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  1. I received my cabin assignment for my cruise - they now have me on the 14th floor, ick. We would prefer to be on 15/16/18. Guess I'll have to call in and see if they can change it.
  2. Strange. My cruise went from 6 nights to 7 nights and they did not request further compensation. Perhaps because the difference from 6 to 7 is smaller, or because the cruise is not over Christmas. Regardless - it's icky on their end to request more money when it is their own change. Boo.
  3. Where do you see this? Is it online, or in an email you received?
  4. A lot of people are experiencing the same/similar situation. Welcome to the boat, so to say. 🙂
  5. I live in Barcelona. If you haven’t already been - you will love it! Hope ya have a blast on your cruise. 🙂
  6. Interesting. I have not received communication yet. Hopefully soon. 🙂
  7. Do you think we will get an offer? I have a feeling we won’t.
  8. See, that is what I want with excursions. Stress-free, little to no cattle-herding, and good direction given. That stinks, I am super sorry. Ick.
  9. Ahhh, this was so helpful! Thank you so much. I live right outside of BCN, so this is fantastic. Thank you again! 🙂
  10. That sounds promising! Thank you for your thoughts. The descriptions of MSC's excursions are nearly identical to ones we are looking at from a 3rd party, but their cost is much better (MSC's), so I think it would be good to try out MSC's this time around. That said, I won't book any excursions through MSC until we are much closer to sail date - who knows what will happen. 😮
  11. Nice! Are you able to get EU rates with US-TA perks (OBC, etc.)? Interesting! All of the cruises I am looking at seem to be cheaper when booked on the Spanish platform as opposed to the US one. Perhaps it is a result of the times we are living in. I can't stick with the old US TA because said TA was a perk of using an organization in the US that I no longer have membership to. That said, it is time to find a new one. :,)
  12. Hola - I recently moved from Florida to Spain. In Florida, I used a "big box TA," and it was "okay" for us (nothing fantastic). Here in Spain, though, I cannot seem to find any TAs - are they just not a thing (I can't seem to find any on Google)? Can I use a TA from another country in Europe? Can I still use a US-based TA? I want to book a cruise for 2021 on the Odyssey here in Europe, but I figure before booking on my own, I should explore what options I have available with a TA. Any advice is appreciated. 🙂
  13. Is that the listed excursions in their planner do not provide any rating/review/feedback system from those whom have taken the tours. I like the safety of booking ship tours in case something goes awry (to avoid missing the ship), but I certainly don't want to book a crappy tour, and would much prefer to book a third-party one with rave reviews as opposed to less-desirable reviews. Can we please have ratings/reviews from passengers, MSC? That said - has anyone historically had good - reputable - experiences with booking MSC-sponsored excursions? #rantover
  14. No contact from them explicitly stating there will not be further cost due to the extra night, no! But when I login to see/manage my reservation, I can check on the amount of € owed and it remains the same. They also emailed me new paperwork that has the full itinerary and monetary cost of what is owed, and it shows the longer itinerary and same amount owed. 🙂
  15. Oof. That is definitely not an accurate/fair trade. Sounds like you will need to call MSC and discuss with them - I wouldn’t even waste time trying to resolve that one over email. 😬
  16. Everyone whose ship changed now shows the “G0000”. This is normal/to be expected. 🙂 Hopefully they can assign new rooms soon!
