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  1. They do have a predetermined price for upgrades available to everyone.....it is listed on the website where you made your booking. 🙂 that shows the price of the cabin that you would like and it is available to everyone right from the start. Life isn’t fair. Why all of a sudden do we all expect to be gifted things from companies?
  2. Why do we all feel entitled to something like a better cabin for free? If you want a balcony or suite then book it. The really simple answer is book the cabin that you can afford and have a great vacation with your friends/loved ones. When we we sleep it doesn’t matter how big or fancy our cabin is. Enjoy the giant ship and the wonderful destinations that you have chosen to visit. I don’t drive by the BMW dealership and say to myself. That 760i x drive has been sitting there for 4 months clearly no one wants it. Why hasn’t BMW called me to upgrade my 328xi for free???
  3. Large Balcony. I put in bids for grand suite and owners suite. Both were declined. We we are looking forward to setting sail tomorrow morning and enjoying the 11 night vacation. 🙂
  4. At least they send out “Offer Unsuccessful” emails the day before.
  5. I leave on Anthem of the Seas on Dec 10th, looking forward to my large balcony cabin, if I score an upgrade GS, or OS for just in the "fair" lol pricing then that is a nice plus for our first anniversary. I am not counting on it and didn't tell my wife I bid on it so she isn't disappointed if we don't get it. We got married on board NCL Breakaway last year in the Bahamas. It was fantastic and now I have an excuse to book a cruise each year for our anniversary.
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