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  1. Which bar can I get a good Bloody Mary on the Horizon?
  2. How strictly were they enforcing the dress code in MDR? This is a short cruise and we are looking to de-stress. Will my son be turned away for wearing a t-shirt? He is 17, and I am definitely looking to pack light. Will I need to pack extra clothes just to eat in the MDR? I have seen all types of replies in regards, but want to know about this 4 day cruise in particular.
  3. I have a cheers package and got my son bottomless bubbles. I would like to share my unlimited water with him and maybe get him a milkshake or two ;). They don't mark the cups to now whether or not it was purchased through the cheers package.
  4. Thank you, I can always have hibachi here, just thought it would be fun.
  5. What was for dinner in MDR on last night, besides the baked Alaska? I had made reservations for Bonsai Teppanyaki on the last night. because we are celebrating a birthday. I have seriously considered cancelling since I read somewhere it feels like being in a fishbowl, people walking by are just looking in.
  6. I have a 12pm boarding time, how much earlier should I get there? And how accurate is boarding time? Sent from my SM-G930P using Forums mobile app
  7. Hi, I made reservations for dinner at Bonsai Teppenyaki the last night of the cruise. Im wondering if I will be missing out on a good dinner menu. Does anyone have the menu for the last night? Sent from my SM-G930P using Forums mobile app
  8. I had forgotten to check trip advisor, thank you so much!
  9. Thank you! I see many options going back and forth, I think we will just enjoy the beach.
  10. Hi, I'm going to Bermuda and do not have any booked excursions. I will be there with my 17 year old son, what is the best way to spend our day. He does not want to do any of the excursions offered, but I would like to make the most of our time on the island. Any suggestions, currently going to Horseshoe Bay, but I know there is so much more we can get done in 7 hours. I have seen a lot of things on here just not sure on distance.
  11. Did you go jet skiing on your own? Where did you get the jet ski rentals?
  12. I will be in Bermuda in August, are minibuses always available and reliable on Saturday? Do they make the same stops and the public buses or is it a direct ride to Horseshoe bay? How long is the ride? Does anyone have a picture available of what they look like and where to catch one?
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