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  1. I just booked my son for room 8146, then I searched for a picture and saw this, but the link is not valid. I know this post is 8 years old, but does anyone know what is up with these cabins? Are they tiny? Loud? Big? Have I made a giant mistake?
  2. This is really disappointing! Lets not destroy the planet while we are out visiting it folks.
  3. The 50% off would really make it a fantastic deal!
  4. I used the wine package twice. The first time it was provided by the travel agent as a perk, so I didn't pay much attention to the value and just enjoyed the convenience. When I didn't like the wine I just bought something else. I paid for it the second time. I bought the #2 package. One of our table mates bought the #1. On the first night they served both of us the same bottle of wine. They were "out" of the #2 wine I had selected. It seemed weird, as we had literally just left port 40 minutes earlier. On the second night the wine was too tanic for me, I ended up drinking a couple glasses from the night before. I wasn't offered a replacement or a refund. On day three I started looking up the prices and reviews of the wines I had ordered. It turns out, the mark up was about 45% in addition to the corckage fee. I live in Washington, so I can pick up pretty fantastic wine here. It flies for free on Alaska in a custom case I bought my first trip to California. I pay $18 a bottle for corckage, and I get to drink the wines I want, for about 45% less than the cruise ship charges. When you check in there is usually a little table where you sign for the corckage fee and they put stickers on the bottles.They also keep the wines for me, and have cheerfully given me advice on how to match what I have with what I am eating. The Wine Steward even reminded me I had 2 bottles of the veuve clicquot and only 3 days left so I better think of something to celebrate. I know that is a long detailed message for probably a simple question. What I am trying to say is that the service when you bring your wine on is still magnificent and having a little more control is worth lugging a cart of wine on board.
  5. I am having a real hard time with the nature of some of these comments. You are criticizing me for being kind enough to pay for my sons vacations and invite his partners to go with us. I'm not being "disrespectful" to invite her to join us on my dime. I guess if she doesnt want to share a hotel room with her in law she could always not come. If I invite my son he can bring a friend or partner and I'm not some kind of monster because I cant always afford a second room
  6. We sleep 4 to one hotel room (2 queens) a couple times a year no problem. I can't imagine why you would think it was weird. It isn't a romantic get away. Its a family vacation. We have 355 other days a year to be alone why would I travel around the world with my son to not be with him? My only concern is literally the size of the state room on a ship, not the intimacy of my relationship with my son
  7. On other cruises I have been able to add a couple extra days in town pre or post cruise as part of the tours options. (Disney, for example, packaged our cruise with 2 days in Disneyworld) I like the security of booking with the cruise line, because I know that I will for sure get on my ship on time. We are just trying to add a day trip to Ensenada before we leave San Diego. Does Holland partner with other tour organizations for pre cruise packages?
  8. Well, it's very illegal and they can be inspected in any port of call so it would be pretty dumb if they were. They already have a 95% markup on their drinks. I cant imagine they would break the law for another 2 or 3 percent
  9. No, you take it from down town. Its easy to get downtown via the bus, taxi or lyft
  10. I cant believe no one mentioned the Legion of Honor. I know it's not new, but I find something new there every time I go. We also did a really silly thing called the San fransisco buggy last time we were in town. It's a little audio tour of town in your own buggy. Really unique and cute and we had a ridiculous time.
  11. I hate every single thing about LAX. I would rather drive all the way to Burbank. Long Beach is easy to get to and the airport itself is pleasant
  12. Our airport is the worst for lines! You need at least 2 hours at the airport even if you check in on line. Depending on the time of day the traffic from the port to the airport can take up to 90 minutes. It is always a time saver to take light rail from down town.
  13. Hi, We tend to want some physical activity when we get ashore. The only active shore excursions on our ship are a couple kyak options. Are there any other great physical things you can recommend? We like renting bikes, zip lining, ropes courses, and things like that.
  14. Thank you for the feedback. I just priced it, and assuming I dont have to also pay a fee to change the plans, the extra cabin would only be a 300 dollar difference. The travel agent said it slept four but I've been second guessing it ever since. Glad I asked you guys too!
  15. to clarify, I mean my son and his partner in their own room. My husband can stay with me as long as he doesn't snore.
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