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  1. I understand about bringing the wine onboard. I will want to buy bottles once onboard. Not sure how to do that. Order at any bar? Do they know what wine is on board, etc. Thanks
  2. If you want to buy a bottle of wine can you order one at any bar to bring back to your cabin? I don't want to order a Wine package because I don't know what is available. Do they have a list I could look at? Thanks!
  3. We have a package that gives us a dinner at the Pinnacle grill. Do we have to wait until we are on board before we can make reservations?
  4. Thanks so much. I called my credit card company about this and they were clueless. When we buy out of the machine will it tell us how much it is to the pan Pacific from the airport?
  5. Does anyone know if you can use a Visa chip credit card to pay for skytrain? They mention a tap card to pay..Does a chip card work? Thanks
  6. We are taking Noordam in May to Alaska. I have heard the dress code is more relaxed on Alaska cruises. I am planning on what to pack especially evening wear. Can anyone help?
  7. Again thanks so much. I think we will pass on the suite and put the money toward an excursion. Are the restaurants decent?
  8. Yes..did you do it? How were the suites?
  9. Does anyone know what the upgrade charge is for a junior suite at McKinley chalet at Denali. We are going in May 2020. Thanks
  10. Sorry..I meant to say we are in a ve cabin. Veranda deck 6.
  11. Does anyone know i!f there are power outlets over the nightstands on the Noordam? Last trip we needed an extension cord for a cpap. Thanks
  12. Is this pool area an adult only pool?
  13. If we buy the 25.00 soda card can you only ask for canned soda. We don't like fountain soda. Does this card work for mini bar?
  14. I can't find a lot of info on the 7 day pass for the thermal pool relaxation area. Do you have to pick a certain time or can you go at different times? There is a lot of conflicting info about how this works. Thanks so much
  15. We are looking at a transatlantic cruise for April 4. Does anyone know how quick these cruises sell out? Thanks
  16. We are planning a transatlantic cruise eastward in April. Does it matter if we select a port or starboard cabin for a smoother ride? Thanks
  17. Thanks JR G. I am new to this forum and people tend to be so nas ty. I appreciate the people who want to help and not tear down..
  18. We are sailing Oct 29 and have veranda cabin 6114 which is by the elevator. Has anyone had a problem with traffic on this area?
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