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  1. Thanks all. I realize it has been out of service - as have all the ships- for over a year but the message was that the tendering dock was the wrong height for the port transfer vessels and that the life boats were the right height but too unstable to use in rocky seas. After several passengers fell, they stopped using the Magic Carpet for tendering. Also was mentioned that the Magic Carpet is too windy for dining so it is now planned to only be a bar. Just wondering if this was a single event or a new policy.
  2. Is it true that they no longer use the Magic Carpet as a tendering dock or as a restaurant? Someone reported this on Facebook.
  3. To Dr TeeRick or anyone else ‘in the know’, what does it take for these vaccines to move out of Emergency Use Authorization and into regular approved vaccines. Thanks
  4. I have had fellow passengers take my wet clothes out of the washer (when it was done) in order to use it themselves. They piled my wet clothes on the counter because I wasn't there when the washer ended. Also want to be there right when the dryer ends to hang/fold my dry clothes. This means sitting in the laundry room waiting for the end of each phase washing / drying.
  5. I have enjoyed reading and learning through this thread. I wonder is this thread breaking a record for number of posts / views on Cruise Critic?
  6. You all think the 2021 summer in the Med will be canceled?
  7. What is your guess for a REALISTIC start up date?
  8. Is it widely accepted that even if you have had your 2 doses of vaccine, you will still be required to have a negative test before flying / cruising?
  9. Barcelona is shut down from COVID and Americans are banned from entering so I am wondering if this September is realistic for cruising ?
  10. I am talking no mask wearing, crowded elevators, self serve buffets, etc.......you know “normal”. OK if they require a vaccine before boarding but then no more COVID restrictions. Fall of 2021 ? Next year? Never??
  11. Sounds good since I live in CA but apparently it is still up the County because my County still says ONLY health care providers and resident of Long Term Care facilities.
  12. To slow down the “bleed” and set a pace for all the phone calls and refunds. They may be cancelling a few ships at a time.
  13. The cancellations in Europe are only for Edge and Constellation. They have other ships sailing Europe in 2021 that they have not cancelled.........yet.
  14. Apex, 12 day, Barcelona (RT) to Greek Isles, Sept 18, 2021
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