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  1. I called tonight and asked about Anthem cruises from UK This summer and got told NO VACINE REQUIRED. YET AGAIN THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE rcl reps. Shameful
  2. Are people who can not have the vaccine due to health reasons be allowed to sail on anthem this summer?
  3. UK is 12 weeks (so 3 months) between 1st and 2nd shot regardless of the type of vaccine.
  4. Thanks. I use a USA TA so will speak to her. But I am interested in how to get cash in the casino.
  5. Thanks Jeylane very helpful Re the times for eating we rarely eat before 8pm so typical of Europeans lol.
  6. I have $400 obc from my TA. I also have obc to spend in my cruise planner from celebrity. I realise my TA obc can only be used on board. If I wanted to book a dining package would that be possible to book on board or would the restaurants be fully booked by people pre booking in the cruise planners ,therefore suggesting I would be advised to prepurchase. Drinks, grats and internet are already covered, so if I have obc from my TA still remaining near the end of the cruise can this be refunded and if so how do you get the refund.
  7. Thank you that is exactly what I was hoping to hear.
  8. If you purchase excursions in you cruise planner using obc and the excursions are canx prior to sailing what happens to the obc?
  9. I am on this cruise too and received the usual email this morning to book my cruise planner items
  10. I am booked September 5th. I just hope if they cancel they give a lot of notice.
  11. We have a cruise booked for September 2021, (I am not confident cruises will happen this year) . We have an $800 FCC we will be applying to the cruise (deposit already paid in money). If the cruise is cancelled by Royal what will happen to the FCC?
  12. My TA used my FCC for a B2B on Allure late November/Early December this year, and I have now successfully lifted and shifted to a Symphony B2B November 2021, so it can be done.
  13. We already have 2 other cruises in 2021 (with Royal) booked and a pricey cruise in 2022 booked (Solstice 14 night Singapore to Japan) we really do want to book anymore cruises at this time,so I really don't think we have any options. Thank you for your suggestions so far.
  14. My TA is not available so I am hoping people here can answer my questions. In 2019 we booked a 10 day cruise for April 2021, and paid deposit (NRD ). We are thinking we may not want to sail and would like to know if other than losing $900 deposit we have any other options. Thanks
  15. First the apology for posting yet another FCC qustion but my TA is out of the office for a probably well earned break. Royal cancelled our Hawaii cruise and issued FCCs, I have used mine on a November 21 cruise. My partner has his intact and we can not use this in the next few years (expensive trips already organised through to summer 2022). So my question is it at all possible to have his FCC converted into a refund ( minus the 25% of course)?
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