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  1. Have I missed something? Or is the ship no more than some pieces of (likely delayed) metal at the moment? Or do we already have deck plans etc? I think yes you can say it's disappointing that we know no promenade deck etc, given the class of ship it will be based on. But I would wait for her to be a little more revealed before making such sweeping statements? I mean we all know we're not getting another liner, and likely something much more akin to QE and QV. But lets wait and see surely? Frankly I was just grateful (pre-covid) that Cunard was getting a 4th ship full stop.
  2. As a loyal Marks & Sparks I feel very attacked right now!!! 😅
  3. Yes and closer for me. However St Pancras is stunning, and some great restaurants, bars and shops now. I'm partial to a cocktail in the Renaissance as it is called now.
  4. Useful thread, thanks for sharing. Reading this thread has definitely given me some stuff to consider in terms of sailing solo (as I would be on Cunard, but not on other lines).
  5. I kind of wish it was still Waterloo, but it's St Pancras (on the plus side a much nicer station)
  6. Booking options still showed the Early and Late option only for me.
  7. I've ended up booking onto the first sailing, the three day scenic one. I just wanted to book something, and really it was really only March that works for me. I'm doubtful it will sail, but am taking the chance.
  8. £150 for 7 nights in PG? That can't be a genuine price!!??
  9. I had a scroll through, there were a few more, some longer ones at £300 lol. I guess they have a few days still to correct it! 😄
  10. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess this is an error!!!
  11. Interesting! Looks like some nice options for short cruises I can choose from to test the waters with.
  12. Just checked my Credit Card app, and saw that the amount I had paid so far for my cancelled QV cruise has already been refunded. I put in for the refund on the day they announced the cruise cancellations through to '21. So can't complain at Cunard about that to be fair to them. Now I just need to reconsider what will become my new first Cunard Experience. Seriously considering waiting till Jan 22 for my fortieth and doing a QM2 Transatlantic. But seems the only one close to my Birthday is the beginning of the World Cruise, so not sure I fancy that one after all.
  13. What's interesting to me, is that they obviously based booking availability on what would have been the new layout with new cabin numbers. So does this mean that none of Magnifica's Southampton Sailings sold so well that they need to cancel anyone?
  14. Got it! Thank you! Just cancelled my December Mini Cruise on QV, so maybe I can squeeze in a mini cruise on QE if there are any in the new mix? (I already have a TA with RCI, and a big week long family cruise in 2021 so just looking for smaller itineraries now to fill the gaps!)
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