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  1. My wife was so upset that we would not be on Equinox 4/11........... If I can deliver this news .. AND if it holds true hmmmm OMG.
  2. I am a big supporter of -X- and have felt they are often attacked (on these boards) without warrant. With that said, What they won't do.... We attempted to move our April 11 to May 2 - same itinerary same class of cabin (Aft S2). They were not prepared to simply transfer to the new date. Prevailing rates are $1400 PP higher for May 2 vs what we originally paid. May 2 would likely be just another placeholder, so we'll move on and enjoy Easter with the grandbabies instead of at sea... Everyone stay safe out there!
  3. Right. I realize they don't 'want' it to be canceled... but not sure why they are in denial!
  4. We 'were' on the same April 11 cruise. Disappointed I guess best sums it up. Why would you go? Unless to enjoy a land vacation.
  5. My wife is my TA 😍. Has been for 30 years. That's how we met. Her real job now is as an Acct Mngr for a large corporate travel company. As you might imagine, not a lot of corporate travel at them moment so they (her company) will be taking a big hit, and likely need to RIF many. I think I'll take some 🌷's home today...
  6. The answer is AFT. We only look for AFT cabins - Corner Aft S1 on S class and Corner Aft FV on M Class are primo, but there are many options AFT. For us, it's almost it's own class of cabin on any ship.... We will be on Edge Thanksgiving 2021 Panama Canal and we will be in a CC AFT traveling with 2 other couples.
  7. We will be on Equinox in 5 weeks (not this month, but close). If I said I wasn't concerned, I'd be lying. If the ship sails, our plan is to be on it.
  8. Ship: Equinox Length of Cruise: 10 Cruise Sail Date: 11 April Date email offer received: 1/27/20 *75 days out Captain’s Club Tier - Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: S2 Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: CS - $500 to $1500 PP RS - $700 to $2000 PP PS - $1000 - $4000 PP Bid Offer: $TBA Notification Date: N/A Accepted / Rejected N/A General Comments. We did place a bid but are considering withdrawing it as we are happy with our aft S2 and prefer it's location.
  9. Don't sweat it. You won't notice a couple square feet on a balcony. Just love the one you're with...
  10. Following.... We will be on Equinox in 7 weeks (over Masters Sunday and Easter Sunday - same day this year). Wife is disappointed that Capt Tasos is not on board atm or when we board. She loves that guy🤩
  11. We had a rental car from Florence to Rome...The car stayed parked in the hotel parking lot for the time we were in Rome... Final day we drove and dropped the car at the Civitavecchia port and on to the ship. EZPZ. DON'T do this! It's just not worth the stress... It was a very nice rental ( a new Mercedes ) with a very good GPS map system display. The GPS really was the only reason I got to Rome and then to the port. I mean I wouldn't do it again. Let someone else do the driving🙃
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