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  1. Blu is never open for lunch except on special occasions as a fee ar private events.
  2. Actually, although the layout is the same the Concierge Class cabin is about 20 sq. ft. bigger. Enjoy your bonus! P.S. I think I use the same TA.
  3. The mailed tags become available about 45 days prior to the start of your cruise if you are in the US or Canada. It's best to call to order them, the website requests have a lower result of success. The mailed ones are sturdier than the print yourself and are self adhesive. Put them on after you've landed in your departure city. We had the porter hand write the tags at the port only once and it was the only time we had a problem with one of our bags not being delivered to our room. His handwriting of the room number resulted in a 7 being mistaken for a 2 and our bag was sitting in a hallway several decks away from our cabin for 12 hours before it was located. We'll never do that again!
  4. Another viewpoint to all this is that for $950pp in an IV balcony guarantee you can do 2 cruises for the price of the one in in the S3 at an extra $1000 pp. Book the cheaper and go on another cruise! The drinks at the Retreat Lounge and meals in Luminae, while nice, wouldn't be worth it.
  5. When choosing your perks both people in the cabin must choose the same ones, however when upgrading the package either, neither or both can upgrade.
  6. I'll try to make this as simple and as clear as possible. If you have a Classic or Premium beverage package (either as a free perk or purchased directly) there are no further charges to your on board account as long as you stay within the package allowances. Zero, nada, zippo, none. The $14 per person per day fee is a fee added by X to the overall cost of your cruise when the Classic Beverage Package is chosen as a "free perk" for bookings made after 10/10/2020. It is not charged to your on board account. It has nothing to do with a gratuity or service charge. It has been waived during certain sales and by some TAs at times. X justifies it as an equalizer since the beverage package is worth more than the other choices of perks. (I am not indicating my personal feelings about this fee, but am just trying to explain it in X terms). Finally, totally apart from and having nothing to do with beverages or beverage packages there is the daily gratuity that is charged to your account on board (unless you have already paid them or have pre-paid gratuities as a perk). That is for your dining wait staff, room steward, butler (if in a suite) and some behind the scenes service staff. I hope that clears things up for you.
  7. Good to know. We'll be back on Reflection in March and will be curious to see if the large bottle is there or if yours was a one off. No difference to us...just curious.
  8. Caveat. In addition to the 2 free smaller bottles of water in Aqua Class cabins there is a (2?) larger bottle of Evian that is a charge.
  9. The OJ in question has always been available on the Classic BP.
  10. I have ordered and received fresh orange juice over the past 11 years on the Classic package and have never been charged extra for it.
  11. We love Reflection also and think that waiting at Luminae, Blu or Select Dining has more to do with when the cruisers on that itinerary choose to dine and the efficiency of the particular maitre d than the ship. We never waited at Blu on Reflection yet on Silhouette we waited every night due largely to the ineptitude of the very pleasant maitre d. The buffet at lunch is a bit more crowded however.
  12. That fee isn't a service charge. It is a cost added to the cost of the cruise when a classic beverage package is chosen as a perk at the rate of $14pppd. During the Black Friday sale X was not applying the extra fee. Also some TAS have at times absorbed the extra charge. If it is charged it is added to the cost of the cruise on the invoice and not during the cruise to your on board account. OP asked about charges applied as service charges (or gratuities) to drinks ordered on a beverage package on board and there are no additional charges to the on board account if you stay within your package limits.
  13. There won't be a surprise bill at the end of your cruise from beverage package service charge fees. The only way you'll see a service charge is if you order something above the package. In that case you'll be charged the difference + 20%. That's highly unlikely, especially since you already have the premium package.
  14. @JediKnight, I think that may be a case of comparing apples and kumquats. I've sailed both. Although there have been changes and downgrades throughout the cruise industry the two are far from the same....at least in my experience. YOMV
  15. We've had no issues getting seats on Reflection in the main theater. We generally go to the earlier shows and eat later, so I'm not sure about how the 9 PM shows are. We tend to like sitting near an aisle towards the back in case we want to leave so as not to disturb others.
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