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  1. I think the new touchscreen lift just has the "Gangway" button appear when in dock. I was on the same cruise as Little Britain this week and I believe we used it.
  2. I have a Central Park view booked for our med cruise in 9 days, which I’m acrually really happy with idea of. But yesterday after my 3rd Royal Up email, I finally bit and put in a bid for a neighbourhood balcony. I put the minimum on it, £80pp as i figured there’s a chance I’ll get the Boardwalk balcony which means I can refund our £60 soda packages, and then it really would feel like a bargain. if it doesn’t happen, still really excited about the CP view and having a little chill with a drink on that bay window seat!!
  3. Thanks, but can you get them on the cruise?
  4. Are these a thing? I only see week passes on the Cruise Planner website. I'm sailing in two weeks, and plan on staying on board on the Rome day as I think a lot of people will get off to see the City. So this could in theory be a good day to do these if they exist? Perhaps only available on board?
  5. True, but it would also be your or "my" dining time if you or I chose it?
  6. I would say that it's that you also can choose times outside of the 2 "seating" times? So you have more than two options?
  7. Okay, wasn't sure if you could do something when you board? With Disney you give your card for payment on board to the person you see at the desk in the terminal. So didn't know if there was something like that. Cheers.
  8. Thanks all, sounds like I have the right thing done, but will add a note to my first day to make sure I check this!!
  9. When I have just entered my new card details to my booking (UK Card). There is a check box about electing to have the card charges converted using a conversion service or something? Am I right in thinking the best option is not to do this. The same as you are advised when abroad, not to do the convert to EUR/USD on the PDQ terminal. I am using my Monzo, so would rather have them handle the conversion as normal.
  10. Just a quick one, as I am considering just doing one of these and taking it easy on the booze. My friend who I'm travelling with is not a fizzy pop fan, so will probably not be that interested. I know with the alcohol package you both have to do it if you're sharing a cabin. Is the rule the same for the non alcoholic packages? Or can just one do those? Thanks a lot,
  11. Sounds more like “baggage”
  12. I'm planning on chinos, brown shoes and belt and nice complimenting shirt for my Med cruise on Oasis in September. I know enough being fabulous, without having to overdo it.
  13. I'm on the Oasis of the Seas on September 8th (admittedly in a different region entirely to Allure) but booked this because in Europe most schools will have gone back. I am 37 travelling with my 32 year old, 39 year old and 42 year old friends. All people who aren't old but didn't want to travel in peak Summer time for extra cost and to be surrounded by other peoples children.
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