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  1. We are looking at a transatlantic cruise for April 4. Does anyone know how quick these cruises sell out? Thanks
  2. We are planning a transatlantic cruise eastward in April. Does it matter if we select a port or starboard cabin for a smoother ride? Thanks
  3. Thanks JR G. I am new to this forum and people tend to be so nas ty. I appreciate the people who want to help and not tear down..
  4. We are sailing Oct 29 and have veranda cabin 6114 which is by the elevator. Has anyone had a problem with traffic on this area?
  5. Thanks for all the help
  6. Thanks..but wanted more! Ha
  7. We went on HA 3 years ago and ordered a bottle of "house" champagne for our storeroom for the sail away. I don't see any other than Dom.P. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. We have verizon. I understand you can use your cell on St. Thomas and San Juan. Is this true and do they charge roaming fees?
  9. How much is it to rent a golf cart in Grand Turks and what company is best? Thanks
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