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  1. Long term I think the cruise industry are going to suffer tremendously. By the time this is over we may not have any cruise lines left. How long do you think a business can survive without customers? On here we are all cruising fanatics, but make up a very small proportion of cruisers. If you had never previously cruised, would you seriously think about boarding a ship knowing what has occurred since this outbreak began? Weeks being kept prisoner in a cabin, many being insides with no natural light. I love cruising, but from now on, if I ever do get back on a ship, it would only be if I can afford a balcony. I really hope my doom and gloom is ill founded, but there are certainly rough seas ahead.
  2. https://nypost.com/2020/03/10/couple-on-coronavirus-grand-princess-cruise-sues-for-more-than-1-million/ Pathetic.
  3. Well I have multiple underlying conditions, but I'm certainly not fretting over it. In fact I'm more likely to die worrying about the virus than actually catching it.
  4. Solution is quite simple. Dump two of the kids with the in-laws, and enjoy your cruise. You could make it fun by organizing competitions to see which two go. Maybe something along the lines of the X Factor. I'm sure other CCers will be able to come up with other novel ideas.
  5. What? You mean you haven't got exotic animal markets in Huddersfield?
  6. I just hope someone fixes the problem, I'm due to sail on her in November. Not that I'm really bothered, I'll happily drift for 17 nights, as long as the bars stay open.
  7. I think they have to do it. They need the Europeans to fix their engine issues, as the Americans seemed to have failed miserably. 😜
  8. I wouldn't plan anything as a do your own in France. The French do like to strike. So if you plan a long way out, be prepared for trains and/or buses not running. Imvho Paris is not a cruise destination. Le Harve by road is 122 miles from Paris.
  9. Why so many people cruise and then complain when ports are missed is beyond me. If you are on land then you are not cruising. It's not like you've booked a flight and it has to divert for technical or other reasons. You are on a ship "CRUISING". The ports, (though I accept not to many people), are largely irrelevant. I couldn't care less where the ship gets to, the vacation is the ship not the ports. Hope you stuck your hands in your pockets and gave out all those extra tips for the extra service you got.
  10. macruisefan has no recent activity to show Not too surprising since their comments are 7 years old.
  11. Yeah, just because of the mentality that "Ooh, there's been an accident, let's blame someone and make a claim". It's about time people themselves were liable for their own actions. This particular event is an absolute tragedy and we all feel for the victims. But in the end it is a matter of choice. It was known to be an active volcano some choose to explore, and others don't. Folks go on your vacations, do what YOU want to do. Take out adequate and appropriate insurance for what you are doing, and stop looking to blame someone when tragedy or accidents happen.
  12. There seems to be conflicting reports on how many people are missing. The BBC state 47 people were on the Island, but in the same report they provide a link provided by the Red Cross, which indicates many more. https://familylinks.icrc.org/new-zealand/en/Pages/search-persons.aspx
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