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  1. Odouls and Heineken 0.0 (much better imo) are both def included on the ultimate package, I doubt they're on the Refreshment given that they're still similar pricing to the alcoholic beers (6-8$)
  2. RCL have had a complaint upheld against them by the UK Advertising Standards Agency for this reason (fake sales) - not sure it's made a difference over here though. https://www.asa.org.uk/rulings/rcl-cruises-ltd-a17-394476.html
  3. We had the Key on Symphony and reservations were required for shows. You then just got to sit in the reserved VIP seating. Attached suggests shows should be reserved.
  4. Water getting into the engine still feels quite a serious issue for a ship that's about to cross the Atlantic...?
  5. Seems to have hit the mainstream UK press - bad publicity for RCL. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/royal-caribbean-cruise-explorer-seas-refund-caribbean-islands-storms-a9181031.html?amp
  6. Do you mind me asking what you booked instead and if Royal gave you a refund? My parents were booked on this cruise and are at a loss over what to do
  7. Not sure I agree. This cruise was priced at a premium, presumably due to the fact it was doing four southern Caribbean stops. Now it's a standard TA crossing which usually sell at a discount. The compensation should reflect this. I have an interest in this as my parents are due to sail on this for their first TA and they're so disappointed. Cancelling isn't an option really due to the non-refundable hotel/car/flight bookings they have in Miami which RCL wouldn't cover if they cancel. Nor are they even offering them the option of a cash refund.
  8. That's shockingly poor compensation. Not even an offer of a refund for a cruise that was supposed to do 4 unique stops and now doing just one. Appreciate it's bad weather but sometimes RCL really do surprise me with their initial offering.
  9. Thanks for asking this! I was wondering exactly the same for our next cruise on Rhapsody.
  10. Thanks everyone, that's some reassurance. Any idea what they might do about The Key lunch? If I'm not able to board until 2 or 3 it might be a bit pointless. I appreciate it isn't much but it's one of the reasons we got The Key, to have a more relaxed boarding, hand over our bags and have a nice specialty lunch (we've only ever eaten in the MDR). Now I feel quite the opposite - anxious about what will happen!
  11. Just received an email saying boarding for my upcoming Symphony cruise is going to be delayed until after 1pm. 5,000 people in 2.5 hours sounds like it's going to be a bit chaotic! We have 'The Key' booked - any ideas what they might do for the lunch? I understand it's usually only available until 1.30...? Dear Guest, We would like to provide you with important information for your upcoming Symphony of the Seas cruise departing on October 26th, 2019. The U.S. Coast Guard will be conducting a mandatory routine inspection onboard before boarding process may begin. As a result, check-in for your cruise will now take place between 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM. If you’ve already completed your check-in online, and it was scheduled between 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, please arrive to the cruise terminal after 1:00 PM. If you haven’t done so already, download the Royal Caribbean International App. It’s free on the App Store or the Play Store! Then check in through the app or online at www.royalcaribbean.com/onlinecheckin. Once checked-in, save your SetSail Pass to your mobile device or print it out for everyone in your party. You can do this up to 72-hours prior to your sailing. As seating in the terminal is very limited, we kindly ask guests to arrive to the cruise terminal after 1:00 PM. We thank you for your time and cooperation and look forward to welcoming you onboard Symphony of the Seas next Saturday! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  12. My Allure cruise for next year is showing at £50/day or £818 (nearly $1000) for two people with the gratuity. Madness. It's more than I paid for the cabin! If there isn't an offer will be the first cruise in a while where I've not purchased the package and just rely on the free drinks opportunities as a diamond member!
  13. OVERVIEW Go full octane on an exhilarating tour around CocoCay and the Berry Islands as you drive your own Sea-Doo personal watercraft. You will enjoy a full speed guided tour through the Bahamian waters. Hop on and see various CocoCay sights including Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, Slaughter Harbor, Starfish Alley and the abandoned island community of Cistern Cay. ZHC2 Wave Jet Tour Driver: Experience the exhilaration of driving your own personal watercraft during this 50-minute tour. Beginners Welcome: No previous experience necessary, your guides will provide instruction and a safety briefing. CocoCay Attractions: View the Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, Slaughter Harbor, Starfish Alley and Cistern Cay from your Sea-Doo craft. THIS TOUR IS OPERATED BY A TOUR OPERATOR THAT HAS BEEN THIRD-PARTY VERIFIED TO AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD
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