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  1. The bills can run up very quickly. In about 2014 (can't remember exactly), OH who is type 1 diabetic quickly developed a cough/chest infection overnight. At home we would have expected her doctor to offer a course of antibiotics, but as it was a 'sea day', we went down to the Medical room, on the Majesty, expecting something similar. She received several tests, and a coupe of 'one hour drip sessions', administered by the nurse, to help her recover more quickly, but meanwhile could continue her cruise as normal. They reassured me not to worry (about the bill that was), as they would contact the insurance, once I gave them the details. At the end of the cruise, our on-board account only had the 'insurance excess' added, as treatment had been cleared by LV - all £1800 worth. Following month, OH attends diabetic appointment at hospital, and took the detailed bill along in case it had any relevance to her condition. Quote from consultant - 'Did they really do all this'?
  2. Dave, Thanks for the information. Just wondered in case we booked a last minute cruise (so no individual cabin choice) Could perhaps pack a roll of stick on draught excluder - just in case I suppose 😀
  3. Deck plans for Marella inside cabins, show a few as being inter-connectes there a door on the internal wall between the 2 cabins?
  4. I think you should. LV have paid us one or two times in the past, even with substitute ports. You've paid for insurance, so use it.
  5. Jim - Thanks for the info. Lets hope the virus doesn't mutate to something more significant than BA4 and BA5, and everything eventually becomes nearer to 'normal' pre Covid life, even in winter. Ideally, I'd like my Sept/Oct booster before next cruise (missed the spring one as only 74)
  6. Jim, I hope you and your wife are now well on the way to being fully recovered. I was very surprised by how you were dealt with, compared to what happened to passengers 6 months ago (offloading to quarantine hotel until testing negative, at ones own expense) - Did anyone on Marella confirm Is that the 'new normal' when dealing with Covid cases onboard?
  7. RR - not unless you were on the Costa Concordia 😀
  8. We cruised in Aug 2021 (Staycation) and March this year on the Explorer, and enjoyed it as much as our previous 10 or so cruises. Economies have been made, even though prices have risen quite a bit. As with seat reservations on planes, Tui/Marella have successfully upsold Premium drinks, and I have the feeling less courses and smaller portion sizes served in the MDR, may be a ploy to encourage dining in alternative venues at a cost. However, if the price is right, we will still be booking, as the crew are great.
  9. If we were coffee drinkers, we would probably be doing the same, as premium also avoids the water fountains that people still insist on filling bottles from, rather than using the carafe provided.
  10. If its before the school holidays in July, I'm sure you should be fine.
  11. I'm sure it will be the first of many future cruises - hope you enjoy it as much as when we first cruised.
  12. Could be filling the pool in as its doesn't generate extra revenue, and turning it into sunken themed restaurant, with turnstiles being added to entrances of the main bar on deck 6, to allow only premium all inclusive guests in.😂
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