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  1. You are incorrect. In 2014 Carnival was investigated and taken to court by the US for failure to comply with ADA regulations. Carnival argued that Cruise ships were not required to comply with ADA because they are registered in other countries . The courts ruled against Carnival Corp and Carnival corp was ordered to either comply or no longer dock in US ports and to was also assessed several million dollars in fines. The decision also opened Carnival up to civil suits and 13 class action suits were filled while Carnival was waiting for a decision on their appeal. Carnival lost its appeal so in 2015 Carnival voluntarily entered in to an agreement with the Attorney Generals office that outlines how cruise ships will operate concerning ADA compliance. If you want to view the agreement you can do so at https://www.ada.gov/carnival/carnival_sa.html Because Carnival lost its appeals all other cruise ship companies operating in the US have voluntarily agreed to comply with ADA standards.
  2. It depends on The package. If you buy The one for 249 the terms say that to get any photo you are in with the following exclusions platinum studio, weddings,private parties,in storeroom requests, scheduled group photos, private photographer, travel agent groups, stock images, any special requests, retail products. Sometimes the sale packages have additional restrictions, including restricting digital copies. They don't want you buying at a discount to then share with others. If you pay 249 you get all photos to or someone in your cabin is in. The terms are in this PDF. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/cruise-gifts-celebrations/all-inclusive-photo-pkg-terms.pdf
  3. I know it has "anonymous" right in the name, but I am wondering if some of the jewelry people keep their AA sobriety chips in would fit the medallion. From looking at pictures the size of the chips is the same as a medallion. Does anyone know?
  4. My best friend has a tiny service dog who can tell when she is about to have a diabetic seizure and get her life saving meds out if her purse. At the house she has a button to push. out and about she goes and finds someone to alert to the problem. Stark has been carefully trained to recognize uniforms and really those are the only people she responds positively too. She is always on alert. Stark is very much not a dog for petting and snuggling. She hates it when people come near her. She is a tiny little pomsky and people are constantly running over saying how adorable she is which keeps her from doing her job. My point is, my BFF doesnt look disabled. Stark doesnt look like a typical service dog. Stark is very standoffish and not at all friendly. My BFF has to be very assertive when she asks people not to touch her dog. It is far more complex then it seems and you really have no way of knowing what is actually going on with the person or the dog. You dont have to know. You dont work for the cruise line and you are not an ADA lawyer. Its frankly none of your business why a person needs the dog. No one asks you about your medical conditions.
  5. Affagato is so yummy! I will miss my mid day treat!
  6. The old punch cards used to let us get gelato, frozen coffee drinks, hot chocolate and teas. Can we still get all those things? The website just says specialty coffee drinks.
  7. I have bought the packages before. I also found that most of the photos stayed in the plastic wrapper. Instead we take advantage of all the photo ops and then choose 3 or 4 photos we really love to take home and frame. I might try the package again now that it includes digital copies but I cant justify all those prints hanging out in my house and taking up space.
  8. If you are addicted to sewing raise your hand!
  9. I have never tried it! I dont generally like souffles. That however er looks amazing!!
  10. Oh, I wonder if either of those options are airline compatible. I'll have to look and check back. I know TSA prevents checking "coolers" but that doesnt look very cooler like.
  11. Going down to the naughty room takes time though. I dont think I want to spend my first day getting my wine out of time out.
  12. According to the website it says you cant check your beverages. Do they actually bring your water up for you?
  13. I am trying to find a better way of getting our wine and soda on board. We currently bring wine from Washington in a checked box on Alaska Air (wine flies free!) We stop at a store to get a 6 pack of diet soda and some San Peligrino on the way to the port. Then while trying to check in, we have to balance the box of wine and the bag of soda plus our carry on luggage. There has to be a better way!
  14. Okay, an additional chair in the room. A chair that will work for him given his condition.
  15. Well, Carnival Corp lost their lawsuit and it was determined by the superior court and upheld in appeal that all cruise ships docking in US ports must be ADA compliant. If you husbands back is a medical condition Princess must make "reasonable accommodation" for him. I would think that a chair in the room is reasonable. The best way to manage that is to contact their access department.
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