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  1. My husband loves to tell people that on a cruise is the only time I sleep. I am type A personality and always fretting and fussing on shore. I get on the ship, have a tea and cookie and "nap" until dinner.
  2. It is all electronically tracked. I had a new passport book with zero stamps and immigration still knew exactly where I had been for the last 20 years including trips to Mexico and Canada where I only presented my enhanced drivers license or Nexus card. The UK and Ireland don't even stamp your passports anymore, they just scan them and keep a record.
  3. I sailed on the original Pacific Princess in 1982 when I was in Junior high and a HUGE Love Boat fanatic! I loved everything about it! My photo album is loaded with pictures of the most magnificent and over the top buffet displays. I played shuffle board and ping pong. I remember having a full run of the ship while my parents hung out at the lounge. I even got to sleep in my own room and order room service. I even invited a boy back to my cabin. It was scandalous even though we didn't even kiss! I was sure I was the most sophisticated 12 year old on the whole planet. Back then it was he
  4. Sure. Here is a link to what exactly the maritime labor act entails. https://www.mlc-2006.eu/pagina/19/mlc-2006-downloads.html In 2008 Carnival agreed to comply as part of a settlement
  5. Actually, it would be much more expensive. Carnival Corp lost a lawsuit and if they are going to dock in the US they have to follow US employment laws. Employer taxes are based on a percentage of salary and if you get paid more than a set amount by any one employer you can no longer be called a contractor. Up the salary, up taxes, up rates to consumer both the higher salary AND the employer tax. Right now a huge portion of what they "pay" employees is offset by room and board. By paying gratuities direct to the employee it actually keeps prices down. Australia doesnt allow prepaid gratuities
  6. When you prepay gratuity it doesnt go on your account like an OBC and you cant remove it if you are the kind of ***** that thinks removing gratuities should be available. Wether you get it back if you cancel depends on how you book it. If the gratuities are included as part of your fare (regardless of who pays them) you will not get a refund if you cancel. If you purchase on your cruise personalizer you will get the money back in some circumstances but not all.
  7. I wish someone would open a shop for unique medallion jewelry. We arent fans of what's offered. My husband is a jewelry maker and he has been trying things out. The problem is the medallion is just barely too big for most jewelry findings.
  8. I'm sorry they didnt help you with it. I buy FCC for clients sometimes if they have a cruise line they love. You dont get the onboard credit bonus though so if you are putting a big FCC it's better to give the person a gift card and let them buy the credit themselves
  9. If you use a travel agent you can still get a re-rate you just need to call your travel agent.
  10. Thank you for posting. We will be on this itinerary in April. Now I'm even more excited
  11. Good morning, My son is trying to budget for our cruise. He is very interested in Vines, the Tea Tower and Ocean Terrace. Does anyone happen to have a recent menu pic for these?
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