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  1. OVERVIEW Go full octane on an exhilarating tour around CocoCay and the Berry Islands as you drive your own Sea-Doo personal watercraft. You will enjoy a full speed guided tour through the Bahamian waters. Hop on and see various CocoCay sights including Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, Slaughter Harbor, Starfish Alley and the abandoned island community of Cistern Cay. ZHC2 Wave Jet Tour Driver: Experience the exhilaration of driving your own personal watercraft during this 50-minute tour. Beginners Welcome: No previous experience necessary, your guides will provide instruction and a safety briefing. CocoCay Attractions: View the Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, Slaughter Harbor, Starfish Alley and Cistern Cay from your Sea-Doo craft. THIS TOUR IS OPERATED BY A TOUR OPERATOR THAT HAS BEEN THIRD-PARTY VERIFIED TO AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD
  2. Yes. Looking at my upcoming trip there is an excursion for a jet ski tour. The description looks to be pretty much the same as the Labadee one in that it's a guided tour.
  3. Under the current deal there are *some* very good deals on the UK site for 2020, quite a bit cheaper than the US. So it isn't always the case we get screwed over. What extra protection do UK cruisers get? The Indy cancellations seem to suggest not many!
  4. Hmm interesting, I'm going to Labadee next year and was wondering what to do. Why is Amiga Island so good?
  5. I really don't understand the nasty comments and looks, it's what puts me off going to the DL. It's only a room at the end of the day!
  6. haha, I only aspire to be D+ - will be happy then! 😎
  7. Out of interest how much does it work out to be with 30% the onboard price? Is it cheaper than the special deals they do sometimes online?
  8. Thanks all for the clarification and info re the extra amenities. I'm going on Symphony in October and after that will be bang on 175, which means I should be D+ for Rhapsody in May 🤗
  9. My next cruise will take me to exactly 175 points and I wondered if I will therefore become Diamond+ or whether it needs to be over 175 (i.e 176+). I assume I will get it but don't want to be disappointed! I will also be 32 years old... Are there younger D+'s out there? Occasionally I feel judged when going into the lounge as I get looks as though I've strolled in uninvited, or I'm asked to show my card when others are not. TIA
  10. I did a 7 night on Navigator a few weeks ago and they didnt seem to have a parade from what I recall.
  11. Disappointing too. Appreciate the 💰 making but I find it surprising to believe people are willing to pay so much to go on a 2-3 night cruise but clearly they do!
  12. Which sailing was that out of interest? I've seen some good deals on Oasis.
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