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  1. Newest RCCL ship towers over Port Canaveral
  2. I know British Air, American, Delta let you select seats before final payment ....................... any other airlines that allow pre-final payment seat selection?
  3. To the chagrin of a some folks, the reason this topic keeps being posted is that many, many Celebrity cruisers are unhappy being forced to pay for drink and WIFI packages they don't want. Captain's Club benefits or not, seasoned cruisers can see through the "Always Included" marketing scheme as a money grab from people who are forced to pay for these add-ons. It's not about abnormal circumstances due to the COVID either. I just booked a balcony cabin for 2 people on an 11-night Baltic cruise on Royal Caribbean for August 2022, gratuities included, but no drink or WIFI package. T
  4. All I know is the cost of the January 2022 Apex cruise I booked at the beginning of the year is now double what I paid. While some of the price appreciation may be due to the factors cited, does anyone think Celebrity, in a cash crunch, would just throw in free amenities during a period of "massive demand"? So whatever percentage these "always included" amenities cost the cruiser, I personally would be paying for unlimited drinks & internet I don't want or need. Everyone has to look at their needs and decide for themselves. For myself, I'm just not paying $2200 p
  5. Reading through this blog, I see that X has confused folks with their slick marketing touting "luxury" or certain demographics, when it's really just about economics. Today, my Apex cruise in January 2022 would now cost twice what I paid earlier this year. I don't need the drink package or internet for 2, but I am now forced to pay and X collects the profit. As for "luxury", they will be the same mega-ships with the same cabins, same staff, and probably same ole food. So, if the young or the old want these amenities or don't mind paying for amenities they m
  6. If I've learned anything this years, it's that no one can predict the future, whether it's next year or next month.
  7. This is what I received from RCCL today: ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS
  8. This is what I received from RCCL today: ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS
  9. The circled paragraph applies IF Royal Caribbean cancels the cruise & you receive 125% FCC > you may use on any sailing through April 2022 and must apply by 31 Dec2021. If, on the other hand, YOU decide to cancel and receive 100% FCC, the language is murkier and appears to apply only to cruises departing through 2021. Is there any clarification on this?
  10. ......................also known as "horse hockey".
  11. Everything I've read states that Coronavirus is highly unlikely to be spread by eating food, whether in the Windjammer or main dining room or the Top of the Hyatt.
  12. I don't think I want a cruise ship with "driverless control" at this point. All joking aside, I think we have to look at the whole cruise industry in a different light today. Whether or not the Allure has all the latest bells and whistles, I'll be happy just to able to cruise on the ship again if I can, come November. There's a real chance of cruise line bankruptcy if they can't start cruising soon. To expect a "rebate" on your cruise fare when these companies have no revenue is a bit extreme in my opinion. Again, I'll be happy just to be able to cruise again on Roya
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