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  1. THank you OP for bringing this topic up. I'm a huge smoothie fan, but with almond or coconut milk. Does anyone know if that is available? Thank you.
  2. Thanks! yes, she does...it shows up on our statement as Oceania. I did add the offer last week. 🙂
  3. I'm going to have to call Amex I guess. I'm not sure if you use a TA if that will work for the offer?
  4. We will be going on our first in January, so I'll be eager to see the replies.
  5. This happened to a good friend and her wife on another line. There are closed-minded mean-spirited people everywhere, sadly.
  6. Thanks for bringing this up. We are first timers also. Am I correct that no reservations are needed in the MDR? Thank you.
  7. Hi, All, due to the Super Bowl being in Miami this year we are having a hard time finding a decent room that isn't a crazy price in Fort Lauderdale. The Super Bowl just wasn't on my radar when booking our cruise obviously. We are down to Oasis Hotel or Deco Boutique Hotel. Wondering if any of you have stayed at either. Thanks!
  8. AHHHH! Due to Royal changing our ports, we are now on an Oceania cruise leaving a day earlier. Since we already booked flights (thankfully, we got really pricing) we are staying until Feb. 2, SUper Bowl Sunday, meaning we need a hotel in FLL Feb 1. Might end up on cousin-in-law's floor in Miami. SIGH
  9. Thank you! I do find the seabands do the trick, but I also take Dramamine to be SURE.
  10. Thank you! We would love to. It's difficult with my work schedule right now, but some day...
  11. Hello, all, happy to join you here. We are new to cruising with only 2 under our belts (HAL to Alaska and Royal to NE/Canada). As someone who greatly appreciates good food and who isn't a fan of crowds, I've been wanting to try Oceania. We had booked Royal to Roatan and Mexico for Jan. 2020. Just found out yesterday that Roatan was cancelled due to a mechanical issue and that is the port we were most looking forward to due to the Sloth Sanctuary. We are now booked on Sirena (B1) Jan. 25 (a day earlier than original cruise) and I am SO excited. My only concern is seasickness on a smaller vessel, but I'll have my seabands on and will take Dramamine as a precaution. Happy to "meet" you all! Michele in NJ
  12. Our TA informed us yesterday about Roatan being cancelled. That was the main reason we chose this trip so we are switching to an Oceania (really good deal when you start adding up all the extras on Royal) leaving a day earlier. We had already bought air so wanted to stick to that same weekend.
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