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  1. But the supervisor got you off the phone! 😜
  2. We got our remaining OBC refunded in cash while still on board on the 15th, the day we received the notice that we would be returning to port early. Since we disembarked we have only received a $50 credit from X. I have no clue what that amount is for.
  3. We were on board the X Reflection sailing of March 13, 2020 that was shortened and disembarked on 3/17. On 3/21 a credit of $50 showed up from X with no explanation. All of our OBC was either used or refunded in cash before we disembarked. I've no clue what this amount is. I guess I'll keep track for a while and see if the refunded amounts total the 100% refund promised. I think they will but it will take a while. We're also waiting for the FCC promised in a letter we received on board. We were told that would be issued in an email by both X and our TA. The TA told me our refund would be issued directly to us to our credit card and not through them.
  4. We were on board Reflection which departed PE on March 13th. The cruise was shortened and we were notified on Sunday the 15th that we'd be returning to PE on the 17th and would be issued a 100% refund along with a 50% FCC. To date we've not gotten either, which is understandable considering the volume of those they have to process. Captains Club sail the refunds could take 5-6 weeks and we would be receiving the email with the FCC certificate hopefully by March 27th. I'll update when we get either.
  5. I had same issue on my Pc and Samsung phone and tablet. It wasn't a problem on your phone it was a CC problem on Chrome. Once I cleared cookies and cache on PC and rebooted it all worked again. IDK if that wasthat or just coincidental with CC working to fix a known problem, but all is good again.
  6. As far as I know it's not available there.
  7. In addition to turning on WiFi and putting the phone in Airplane mode, make sure to turn off mobile data and roaming.
  8. I had the same problem yesterday on my default browser (Chrome) but not on Edge or Mozilla. I emailed the CC help desk and they suggested I clear my cookies and cache. I did and all is well, except I'm noticing the site is working much slower than usual.
  9. As Elite members you get a choice of either 90 free minutes or a 30% discount on a WIFI package. If your cabin mate is also Elite you don't have to both make the same choice.
  10. I think you posted this in the wrong forum. You'll get better answers on the Carnival forum since both ships you mentioned are Carnival ships. This is Celebrity. Have a great cruise whatever you choose.
  11. Wonderful service. I thought I'd miss the variety available from OVC, but honestly they have everything I wanted, They have omelettes, eggs Benedict (and salmon benedict), smoked salmon, pancakes, meusli, fruit, pastries, etc. I love starting the day there.
  12. You'll receive notice of where it will be on your sailing if you're in Concierge Class. The breakfast is a light continental type with coffee, juice, fruit and pastries and sometimes some meats and cheeses. It's usually at one of the specialty restaurants or a bar area.
  13. I'm going on a cruise with my favorite person in the whole world! It'd be silly to let a tech glitch sour that. Thanks. 😎
  14. There are only two cruise ships departing on the day we leave, ours and Royal Caribbean ship, so we'll likely be leaving from terminal 25. Between our loyalty status and being Aqua and the relatively small passenger load in Port Everglades that day I'm sure we won't have any problems. I've wasted more time on this subject than the maybe extra 2 minutes it'll take to get on the ship. It's really no big deal. It's only annoying that the website tells people to do check in on the app to get Expedited Arrival. I did it and it didn't show. I even uninstalled the app, re-installed signed out and in and edited the passports and re-scanned them. It still didn't show. We'll show up at 10:30 as usual and be on the ship is a flash with or without it.
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