I would book for as late as possible. Your flight could easily be delayed by weather. You could have a wait of up to 2 hours on a bad day at immigration. It could take a good hour to get to your hotel. I think the previous poster’s friends were very lucky to get in. I would expect to be turned away.
  7. PS. It’s Aer Lingus 😉
  8. Hi. Thanks for making the effort, loved all the pictures. Newbie here. Is the Cafe al bacio complimentary or do you have to pay? What about the pastries they have there? chris
  9. From what I’ve seen Virgin looks massively more upmarket compared to P&O. Even the new P&O ships don’t have much of a wow factor eg. The Britannia atrium feels like sitting in a shopping mall.
  10. Except all the competitors are more expensive. You get what you pay for.
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