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  1. Luvcrusn

    Seapass codes?

    I just looked back on a bunch of old seapass cards and couldn't find CAPT on any. No clue!
  2. Luvcrusn

    Captain Club Points

    After two weeks I call if the cruise isn't showing in my history.
  3. Luvcrusn

    Drinks to Order

    Frozen Toasted Almond, similar to mudslides but much better! YUM!!!
  4. Luvcrusn

    Celebrity touts themselves as #1 in customer service?

    Try the Captains Club # 1-800-760-0654. I realize you've not sailed with them yet, but they can give you a number as a preview member and perhaps give you some service. At least they'll answer the phone.
  5. Luvcrusn

    One category upgrade

    Put the your desired cabin in the higher category on a 24 hour hold and call to finalize.
  6. Luvcrusn

    Le Petit Chef vs Qsine

    I also think the current $55 price tag is ridiculous. I know all about on board discounts, but for it to be on the high end of the specialty restaurant pricing, at least for us, makes it not even worth consideration.
  7. Luvcrusn

    Do I need a passport?

    Get a passport even though as others have said, it's not required according to what you stated. The unforeseen happens all too often. If you have a passport it will make dealing with the unexpected much easier at a time when you may already be stressed to the max. Better to be prepared, have it and not need it than the alternative.
  8. Luvcrusn

    Le Petit Chef vs Qsine

    I can understand why this might be appealing to people since it provides dinner and a show, however for the life of me I don't understand why I'd want to return to see it again. The projection doesn't change, so for me, seeing it once would be enough. I don't understand the business logic benefit for X that does have a large number of loyal, repeat customers and a predominantly adult sailing population. I would guess that most (perhaps I'm projecting our preferences onto others) would go one time for curiosity and perhaps a new experience, and having seen it once would not feel the need to do it again. Thoughts?
  9. I notice you're in UK, but this is worth a try, it works here in the US. Open an InPrivate or Incognito window on your browser and then try again. Don't sign in. Click "Check In" in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. (Assuming that's where it's located on your site). Enter your reservation number, name, ship and sail date and proceed. I hope it works, it did for me. I kept getting error messages every other way I tried.
  10. Luvcrusn

    What a mess the Celebrity web site is

    I would be the last one to defend the X website. I have moaned long and loud about it, so please take this not as a defense of the site (there is none) but as a desire to help a fellow frustrated user. You can specify the ship in your search, it's just a convoluted method. Instead of the ship being a criteria on the home page that you could easily select, you now have to pick a time frame you want to cruise and click Find Cruise. On the next page you can then click "Ship" and you'll get a drop-down listing all the X ships. Click the one/s you want and the results will pop up. As far as the old cruises not being credited, I've got some old ones and I just had to call Captain's Club and they found them and added them back in. Good luck. I agree it's been frustrating to put it mildly.
  11. Luvcrusn

    "No rooms found for this request"

    Do it on an InPrivate window whatever browser you're using. It works better most of the time whatever you're trying to do on the website.
  12. Luvcrusn

    What a mess the Celebrity web site is

    Since the launch last year of X's new website I now only access is with an InPrivate or Incognito window on either Edge or Chrome. I have found that I usually don't get that error message. Every time I try doing anything the normal way I get the error message. It's not a guaranteed fix, but it's painless to try.
  13. FWIW, we were totally happy in Blu on Reflection and only dined in Murano on night one for 50% off as a benefit of Aqua. We didn't feel deprived. The food and service in Blu were lovely.