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  1. As long as you pack that "posh frock" you should be good to go! We put off our usual December cruise until March. It's a very special anniversary that we decided to spend at sea on Reflection. I just mentioned your posts last year to DH when I saw your post and said I hope we sail together and share a cocktail and a laugh. Have a great, enjoyable (uneventful) cruise.
  2. Glad you are happy and wish you happy sailing and calm seas.
  3. You can use the Classic package everywhere on the ship except room service and your in room mini bar. We enjoy cappuccinos after meals in many restaurants with it as well as alcoholic drinks. Also you can use it for the yummy coffees and teas at Café al Bacio.
  4. OP's original post in this thread was a re-post of a reply made by OP to another Cruise Critic member who was a frequent Royal Caribbean cruiser considering a booking on X. I think perhaps OP was upset when finding that his booking was a made with a non-refundable deposit and he was unaware of that. It was either his oversight, or poor communication from a TA if that's how he booked. He then created this thread. Specialty restaurants have been around for many years now and aren't going away (although specific ones may change depending upon their popularity). The flat $4.95 room service late night charge has been here for several years as well and it originated on Royal several years before its appearance on X. My advice is to be careful when you buy anything, know the terms of the sale and don't try to blame someone else if you find out you didn't do your due diligence. If you don't like the terms, don't buy the product. Choices are wonderful things. Vote with the wallet and not the keyboard....the wallet speaks the loudest.
  5. The Reflection is a nice ship. We've sailed it to the Caribbean, and in fact have another Caribbean scheduled on her. There's plenty to do. There is no smoking on X anywhere indoors including the casino. The one daily announcement is usually at 10:00AM. Your Diamond status on Royal will be matched to Elite level on X. Make sure to call X Captains Club, advise them of your Crown & Anchor #, get a Captains Club number and have them linked to your reservation. Captains Club can be reached at 800-760-0654. There are some nice benefits. The HH is handled a bit differently, since on X there is no dedicated Diamond Lounge. There is also a bistro breakfast usually held in Tuscan Grille. There is also a choice of 90 free WIFI minutes or 30% off a package. The minutes are for each Elite member and do not have to be used consecutively, so make sure to log out when you're through with it or the clock will continue to run. Additionally there's a laundry benefit (one bag each) wash and fold only. The dance lessons are by and large at the pool and are line dance type dances not requiring a dance partner.
  6. There are free restaurants. Both lines have specialty restaurants for added fees, and both have extra charge items on menus. The option for non-refundable deposits at a cheaper price is offered by both lines, and you have the choice at booking. Either you weren't aware of it when your booking was made or a TA didn't disclose it. There are plenty of no cost options on board both lines.
  7. Perhaps if you could describe your age range, who's travelling and region of the world you're interested in cruising we could give a more detailed response targeted to you. In general, Celebrity offers a higher level of service and the food is better. Celebrity also often offers beverage package perks as well as pre-paid gratuities and OBC. We've sailed both lines and prefer X to Royal for those reasons. If we were sailing with children or young adults, we'd choose Royal, since it tends to cater more to families (although X offers programs for them, there tend to be fewer). Yes, there are line dancing times at the pool during the day, trivia, Zumba (there might be a fee, sorry, not sure). There are less pool games. X offers a more laid back vibe, but not snobby. You won't find water slides, carousels, wave pools, rock climbing, etc. on X.
  8. I've never been able to leave the ship in Miami or Port Everglades after 9:30-10:00AM. We've had late flights and wanted to spend as much time on the ship as possible rather than the airport. Remember that the passengers on the cruise following yours want to be ON the ship by 10:30-11:00 to begin their vacay.
  9. We put our toothbrush charger on the top shelf below the ceiling and were able to plug it in to the ceiling on Reflection, Silhouette and Eclipse without issue. I checked with Captains Club pre-cruise to see if the ceiling plug was compatible with use for the toothbrush and for our WaterPik. They checked with ships engineer who confirmed that shaver, WaterPik and toothbrush and got back to me about a week after my inquiry the those things were able to be used in that outlet. (The inquiry was pre-Revolution).
  10. I have had many a Bloody Mary on the classic package and never had an upcharge. I've never heard of an Aperol Spritz until this post, so don't know about that!
  11. I purchased a set of strong magnetic hooks from Amazon. I put two on the shower walls and pack a length of twine that I tie to the hooks. It's really easy to pack and works perfectly. Previously I purchased hooks (magnetic) from Lowes, but they weren't strong enough and I returned them. The ones from Amazon now live in my luggage and have enough cruises to have Elite status on their own. Here's a link. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EWL7N8Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. To each their own. That being said we only give additional cash on top of our prepaid gratuities. The crew can then use it in any way they see fit. If they want to use it for candy fine, if not, we've not limited their choices. Options are wonderful😊 and since the crew members were so wonderful to us and make our vacation memorable, we want to reward them with money (aka options)! Note to OP. How would you like an Eagles helmet if you were a crew member!😜
  13. I've had this happen occasionally. The best way to solve it is first to clear the computer's cookies and cache. Then open your browser and then open an InPrivate, or Incognito window. Once that window is opened to Celebritycruises.com and log in, go to your Manage My Reservation and proceed to cruise planner. That is now the ONLY way I attempt anything on the Celebrity website. It works fairly reliably that way. Good luck and happy planning.
  14. We enjoy our burgers from Mast Grill freshly of the grill on both M and S-class ships.
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