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  1. Cruise was scheduled for 6/13. Requested FCC, got notice of cancellation last week with penalty notices, was told to ignore it. Today I received a refund of $90.
  2. Well the cruise prices continue to drop, another $250 since Sunday. Since I didn’t take the ES I lost this gamble. Silver lining-makes me feel like I’m in the casino on the ship?😂
  3. I saved $550 so it's a win either way I think.
  4. I ended up keeping the lower rate, and so far my rate is still the lowest. With the shutdown, a ton of people have switched over to my sailing and cabins are filling up super fast.
  5. The rates have dropped more- I'm currently switched into the lower rate. Still watching the ES rate as it's around $150 lower than my original booking right now.
  6. Fares just dropped again since last night. Early saver is now the exact same price as my current offer, and my current rate code dropped by $100. Fare difference is $418, so pretty significant.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently booked for a cruise on the Panorama in june- quad cabin GTY balcony. When I booked, the next cheapest rate was over $400 more. Since summer bookings usually don't drop I figured the GTY was a safe bet. Now after last week's scare and all of the news and updates, the price for early saver has dropped to $80 more than my current booking. I can't decide if I want to take the risk and pay $80 for the possibility of saving $ if the price continues to drop after final payment this weekend? Or should I reprice into my current rate code, which will save me $300 right now but wont be adjusted in case of huge price drops. Thanks!
  8. There are a massive amount of mexican restaurants in California that are not cal-mex.
  9. I miss the curly fries and the build your own mac and cheese, along with the bearnaise.
  10. FTTF never returned for the 2/1 cruise but it is available for the 2/29.
  11. This exactly. Only the Imagination is affected.
  12. In our experience (6 cruises with a Penguin) the majority of the kids in the club will be 3/4/5, with a much heavier concentration on the 4/5 year olds. For night owls they combine the age groups so he'll be able to go over to the older kid side. Now that my kid is a Stingray she uses night owls to go back to the penguin room because they have more imaginative toys (my little pony, etc) and she misses those. Also, my kid is an only child and while she was a penguin she was the youngest of all the cousins. I worried because she spent most of her time around older kids even at school (youngest kid in her preschool/kinder class) but she never complained about being around smaller kids.
  13. I've purchased the couple's spa pass with a friend in a different cabin before, they paid the whole amount and I just paid them.
  14. Am I the only one who doesn't like a super heavy pour? I like my drinks to be balanced, not burn my throat. Also, Carnival has never watered things down like Royal- after a week on that ship I thought I had a high alcohol tolerance. One drink on land and nope, it was their weak drinks.
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