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  1. They were still providing daily printed copies with the turndown service on Discovery in the Caribbean 2 weeks ago.
  2. Is this something new from Marella. I thought you lost your deposit even if you cancelled well before sailing date? Final payment date is now 12 weeks (84 days) before departure
  3. If you decide to do the Tui trip 'Rome on your own' it will usually drop you off fairly near the vatican at Castel St Angelo. If you look at google maps fpr Trevi and Spanish steps, its about 30 min walk, and on the way, its worth visiting Piazza Navona.
  4. Unfortunately not. Been on deck 4, 8 and 9 inside midship in last 2 years, but no fridge.
  5. Be aware that although you get 1.5 L bottle delivered to your cabin each day with premium, you may not have a fridge to cool it in, depending on which ship and what cabin grade you book.
  6. There was that much ink on the Barnsley Chronicle in the 50's, you could read last weeks news on my backside.
  7. The evening shows are 8.30 and 10.30, with doors opening 30 mins before (there's often a queue). There is a drinks table inside the entrance with glasses of house wine, some bottled beers, Prosecco and some soft drinks. If you prefer G+T etc, grab one from a nearby bar before entering. Shows are normally 45 mins.
  8. I see they will not be charging a supplement for the over 70s, as Uk nsurance did, but does anyone know if the new Aviva/Nationwide policy has an upper age limit?
  9. We did 10 nighs Ambassador last Sept round UK. I don't posses a DJ, suit, or even a sports jacket, and did not have an issue eating every night including 2 formal nights in the main Buckingham dining room. Trousers, smart shirt with tie or dickie bow - the same as our last 15 Marella cruises, so don't worry. Staff, entertainment (Peel), food and drink were all good, and UK passengers also as friendly as Marella. The main issue we worried abut was fixed dining rather than freedom dining. We chose 1st sitting on a table for 6, and happily it worked out OK
  10. Is the new policy document available on the Nationwide website somewhere?
  11. We also go back as far as Destiny (our first cruise) and have enjoyed them all (and had one or two bargains in the mix). However, looking at recent Marella prices, there are plenty of alternative lines to consider. We did Ambassador last Sept and have another booked for June, so our Caribbean 14N with Marella this March could possibly be our last
  12. For 2024 Voyager is repositioning in April from Barbados to Palma in April - 17 nights Discovery from Barbados to Marmaris in April - 18 nights or 25 nights Explorer 2 from Jamaica to Palma in March - 17 nights or 24 nights The Asia repo cruise is likely to suffer an itinerary change due to the Houthi attacks
  13. That used to be the case, but prices have risen significantly in 2023/24 in my view, meaning other lines are worthy of consideration.
  14. For any US territories and islands being visited you need a US Esta via their online portal - 21 USD, (beware of other websites that charge extra). If you have visited Cuba since 2021, you probably need a full Visa only obtainable from US embassy in person (so probably too late to get one). The Barbados entry is done online 3 days before entry and I believe its mainly a health questionnaire
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