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  1. We had cabin 9326 and we loved it. The joy has an elevator problem. The forward bank of elevators are always overcrowded. The aft elevators are not. I’d get a cabin in the 9300-9340 or 9900-9940 range. We also liked deck 9 for its convenience to the public floors
  2. Remember to request a trip insurance voucher for your cancelled Cruise. The terms of our voucher with CSA is that we must request the voucher before the sailing date of our cancelled cruise and we must choose a trip by 12/31/20. That trip can be taken anytime. We will apply it to a 8/4/22 Cruise. This will save us $432.
  3. We purchased the insurance directly online. I think there is hope for you. The insurance company itself issues a policy number. Go directly to the insurance company’s website and enter policy number Name etc and then they will issue a voucher.
  4. We purchased trip insurance for our 6/28/20 cruise. We used insure my trip and chose csa travel protection. We were able to get a voucher for the $432 we spent on the cancelled cruise. Terms if the voucher are that you must apply it to a trip before 1/1/21, but the trip itself can be after that. We used it for 8/4/22 cruise. Terms of voucher says you must spply fir the voucher before the star of the original trip.
  5. I got an email showing the total amount of the refund on March 5. they returned all the money to me on April 1 then on April 23 they took back 25% of the money they had given me on April 1. an email confirmation showing a total refund is worth nothing. They are desperate for cash and don’t even follow their own guidelines
  6. At the time I cancelled, they had changed their policy to 90 days. I cancelled on march 5. On march 6, they stopped that policy and instituted peace of mind. On 4/1 they returned 100%. They clawed back 25% when cruise oficially cancelled the
  7. We cancelled our cruise 115 days Before sail date. At the time, 3/5/20, we were entitled to 100% refund. Ncl refunded 100% of cruise fare on 4/1. On 4/23 the “made an adjustment “ to our credit card of $1268. This represents a 25% cancellation fee. I tried to dispute the charge with CC company. They said i could only dispute charges I initiated, not ncl initiated charges. They told me call ncl. Supervisor said email guest relations and ask for your $ back. I did that. Here is response “refunds may take up to 90 days. We are working diligently to ensure we revert to our guests as so
  8. I canceled our cruise on March 5 when the NCL policy stated that if you canceled your cruise before 90 days you would get 100% of your money back. I waited 5 to 7 days to get my money back they did not return it so I disputed it on my credit card. On April 1 I received the full cruise fare back now on April 23 the cruise line canceled my cruise and has charge my credit card a 25% cancellation fee. Like the OP I do not have proof that that was their policy. I do have an email from them saying that I canceled the cruise for cash. I disputed the 25% cancellation fee with my credit card c
  9. I cancelled on march 5 when ncl was offering 100% refund if you cancelled at least 90 days before cruise. They told me full refund in 7-10 days. After 3 weeks of waiting And no refund, i disputed the charge. On 4/1 ncl credited my credit card. I thought i was done. Then on 4/23 ncl Charged my credit card for a 25% cancellation fee. This is wrong. The chargeback happened when the 6/28 cruise was officially cancelled. I am angry and won’t cruise with them again. We are platinum plus.
  10. We cancelled our june cruise on March 5. At that time ncl said they would refund the money in 7-10 days. The didn’t. We disputed the charge on our ncl mastercard on march 20. We submitted NCL’ cancellation email as proof. We received our credit on mastercard on 4/1/20.
  11. Well we “disputed the charge“ on our ncl Credit card. We had called ncl on 3/5 and cancelled. We were assured that the credit would appear on our credit card within 7-10 working days. Ncl has still not processed our credit. I suggest that anyone waiting for their credit, dispute the charge.
  12. We cancelled on 3/5. Still no credit to our cc. I think we will “dispute the charge”. With our cc company since the original cruise charge is on this month’s billing cycle.
  13. We cancelled our cruise on 3/5/20 and we are still waiting for the credit to appear on our NCL mastercard. Has anyone received their credit?
  14. I just cancelled my 6/28/20 cruise with no penalty. Must be done at least 90 before cruise.
  15. I slept on the sofa bed all week last month because i found it more comfortable than my real bed. Don’t worry.
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