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  1. Your review is awesome. Thanks for sharing. We will be sailing on Sky for my birthday in April we have M108 I can’t wait for breakfast on the balcony every morning and our Ultimate Balcony dinner on my birthday. Safe sailing 🎉😊😁
  2. I’m very disappointed in the fresh flowers going away in the suites...that sucks 😖😔
  3. As stated above call the Dine Line 1st, then find the maitre d and ask to be signed up. We did it last year on the Royal and it was top notch😍 Enjoy your sailing and I hope you get selected...tip if you have any allergies that will lower your chances
  4. I don’t play anymore either. The prices are just silly and not worth it. Once everyone stops refusing to pay these outrageous prices for a simple game of bingo they will be forced to come to their senses and charge a fair price. Until then I will be boycotting 🙄
  5. Thanks so much for posting the platters. This is awesome we sail on her in April for my birthday. Again Thank you 😆😀
  6. Yeppers! The Sale is great I actually switched my Equinox sailing from October 2020 to July which is peak so normally higher and it was lower and I upgraded to a Suite. It worked out awesome. Now we just have to get our traveling friends to switch with us 🤪😊
  7. It’s basically Celebrity’s version of the Key Program on Royal Caribbean...they are owned by the same company so I figured it wouldn’t be long before Celebrity rolled out something.
  8. Hasn’t been my experience, try calling the main number and just speak with someone else. I have always had price drops and better deals honored before final payment. I have re-fared several times just this week with no issues. Good luck 🤗
  9. We just saved a boat load for our Equinox sailing, super psyched and satisfied! Be sure and check your booking if you haven’t done so today. I wish Princess would learn how to run a decent sale 🙄 we are on the new Sky Spring next year for my birthday and it hasn’t moved an inch 🤨. Have a great day...I will 🙂
  10. Princess arrangements are reasonably priced imo but if you want to bring on your own one suggestion for the vase would be the moldable plastic vases or water shaping vases. You can get them off Amazon, you just add water and they take shape ☺️ just used one on the Allure in September because RCCLs flowers are outrageous so I stopped at Publix and brought an arrangement onboard with me.
  11. Yikes, still No luck for me 🤪😖 what do they have against my Spring 2020 sailing! I feel early but apparently I’m very late. I booked last month hoping to refare soon...not working out so far but I still have hope and right under 6 months to grab some good luck 😆🥰 and some great perks
  12. 😣That’s correct it is NCL that has recently deemed decorations on the door as possible fire hazards and it is now prohibited. You can still decorate your cabin doors on RCCL. We were on the Allure in September in a CLS and our door was decorated for our Anniversary. 🤗
  13. Thanks Gorilla girl, 45 is still closer than me 🤗 I look forward to everyone’s pics whenever they come lol
  14. I 2nd that please post pics if possible. We are in 108 for my birthday in April 2020 I’m super excited, giving up my suite this time for the awesome balcony. 😃
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