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  1. First click the knife & fork icon. Then select Main Dining. Choose the Main Dining room or Blu or Luminae. Then select Menu.
  2. Good luck on your future travels, whatever you decide.
  3. Here's a link to the March 2, 2020 Roll Call:
  4. There are plenty. Check out the Roll Call.
  5. No, as stated above. If you're final disembarkation port has Luggage Valet available you can use it for that.
  6. You can go to Guest Relations on embarkation day and ask to see the menus if your ship is not yet on the app. You can also ask to see the next day's menu each night in the MDR.
  7. Thanks for the review of the Bev + package. I agree that for longer cruises it makes little sense. We already had the premium package and when I looked into the upgrade for a 10 night package for 2 of us it came to $180 + gratuity to get 4 bottles of questionable quality wine, $100 in casino credit and access to the mini bar. We already get a wine tasting event from our Captains Club Status and a bottle of bubbly (we trade for Prosecco) from booking Aqua class. Besides, how much alcohol can our livers take?!
  8. If you are talking about the $300 from X, and it's showing in your Cruise Planner as available for use for pre-cruise purchases, it's non-refundable. That means it will disappear if unused. If it's given by a TA, it's probably refundable.
  9. Is it OBC-N or OBC-R? If it's the latter you can take it with you in cash the last day or it will be credited back to your cc on file.
  10. Wouldn't that be like Monday Morning Quarterbacking?😜
  11. I've ordered frozen daquiris, mudslides, frozen toasted almonds, pina coladas, frozen margaritas, grasshoppers, etc. all on the Classic package without any up charge
  12. DH and I cross pack our bags in case one gets lost, we each still have clothing. Sometimes it's hard to remember what went into each bag when packing to return home, so without a scale one may be over and one under. It's a pain to have to start shifting once we get to the airport. It's another reason we love using Luggage Valet whenever it's available.
  13. Your Posh Frock must have added weight on the return flight home!
  14. We'll be at the Sail Away party at the Sunset Bar after muster. It'll be here before you know it.😎
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