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  1. Hola. I recently relocated from Tampa, Florida to Barcelona, Spain for my job. I live roughly a 20 minute drive from the BCN cruise port. My husband and I want to book our first European cruise - ideally with RC - but I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the options. When I lived in Florida, European cruises seemed like such a far-away, unreachable, complex ordeal. Now that I live here permanently - where the heck do I start? Go North? Norway? Play it safe by porting out of BCN and do a Western Med? Greek Isles? It’s a silly problem to have, but having so many options at my disposal - all of which sound enthralling considering we have only ever been to France, Germany, and Spain - is intimidating. We have extremely flexible jobs with a great amount of time off, so dates are completely open and any cruises under 14 days are feasible. What RC cruise would you pick for your first European adventure? We want to make it a memorable one.
  2. Hola! I just - a little over a month ago - relocated from the Tampa, Florida area to Barcelona, Spain for work. I’ve settled in a bit now and I’m looking to book my first European cruise, but I’m a little bit confused on how booking MSC cruises from within Europe works. I am used to - when booking a cruise - seeing all of the prices on the website and being able to book myself. However, when I try to book from my new location in Spain, I cannot see the prices of any of the cruises/book anything myself. Are EU residents forced to use a travel agent to book MSC cruises...? Any advice is appreciated. I am new - as said - to the world of living in Europe, so please excuse my noob-ness. Gracias!
  3. Thanks so much! I sure will enjoy. 🙂 You should go baaaaaack! Thank you for the well wishes. 🙂 Alright, I just dropped everything and read the entirety of the review. I hope Esther's head and knee are doing OK by now (yeno... 2.5 years later :P). Great review, by the way. Seems like some of your pain points I would share, and some things you celebrated about the ship/experience would be similar sentiments to what I would feel as well. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Ahhhhh, thank you so much! We’re so stoked to sail the Med and to have the BCN port within walking distance! I really want to see the Vatican, so I think we may start off our EU traveling by land, but I see that Pompei is a super popular port and I really wanna go there toooo, so i think our first cruise in EU will have that. But to be honest, whatever. It’s all Europe! 😛
  5. Ahhhh, makes sense. How was the Epic? I’ve been thinking about giving NCL a try. Thank you so much! It’s truly a magical city. Can’t wait to call it home. 😍
  6. I will say, though, that I’m tempted to try out MSC’s sailings from BCN. Their newest ship, a fantastic 7-day itinerary, you can get an OV Balcony for $1,700. *loud cry*
  7. Just means you’ll have to travel to BCN and take a cruise! 😉 I know! It’s ridiculously crazy. I’m so excited. I’m heading back over to BCN in a few weeks (for work again), and it’s going to be so exciting looking at the city from the perspective of someone who will be moving there in a few months! I live in the Tampa area, too! Whooo, Tampa. But I’m ready to leave. 😛 Thank you very much for the well wishes. Thank you so much! I absolutely adore the city, and look forward to exploring the rest of Spain/Europe. Thank you so much! I love Las Ramblas. Being right there in all of the action is incredible! And the night life! And free tapas with the purchase of alcohol! Ahhhhh. Well, duah. That only makes sense, now. 😉 Yes, for sure! Such excite. Much anticipation.
  8. I’ve never been to Mallorca, but I bet Saman is the Mallorca pro! If you need any BCN tips, let me know. 🙂
  9. Oh, how cool! I cannot wait to visit Mallorca, and see that it is a stop on quite a few cruises. Thank you very much for the well wishes! 🙂
  10. Out of all 3 cancelled, we lost $200 (cruise-wise). Which I don’t think is overly terrible/is our own fault. Thankfully only 1/3 required flying (TPA to Vancouver), which we got 2 tickets for $300 (including insurance). That being said, insurance company is saying “re-location due to job” may not be covered, so of course I’m going through that rigmarole of trying to push that through. Whoooo. And thank you! I appreciate it. 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂
  11. Thanks, Andrew! Me too. We’ve never cruised Europe before, so it should be interestinggg. *spends endless hours googling best cruises in Europe* Thank you so much! 🙂
  12. Yes, yes, yes! And flights are ridiculously cheap as well! Roughly 50 € to get you pretty much anywhere inside of Europe! Crazy.
  13. It really is! I spent several weeks in the city last year, and fell in love. There’s so much to do, and everything is so close! Yes, ma’am! Same company, a promotion, and a fantastic re-location package. Thank you so much! 🙂
  14. ...but it’s only because I’m moving to Spain in a few months (from Florida!). Which means - European cruises (without the additive flight costs), here I come! My new apartment will be ~30 minutes from the Barcelona port. I’m just excited. Bear with me.
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