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  1. Thanks for all this information. Very helpful.
  2. Thanks so much for the hotel information. Will check them out.
  3. Thank you so much for all this great information. Staring to build my list of things to do while we are there. Fingers crossed that cruise will sail.
  4. Hopefully will be cruising April 22, Canadian Discovery with Viking. Looking for hotel recommendations for post stay in Toronto. TIA.
  5. Patrick Watts does offer shorter tours. Check out his website: adventure adventurefalklands.com. We thoroughly enjoyed his tour to Volunteer Point.
  6. Have stayed in 4121. No issues at all. Loved it and have booked again for a cruise in March 2021, fingers crossed.
  7. Just booked this cabin. We prefer aft cabins but not many choices available. Appreciate comments from those of you who have stayed in on Deck 8. TIA.
  8. It was a 2 hr drive each way. It was very “bouncy” as you are in a 4 wheel drive over rough terrain. If you have a bad back, this might not be the trip for you. Otherwise, it was a wonderful experience. There is a bathroom stop an hour in, both to and from. The drive itself was a great experience and we had a wonderful guide who was so knowledgeable. There is so much I loved about this cruise and when I asked what I liked the best, it is hard to answer. But I do say the Falklands was one my highlights. Hope this helps.
  9. Recently returned from Viking’s South America and Chilean Fjords Cruise. Used Patrick Watts in the Falkland Islands. Highly recommend this tour group. We took the off the road excursion to Volunteer Point. We were with two others in a 4x4 vehicle, which was an experience in of itself. Our driver Kenton was excellent. A 6th generation of the Falklands. Learned so much of the history of the Islands from Kenton including the war in which his Aunt and Uncle were prisoners. Very nice young man. At the end of the rugged terrain, we were treated with white-sand beaches and thousands of M
  10. Just returned from a 17 night cruise in South America. Had booked tours with Defrantur Tours as we had planned to extend our stay in BA. Unfortunately we were caught up in the corona virus pandemic and had to cancel our tours. While we were on the cruise, Ricardo, the owner of Defrantur, kept us informed of the of the situation as it was evolving in Argentina. Ricardo gave us a short tour after picking us up from the cruise terminal and taking us to our hotel. Had a pleasant ride to the airport with his son, Tomas. This is a family business and they are very knowledgeable. I highly re
  11. Hi CC, Thanks for the great tips. Will check out a transfer from Hilton. We are booked for Frank’s AsadoAdventure tour. It sounds wonderful. See you in October!
  12. We will be disembarking our Viking cruise in BA and staying at the Hilton. Are taxis readily available and close by the cruise terminal? Approximate cost to Hilton? Would also appreciate any recommendations for day tours in BA. Thank you.
  13. I’ll be on the Sky (hopefully) in October. See you are a graduate of KP. I worked for S/L, USSM and MLL. I’m sure our paths have crossed at some point.
  14. We have stayed on deck 5 in 5101 and loved it.
  15. Thanks for your comments. We have been able to move to 5100. We like Deck 5 and for this cruise port side is where we want to be. Happy it was available. Thanks again.
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