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  1. Will be doing our first Princess cruise in several years and I am excited about the good reviews of the bedding. I usually travel with my own feather pillow but if the pillows are that nice, I would leave mine at home. Do they provide feather pillows or, if not, can you request one? We will be doing a 58 day b2b2b and if I didn't have to take my pillow, it would free up some luggage space. Thanks for the help
  2. Is that correct that on Princess, you do not have to go to the second muster drill if you are doing a b2b (we are actually doing a b2b2b)? On other cruise lines we have been on, you have to go to ALL muster drills no matter how often you cruise. Would be nice to avoid it if possible!
  3. Thank you, everyone. Your info has been very useful. We will continue to pack suit & tie for hubby, fancy dress for myself.
  4. Hubby & I are back to Princess after an 8 year absence. And we're really back. Doing a b2b2b on Emerald mid-Jan - mid-March, 2020 (58 days). Have a few ? since we've been gone from Princess so long.... How "dressy" do we get for formal/chic nights? Don't want to dredge up pros & cons of same. We don't mind dressing up. Just don't want to bring to many fancy duds if not needed. How many dressy nights would you estimate we might have (first & last segments are 15 nights each, middle segment 28 days)? We plan on doing our laundry self-service so we can pack a little lighter. Am I correct that we cannot do laundry on the turn around/embarkation days? Any other useful info would be appreciated! Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. We will pack ours!!!!!
  6. It has been some tome since we have cruised to Alaska. We are doing a B2B in August on Millenium. Are there binoculars in the cabins to use and, if so, are they any good?
  7. Thanks for the info. Very eye-opening. Will do some more research as you recommended.
  8. Hi Everyone We are looking at the 30 day South American Coastal (Amazon) cruise aboard the Volendam in November 2019. Can anyone give us feedback on the cruise and/or ship? It sounds like it would be a nice adventure. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know what this drink is? I don't care much for the cocktails on the Elite menu but this one looks like it might have possibilities. I would assume it's available for Elite menu since it is shown in a Celebrity post.
  10. Thanks for the tip. Didn't even think to look for that.
  11. We are looking at a cruise on Zuiderdam in Feb 2019. We have never stayed in a cabin that was "up front" but are considering either 4018 or 4017. Neither of us have ever experienced motion sickness but we are wondering if anyone can offer any feedback regarding motion in these rooms. The cruise is a 10 day partial canal voyage. Any feedback would be helpful.
  12. Is it just a "regular" coffee machine or is there also a "specialty" coffee machine?
  13. Going on B2B on Adventure in 3 weeks (yippee!) New to Diamond status. I have read they have specialty coffee in the DL. Is it like cappacino, etc? What hours is the specialty coffee available? Trying to avoid bringing my own flavored creamer. I know about using hot chocolate but also looking for other options. Thanks
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