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  1. We've stayed in 2151 which is on the forward part of the hump and had both sun and shade.
  2. Summit has fewer specialty restaurants (Tuscan Grille, Qsine, now Le Petite Chef, and Sushi on 5). Summit has traditional balconies instead of Infinite Verandahs. Both have great crew.
  3. WrittenOnYourHeart, I've worn sandals, on almost every night of every warm weather cruise over many years without anyone ever questioning my shoe selection. Some of those might even be classed as "flip-flops," technically, but weren't the drug store variety, but high end leather thong type sandals as well, again, no problems.
  4. We always request a table for two when we make the initial booking if we are booking traditional dining. We then visit the maître d in the MDR immediately upon boarding the ship and check that we've received a table for two. Only once was our request not honored, but the maître d immediately changed our seating to the desired 2 top. If you're Select dining (anytime) just request what you want. You may have to wait a bit longer if you arrive at a busy time without a reservation.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll email support. I forgot about the update un Tuesday until I read it here. I'll bet that's the problem. Thanks again!
  6. I'd suggest buying one. The on board dryers are weak, need the button held in for air flo, take forever and do a poor job. That is the only type on board from inside cabins to the best suite, although I did have a concierge once offer the use of her personal dryer when I made a suggestion that the on board dryers may be difficult for those with long or thick hair or who have manual dexterity issues. I always bring my own.
  7. You'll have to wear a byte-plate every night.....Evening Chic or Smart Casual.
  8. I've had a countdown clock that has been working for months, but today I noticed that instead of appearing in my signature as it always has done in the past, it appears as an X next to some computerese. Was there some changes made to CC to make these not function any longer or is this a temporary glitch?
  9. What was Formal Night is now Evening Chic. The guidelines are loose and allow for personal interpretation and taste, and are applicable to the MDR only. Luminae and Blu are Smart Casual every night. davekathy posted the guidelines and you'll see a bit of everything. I've seen no correlation between the degree of "dressing up" and length of cruise and we've done 7-19 days. Do whatever fits the guidelines and is acceptable to you and your travelling partner and you'll be sure to see others dressed similar to you, dressed up more and dressed up less. Have a wonderful cruise. Choice is wonderful!
  10. The demographic on X does tend to be older than Royal. You may find a slight difference in the nightlife in January in the Caribbean, but not a big difference. X isn't known for a "rocking" nightlife, although it's not the same as you will encounter on Royal. There will be evening poolside parties, silent disco etc.
  11. Table numbers often may vary from one cruise to the next depending on the passenger dining preferences, so it's always best to go the dining room to check.
  12. We also prefer a table for two, always request one, have always been given one and have never had to tip extra for a desired table (although at the end of the cruise we often tip the maître d extra). We make it a habit of visiting our dining venue immediately upon embarkation and meeting with the maitre d. Only once have we needed to change the location and he was both willing and able to make the adjustment. I'd suggest that you do the same, don't wait until dinner service when they are crazy busy. Good luck and have a wonderful cruise.
  13. There is no number of drinks limit per day on BPs on X. The only time you will be denied is if you are visibly intoxicated, but that would be done with or without a package. Also you can only order 1 drink at a time per card with the exception of ordering an alcoholic drink and a bottle of water.
  14. I have noticed that very often on X shore excursions the descriptions state an age 70 limit (I've seen the limits applied to Beach Breaks that tamely involved only a bus ride to the beach, a lounge chair and a drink and a bus ride back). It is most unfortunate when the person trying to book is able, physically fit and has an excess amount of OBC to use, and then has to book with private tour operators using out of pocket money. Insurance liabilities of the X tour operators likely dictate the limitations, and I've not seen a liability waiver offered. In today's litigious society, unfortunately it is a common exception likely dictated by some insurance company's actuary. I think OP will be out of luck but hope I'm wrong. Good luck, and please come back with an update.
  15. The bottle of sparkling wine, water and afternoon canapes were a benefit of Aqua Class. FYI, going forward, we always trade the bottle for either a bottle of Prosecco or red that we prefer and ask for a fruit or cheese plate instead of the canapes.
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