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  1. Excellent news. I’m so relieved for you. Although all three of my wife, my daughter and me had an adverse reaction to the AZ vaccine, they were short lived. My daughter felt very poorly indeed around 12 hours after the jab and it lasted most of the next day, but I have read that younger people can often get worse reactions. I just had a headache and stiff neck for 24 hours and a very sore arm for 4 days. My wife has MS and it affected her motor functionality for a day or so, but then recovered, so hopefully if your husband gets a reaction it should be short lived. Like everyone, we considered
  2. I just had a quick look at the P&O website and it mentions new health protocols but provides no detail, that I could find. I haven’t been paying too much attention, as we have nothing booked now and aren’t in a rush to book anything, but are things such as mask wearing in public areas, dining alone etc pure speculation (perhaps based on what other cruise lines have stated) or has P&O released some detail that I have missed?
  3. Possibly, although I must confess that I hadn’t even considered quarantine when assessing that overseas cruises weren’t going to happen this summer. I just couldn’t see them happening full stop, for all sorts of reasons. I might be wrong, but if quarantine was likely to be required on return from overseas holidays to Europe, you would hope that the government would be flagging this now, given the thousands of people who have been rushing to make overseas holidays bookings following the announcement of the provisional roadmap?
  4. More details in the link below. Believe me, I take no pleasure whatsoever in saying that this is almost word for word what one or two of us have been predicting would happen for months, but only state this so that those who have dismissed our views as pessimistic / negative etc might reflect. I feel very sad for those whose dreams of a summer overseas cruise have been dashed, but am hopeful that those affected are now able to make alternative plans. https://www.travelweekly.co.uk/news/cruise/po-cruises-plans-uk-staycation-sailings-this-summer
  5. I also have sympathy for cruise line management and staff, as their futures remain far from certain, but what I can’t excuse them for is not at least cancelling all cruises departing before 17th May. They should have done this a week ago after Boris announced that 17th May would be the ‘absolute earliest’ that any overseas holidays could legally operate. Leaving aside whether or not cruises will re-commence at the same time as flights (as we all have different opinions on that), there is no limbo whatsoever about between now and 17th May - rather absolute certainty. It doesn’t affect me thankf
  6. Group 6 is by far the biggest group John. The decision to only allow this group to be vaccinated at GP surgeries and not via the online NHS booking (at major hubs etc) has caused a delay to this group, which comprises many people who, due to their underlying health conditions, will have been pretty much shielding (even though not formally instructed to do). I would have happily driven my wife to a hub but couldn't do so as we couldn’t book online, meanwhile others in lower risk groups were able to do so. We were lucky that we have an excellent GP practice and only had this frustration for a we
  7. What a bizarre post. I haven’t said that there will be no overseas holidays this year, even though many do think that, just that I’m glad that we don’t have any booked so that we don’t have the worry of ‘will they, won’t they’. I happen to think that overseas holidays (by air) may go ahead later this summer, but that overseas cruises are probably less likely until the Autumn. Just my view as obviously none of us know for certain. I have no deposits invested, so getting them back isn’t a win situation (unless maths has changed since I was at school). We certainly won’t ‘pay a fortune’
  8. We were only saying last night that we are very relieved that we have no overseas holidays (of any kind) booked. I fear that lots of people (especially those relying on summer cruises) will be disappointed and potentially at a late stage, by which time they will have no plan B options remaining. We did a 21 night self-drive touring holiday of Scotland in September 2019, and it was one of the best holidays we have ever done, even though we have been before. More enjoyable, in fact, than many cruises we have been on. The West Coast is the undoubted highlight and worth a week on its o
  9. 😂 You know as well as I do that this has been P&O’s modus operandi for years. Price comes down, OBC comes down. Price goes up, OBC goes up. Net difference = square root of b****r all. Classic marketing department tactics to work around the technicalities of the law concerning ‘sales’. BTW, did you know that DFS has a sale on? 😂
  10. Well I’ve received an email from P&O at 10am this morning, but it’s yet another reminder that we have some FCC to use and, as I predicted, announcing the promotion that replaced the offer that ended 1st March - now 5% deposit and additional FCC, which doubtless works out as the same net cost as the promotion that it replaces.
  11. As always, a dose of realism from Professor Jonathan Van Tam (JVT) at last nights Downing Street briefing, when asked whether overseas foreign holidays would be possible this summer; "We are still in a zone of great uncertainty about what the virus will do next. "On top of that many of the vaccination programmes in Europe, a place where we frequently go on holiday, are running behind ours. "Whether we can go on holidays abroad depends on what other countries will say and do in terms of foreign tourism. "I am not going to give you a firm answer, I don't think there
  12. Interesting to see that the issue of group 6 (underling health issues and their Carers) being skipped over in many areas in favour of lower risk groups (as flagged by many of us in this thread a few weeks ago) was the first question in the Downing Street briefing last night. In true politicians style, Matt Hancock completely failed to answer it. Shame that he didn’t undertake to look at the issue, as whilst most of us on here have now had our jabs, the fact that the question was asked must mean that this is still not resolved everywhere.
  13. I’m sure you are correct John, but back in October an awful lot of posters on this forum seemed very confident that cruises would have resumed by Spring this year and sidekick is now having to rely on the enhanced FCC to make up the now inflated prices. Sidekick has also been up front and said that he can’t afford the extra £500 for the comparable cruise, so is now forced to having to wait for P&O to offer something. A very difficult situation and highlights the human impact of P&O’s rather heartless approach to its loyal customers.
  14. I saw that post, but it didn’t read like an apology to me. I’m in the same situation as you - no cruises booked - but I have a lot of sympathy for those in sidekicks situation and think that P&O have no excuse whatsoever for not cancelling those cruises that legally cannot operate (pre 17th May). Nothing in the roadmap or 12th April review will change that situation, so there will be no more info forthcoming on this. As others have said, it’s bordering on last years refund debacle all over again. When will they learn?
  15. No need to put yourself down, your posts are all extremely well articulated and made complete sense to all but one poster, who happened to be wrong! The dissection of your post, point by point, was somewhat unnecessary IMO and should warrant an apology. Every point that you made was factually correct and very well said and I agree with you completely.
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