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  1. They probably don’t need sunbeds for everyone. We very rarely use them - I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve used one, and that was only for half an hour max. My parents and husband never ever use them and the children aren’t keen either apart from Movie under the stars late at night.
  2. What is the reason for this problem? Are staff still on furlough, and if so, why? Or are they just short staffed and if so, why again? Whatever the reason, they are not providing good customer service.
  3. We always print ours off and never had a problem. My tip is to use plenty of staples - does the job and so strong that we have to cut them off with scissors after getting home.
  4. Really sorry to hear that. I know that you take a lot of care in selecting a cabin that works for the two of you, so that’s very disappointing news.
  5. Not close at all. We cruise with my parents and our children!
  6. And I would say that there’s very little difference. For me, the main difference is between adult only and family and I’m one of those who actually likes seeing children onboard.
  7. Years ago, there were numerous committees around here (kidney group, SIDS group, etc etc, there still is a Cancer committee) and they used to hold several small fundraising events over the course of the year - sale of work, coffee mornings etc. They mainly consisted of retirees and housewives. Nowadays, with most women of working age in paid employment, people tend to hold one-off fundraising events with work colleagues or leisure groups or choirs etc, and probably raise far more than the committees in the past ever did. My children (in their 20s) donate quite a lot online to these events as they’re on social media and they’ll often send us a link if they think it’s something of interest to us. So I think it’s a very different way of raising money these days. And there’s always donations in remembrance which raise a huge amount as everybody knows everybody!
  8. I’ve know of many youngsters who have had Covid recently but thankfully it’s been very mild, so Beckett, I hope your granddaughter is back to her old self before long. Hope all house moves go smoothly - I just wouldn’t know where to begin!
  9. I agree. Uniforms are easier for parents and teachers as long as they’re kept simple and are available from a wide selection of outlets to suit all pockets.
  10. Fair enough, you’re not likely to stop for long chats in the aisle but it happens a lot around here! And the mask wearing debate is different in Wales because the rules currently state: Face coverings must be worn in all indoor public places, and public transport, including taxis. You do not have to wear face coverings in places where food and drink is served, such as pubs, cafes and restaurants. So people who don’t wear them properly are breaking the rules, end of.
  11. I think that part of the problem around here, in such a small rural community, is that people tend to know each other. And then when they go shopping, they see people they know, stop for a chat, can’t hear very well and then pull the mask down. I’ve actually had to tell my father several times not to do that recently. I have noticed it a lot among the elderly. I don’t think it’s deliberate in any way, it just happens. So they might as well ditch the mask completely, hence my original comment. And yes, I do take notice of the lanyard and keep my distance.
  12. Who knows! And I actually didn’t say that I was fearful. If the rules regarding masks were changed (and the English rules are currently different to ours to Wales) then I would accept that. What I do object to is people not wearing them properly!
  13. I’m not tarring anybody Avril. My viewpoint is simple. If you really have a valid medical reason for not being able to wear a mask (and the lady to whom you refer appears to have a very valid reason), then you are exempt, no problem. Your lady could have worn one of those exemption lanyards. But there’s simply no point bothering with a mask at all if you’re wearing it incorrectly. It makes people look stupid and feeble and annoys those who wear them properly.
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