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  1. In the main, I agree with you John. I’m not saying that there should be no cruises, just that the resumption of them at present (and probably for some time) seems impractical to me for multiple reasons. I do feel, however, that anyone over 50 who has not already had the virus (and therefore has antibodies) or been vaccinated (when available), yet is prepared to go on a cruise, is playing a game of Russian Roulette, which seems ludicrous to me but I accept that we all make our choices. As to whether cruise lines will allow passengers to take those risks remains to be seen, as I can’t help but feel that some of those who are quite blasé about it now may take a different view if they contract the virus on board or have their cruise significantly impacted by an outbreak. There are, of course, some measures that could lessen (but not eliminate) the risks, but those that have been suggested so far sound dreadful. There is no way that I would pay thousands of pounds to endure that sort of ‘holiday’ experience. If enough people are prepared to and the cruise lines are prepared to take the risk then I wish them well.
  2. Wowzz I completely agree. I am OK with the relaxations so far and some of the restrictions that are still in place seem illogical to me and don’t follow the science. If I was under 50 I would be frustrated with pretty much any restrictions, as the chances of COVID-19 being a show stopper for the under 50’s remains remote. I also said at the outset that I didn’t agree with the near complete shut down of the NHS to focus on the virus and that the ramifications of that would be extremely serious on issues such as cancer. That is now starting to be realised, but the damage will be done over the next few years, with all the early diagnoses and critical first stage treatments being missed or delayed. Also, the economy is on its knees and we need to recover it before it damages a generation. The specific concern that I have is cruising. Some seem to think that being on a cruise ship is no more dangerous for the over 50’s than going to work in a Covid secure environment, or going to a land based restaurant with control measures etc. The facts simply don’t support that argument. Cruise ships are renowned for the spread of viruses due to their design and the nature of passenger and crew behaviours. That was known before COVID-19 but thankfully was mostly restricted to Norovirus and coughs and colds. I would love cruising to return but cannot see an easy solution. Social distancing is impractical. Pre boarding screening is futile. The 90 min test could help, but how do thousands of people awaiting the result before boarding wait in a socially distanced manner? Chaos. Some suggest cruises to nowhere or round U.K. cruises. Neither of those reduce the risk factors one iota. All the known risk factors remain and people seem to be overlooking the fact that the U.K. has one of the highest infection rates, so ex U.K. cruises (even if to nowhere or just around the U.K.) are more likely to have an outbreak than a conventional cruise!
  3. If that’s what someone at Public Health England is telling you then it is no wonder that they are being discredited at present. I remember at the outset we were all told that the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 would have ‘mild to moderate symptoms’. Well, that might be the case for the majority of those under 50, but the majority of cruise passengers (out of school holidays) are older than that and ‘mild to moderate’ isn’t what I am seeing and hearing for that age group. A large proportion of those over 50 who survive it seem to be left with residual problems that can be life changing. The respiratory issues are bad enough, but I hadn’t realised until today that a lot of people have had strokes as a result of Covid-19 with all that entails. We are all desperate for life to return to normal, but that desire is causing many to ignore the facts. This is a virus the like of which we haven’t seen for 100 years and without a vaccine that simply cannot happen for those over 50 who wish to live to a ripe old age. We are really missing our cruises, but have closely followed the science and the facts about the virus and, as a result, have taken the view that we won’t set foot on any cruise ship until we are vaccinated. If cruise companies thought that cruising was no more risky than going to work, or to pubs, restaurants, or than the other overseas holidays that are now allowed, don’t you think they would be jumping up and down calling foul and insisting that cruises resume now? The reason that they aren’t doing so is because they know that it isn’t.
  4. Check out the marinetraffic dot com website before you leave. Zoom in to Weymouth Bay and you will see what’s there. Cruise ships are blue arrows and if you tap on each of them it tells you what ship it is. They seem to be split between Weymouth Bay and Bournemouth but they move around!
  5. Bowleaze Cove is the place you are after. Away from Weymouth and closer to the ships.
  6. We have experienced all of those things, and more, so if I wrote it then it wouldn’t be a fantasy blog - other than the fact that they didn’t all occur on the same cruise! I’m tempted but I’m not sure that I have the time or inclination either 😂
  7. I think we were in a dip, but that’s no longer the case. In England we were up to only 1 in over 2,000 people carrying the virus, but that’s now done to 1 in 1,500 which indicates that the R rate may be over 1 and the virus is spreading rather than contracting. As for India, I am staggered that it has taken so long to get to that scale, given their density of population and living standards. As you say, it doesn’t bode well.
  8. So I guess it could also be that they know full well that those cruises won’t go ahead (due to itineraries etc) so have marked them as sold out rather than cancelled, so they don’t have to refund those already booked until much later?
  9. Welcome home Damian (I see that Yorkshire is a few hours ahead of the rest of the U.K. 😉). Thanks again for a very enjoyable diversion with your fantastic fantasy cruise blog, which was superbly written throughout. I see what you cleverly did with your last post - a tipping reference to prompt a new debate. Now that we don’t have your blog to look forward to, I can’t think of anything more stimulating than a tipping thread. Any takers? 😂
  10. I suppose that ‘sold out’ may not mean ‘full’ under the new criteria. It could be that they have sold the maximum number of places that they feel they can accommodate with some form of social distancing in place?
  11. I remember the Two Ronnies mocking of that advert, where Ronnie Barker was pushing the bike up Gold Hill, to the Hovis music, getting more and more exhausted and the strap line was finally read out “Grandad always said t’wer a bloody long way t’ go for a loaf o bread” 😂
  12. I agree. In a place that is full of five, six and, I believe, seven star hotels, this looks like a budget hotel. Furthermore, it appears to embrace the aspects of cruising that many see as ‘tacky’ and I will be surprised if they get repeat custom once people have experienced the ship (if that is their desire). Sadly, this is yet another TV programme that presents the whole cruise ship experience as being naff. We were first drawn to cruising by watching a really interesting documentary series in the mid 90’s on the commissioning, design, construction, fit out, sea trials and entry into service of Oriana. It was a serious series (called Supership Oriana) which painted it as an aspirational experience. Nowadays, everything is about ‘human interest’ stories, with OTT individuals who become the story more than the subject matter. Had we not already experienced cruising, I think that all the TV series that we have seen over the last 10 years would have convinced us that it is the last thing on earth that we would want to spend our money on!
  13. Blimey. Trust me to have chosen reputable companies to work for. Life could have been so much easier 😂
  14. Perhaps if you are self employed or run a small business Harry, but far less so these days with big businesses, as the numerous accounting regulations of recent years tie your hands more and most decent size businesses are also audited by the big players and those boys and girls don’t miss a trick. Discretion is not a word in their vocabulary!
  15. Indeed. When I was in business the FD would always rain on my parade with all those things and more! Taking all of those costs into consideration (which, as you correctly state, they should) then the figures that I heard some years ago are probably still fairly close to the mark. Have to say that I thought that I had dealt with some pretty big issues during my working life, but I wouldn’t want to be the CEO of a cruise line at present!
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