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  1. Luvcrusn

    Dress attire for Celebrity Summit

    I've often worn capris to dine in MDR, and specialty restaurants without issue. Nice sandals have also never been an issue. The fact that you're concerned enough to ask about the appropriateness of your attire indicates that you'll most likely be fine.
  2. Luvcrusn

    Aqua upgrade question

    Great upgrade and I'd do it in a heartbeat! Cautionary warning....you may never go back!
  3. Luvcrusn

    Fares Gone Crazy

    Continuing the can you top this trend. We booked an Aqua A1 on Feb 8th for a March 2020 10 day cruise for $2299 pp with premium drinks, prepaid gratuities, unlimited WIFI for 2 and $950 OBC. Same cruise less than one week later was $2399pp only classic beverage and prepaid gratuities, no WIFI, and only $500 OBC. Scratching my head and being grateful we booked a week ago.
  4. Luvcrusn

    Poolside Cocktail Service

    We were on Silhouette in December 2018 and had excellent service around the pool deck. In fact we never had to look for a server since they were constantly circulating. In addition to cocktail servers constantly circulating taking and delivering drinks, there were servers with iced carts containing soda, water and beer readily available.
  5. Luvcrusn

    Just back - A few observations

    The last time we visited Disney not everyone at the resort was checking out the same day with new guests expected in every room the same day and time. People's vacations there started and ended on different days, lasted for different lengths of time. That's a big difference.
  6. Luvcrusn

    Just back - A few observations

    I think your comparison of a cruise ship to a land based property and the turnover doesn't hold water (no pun intended). A land based resort turns over in stages, whereas a cruise ship (X or other) do it all in several hours. How that makes a given cruiser feel is the question. In my case I'm sad to see it because it means my cruise has come to the end. In your case it makes you feel like you're not a valued guest. These are personal reaction and not (in my opinion) a reflection of the cruise lines decline.
  7. Luvcrusn

    Just back - A few observations

    This is a photo of one of the better ones, where the hanging part is probably meant to be used as a loop for hanging on a hook, but the loop is badly frayed. On most of the towels we objected to, the "loop" was only connected to the towel on one side and the rest was just hanging down. I didn't take a picture of those unfortunately.
  8. Luvcrusn

    Just back - A few observations

    I think you are comparing apples and watermelons. Of course hotels don't do this, but it's been my experience is that hotels are not turning over the entire property on the same day within 3-4 hours like a cruise ship does. On a given cruise there are only a few B2B cruisers remaining aboard, and many of those change cabins!
  9. Luvcrusn

    Just back - A few observations

    We've always sailed concierge or aqua on Celebrity since 2006. Our last X cruise was on Silhouette in December, 2018. We received the same heavy duty carry bag that we've always gotten as well as the lightweight one and an additional white drawstring bag. We didn't have to be in the cabin for the afternoon canapes to be delivered, didn't have to fill out a form to indicate if and when we wanted them. (We did fill out this form on Connie in 2016 as well as Eclipse). We had 3 green apples on embarkation day which were replaced with oranges and a few pears as the cruise went on. The bottle of sparking wine hasn't been in our cabin awaiting our arrival since 2016, but we were advised on each cruise at the first meeting with our cabin steward that we could request it to be delivered chilled whenever we wanted it. (We usually trade it out in the dining room, Blu or MDR, with the sommelier for a bottle of Prosecco.) On each of our cruises we've noticed the fresh robes left in our closet for the next cruise on the last evening and it never bothered us. We remember how anxious we were to board and access our cabin and know the people following us will feel the same. The robes being there didn't impact us in the least. As far as the bags of linens in the hallway the on disembarkation day I always remember seeing that on every cruise and every line we've sailed. I really can't say it bothers me other than reinforce the fact that our vacation has come to an end. The thing that bothered us on our last cruise in December on Silhouette in Aqua class were the bath towels with hanging threads from the hems. While it didn't impact the enjoyment of our cruise, it did impact the impression of less than luxury. I throw out towels at home long before the hems of the towels become tattered and don't expect to see that in a vacation venue be it land or sea. We did bring it to the attention of the hotel director. He replied promptly, apologized and the towel situation improved, but towards the end of the cruise the tattered towels made a reappearance.
  10. Luvcrusn

    20/20 and 2 perks sale!

    We booked on Feb 8th. Our cabin was $100 per person cheaper and came with Premium beverage, pre-paid grats, $300 OBC and unlimited WIFI for 2. In addition our TA threw in an additional $500 OBC and applied our POSTTHANKU from Celebrity. We did have to pay the full deposit, but we have to pay for the cruise at some point anyway! I think the best thing to do with Celebrity pricing promotions is follow a cruise that you're interested in taking and jump when the pricing/perks combo is most appealing to you....and then follow up frequently for price drops.
  11. Luvcrusn

    Lanyards are for losers...

    Oh my! I wish I had a lanyard to carry my smart watch today. It has buzzed and vibrated on my wrist so many times with post notifications from this thread that I now have a rash on my wrist and a dead smart watch battery! Lots of laughs though.
  12. Luvcrusn

    Lanyards are for losers...

    IDC where it's kept. Apparently some folks care very deeply. Shaking my head each time I read these threads. To each their own.
  13. Luvcrusn

    Still Confused about Aqua Dining

    They don't share a galley. The classics like shrimp cocktail, escargot, French onion soup, Caesar salad, strip steak, chicken and salmon are all available nightly in Blu. We've also found that Blu, because of it's smaller size is much better equipped to deal with special requests than MDR. DH was skeptical about whether he'd like it, but found that he prefers the food, service and atmosphere in Blu to that of MDR and he's not one who is a particularly adventurous our "spa-type" eater.
  14. Luvcrusn

    Still Confused about Aqua Dining

    I've been offered discounts for first night specialty dining between 30-50% off when dining in Blu. As to the question about where ice cream is available, it's in the OVC on the starboard side near the entrance. It's scooped ice cream, not soft serve and there are numerous toppings available. Flavors vary daily.
  15. Luvcrusn

    Select Dining

    True. Those of us who cruise a line regularly often forget that lines differ so widely. DH and I were very recently shopping cruise lines other than X that we haven't sailed and had a gazillion questions. It's nice that the folks on cruise critic answer so readily and usually with information that's clearer and more accurate than what you get directly from a given line! As an aside, suite guests on X also have their own dedicated dining room called Luminae. They may choose to eat in Blu or the MDR and some high end suites have the added benefit of unlimited specialty restaurant dining.