  17. Old Itinerary: (Embark) Civitavecchia, Italy > Palermo, Italy > Valletta, Malta > Sea Day > Barcelona, Spain (where we live 😛) > Marseille, France > Portofino, Italy (Disembark) New Itinerary: (Embark) Civitavecchia, Italy > Sea Day > Palma de Mallorca, Spain > Barcelona, Spain > Cannes, France > Genoa, Italy > La Spezia, Italy > Civitavecchia, Italy (Disembark) Pros of New Cruise: 1. 1 extra night at no further cost 2. Embark/disembark from same port, so can book a round-trip flight (flights were not previously booked) 3. La Spezia! Cons of New Cruise: 1. Loss of visiting Malta (was looking forward to this) 2. Visiting Palma de Mallorca (since I live in Barcelona already, this is of course a super easily accessible/popular spot) That said, overall, I am happy with the change. The pros of the new cruise outweigh the cons, and I am very stoked to visit Cinque Terre (and have 1 extra night!). The dates of the cruise did shift by 2 days, but thankfully this does not effect us much, as we did not have flights booked previously/are flexible. 🙂
  18. WELL... I can't complain too much. I was originally scheduled for a 6-night on Virtuosa on April 19th, 2021 (Balcony in YC). Now I am on a 7 night (for no more cost, whoo!) cruise on Grandiosa. Such as others - I have no room assignment, but it does say I will still be in the YC. The new itinerary is greatly different, but it is what it is. The addition of 1 extra night at no cost makes it okay. 🙂
  19. Well, I guess my April 19th, 2021 Med sailing on Virtuosa will be cancelled. Stinks. We got a bargain on the YC that I doubt we will ever see again. 🥺
  20. Very true! Don’t think we’ll have the opportunity at this price again, which is why I booked it within minutes of seeing it (without much other consideration). 😂 Valid point! I will note, though, that one of the port stops in the itinerary IS Barcelona. So we will be staying on the ship during this stop... yay for what will hopefully be the YC to ourselves. 😛
  21. Great tips! Thanks so much. I'll have to check out the ferry. That said, if it's not decent sized, it may not work for us because I am easily motion-sick. As in... still feel the waves when I am on Oasis. Is bad. 😛 We are pretty used to how Europeans act/interact, so I am hoping the atmosphere won't shock us too much! We will see, though. Thanks so much for the advice. 🙂 Haha, it is not 100% about the tacos. The main points for Carnival would be having a closed-loop trip out of our home-port 20 mins from where we live, and 2 extra days at sea. But since we have the ability to extend the trip with adding on land portions, I'm thinking it won't be too huge of a deal to lose 2 days at sea, and swap it with land. 🙂 Thanks so much - you are right! Even if it is a bit too posh for us, we can always check out the rest of the ship. That said, it's still totally worth it to have the assisted embark/debarkation, unlimited drinks, and priority getting ashore at ports. Super looking forward to it. And also hoping that MSC diverts some of their newer ships away from the Spain-France-Italy loop at some point, because all of the ships sailing Northern Europe, or Greece/Turkey itineraries are the much smaller, older ships (which I would have a rough time on due to getting sea sick easily). *fingers crossed*
  22. *heavy sigh* I will make it to the Blue Iguana one day! My one gripe about Spain is that there are far fewer Mexican/faux-Mexican restaurants to satiate my addiction. 🥺
  23. Thank you everyone for your thoughts! I think we will end up trading the comfort/ease of embarking/disembarking from BCN for the comfort of the YC. It just seems like a once in a lifetime experience, so might as well take it. Another day, hopefully I will get to eat tacos at the Blue Iguana. 🙂
  24. Alright friends, I'm in a little bit of a situation here, and I am hoping that you can provide some great opinions. My husband and I recently re-located from Florida to Barcelona, Spain (permanently) for our jobs. Due to the lockdown, we have been living in Europe since January 2020, but have not been able to do much traveling. We are planning our first ever European cruise (though certainly not the last) for early 2021. I have booked the MSC Virtuosa (their newest ship, which fingers crossed will be done by April 2021 when we have booked to sail). I got a FANTASTIC deal for a Deluxe Suite within the Yacht Club for roughly 2,500 euros (for those unfamiliar with the Yacht Club - this includes the unlimited beverage package, wifi, special dining within the Yacht Club, etc. within the price). The downside is that it is only a 6-day cruise, I'm a little nervous the ship will not be completed by April 2021, the embarkation and debarkation ports are different so I can't book a round-trip flight, and I wonder if MSC YC will be too "posh" for what will then be my 25 year old self, and 26 year old husband. Note: Even though the MSC cruise is only 6 days, we would add a land-trip on to the beginning, probably in Venice and Rome, as this cruise ports out of Civitavecchia. That leads me to the situation. I found that - also in April 2021 - the Carnival Magic will be in Barcelona, and offers an 8 day round-trip cruise from Barcelona which includes ALL of the same ports of the already scheduled MSC cruise, plus Pisa. The benefits of the Carnival cruise would be that we would simply take a 20 minute taxi to the Barcelona port there and back, which eliminated the cost of AIRBNB/flights (albeit I will be honest, inter-Europe flights are not too expensive in the first place). That said, the Magic cruise costs roughly 3,000 euros, and that is 1. Only in a balcony (not a suite/YC, such as on MSC), and 2. Does NOT include the unlimited beverage package or wifi, which we would end up paying for. What would you do? The Magic has Blue Iguana which I want to try SO BADLY (in love with tacos, hello), and the ease of porting out of BCN would make things less stressful. Also, 8 days would be nice. But the price I grabbed the MSC YC for will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime type ordeal. The current prices for YC on MSC are roughly double what we paid, if not more. Thoughts?
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