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  1. I believe this poster was looking for information on whether these ports are baby friendly. There are ways for them to enjoy a cruise and see these islands. After spending a lot of time on these islands and seeing visitors with kids of all ages they can certainly have a good time exploring the islands. Since you will be flying to the islands why not bring your own car seat and arrange for your own rental cars. Every one of these islands are easy to explore on your own and drive. With a little research you can figure out what you would like to see. You may even decide to ju
  2. It’s actually your last point of departure from the mainland. Not the origination of your flight. It must be from Seattle, LA San Francisco or wherever your final leg is. A delayed flight from your origination could have an effect if it causes you to miss your flight. The test must be administered no more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the final leg to Hawaii We are probably saying the same thing in a different way. The key is not to have a seriously delayed flight somewhere that causes you to miss your connecting. Our friends had a canceled flight (0900
  3. AF-1 your lucky that your Walgreens is getting the tests back so quickly. Not all of them do. Definitely can’t count on it. Now if anyone can tell us where in Portland OR we can get such a quick return we would be grateful. We had to spend $170 ea. At least Portland is the last place for leaving the Mainland so it gives us a little more leeway than other places back east. The time ends after your last stop. We also had friends nearly time out after a cancelled flight and had to fly to Seattle to connect. This Covid testing and timing is stressful at least for us.
  4. We have stayed at the Outrigger many times. It is a wonderful hotel. The Sheraton Moana Surfrider is also wonderful. The lobby however is noisy and busy. Waikiki is very noisy and busy. We have been there in Feb May Sept and Oct and it is busy no matter what time of year. Make sure you get a room that is not near the street. It is busy until wee hours of the morning. If you want to be close to things in Waikiki with restaurants galore this is a great location.
  5. We just returned a week ago to Portland Oregon from Kona. There is a lot of confusion regarding Walgreens testing. They are all different and use different labs. The test has to be a PCR test. Not all can get them back in two hours and many say 3-5 days. Of course we could not wait. For a Sat am flight we got 0900 tests on Thur am. Those results still were not back by 1600 on Fri. Our daughter used a different Walgreens and she did not have results either. We we’re getting very nervous so ran out to the airport where Carbon Health was doing the rapid PCR for 170$ ea. As luck would have it
  6. In Oregon where we were vaccinated our insurance info was taken. We have now had two doses. Just to make sure we had the info documented we also had it documented in our yellow international vaccine certificate that we have that contains our yellow fever vaccine and others. The pharmacist that did our vaccines has not had anyone else bring them in. Also the friends who have posted a photo of their Covid vaccine have only posted a photo of the back of their card which only shows the return date for the second shot. No name, date or lot number is showing.
  7. The last time we did a b2b on Celebrity Solstice we were given our cruise cards prior to getting off. We did pass thru Customs and Immigration. On our return the process was much quicker as there was a special que for us. We had to show our passports. We already had our ID cards and pretty much just walked back on and to our stateroom as we were in the same room.
  8. To answer a few of your questions. Your status with Royal transfers over. They are not added together. For example if you were Diamond on Royal then you are Elite on Celebrity. In order to get to the next category you have to achieve it on your own. Glad this cruise works out for you. We were supposed to be cruising on the Silhouette Feb 2022 South America and Celebrity canceled it. Lots of changes going on.
  9. For us at this time and most likely for 2021 vacations are just going to be different. We have two cruises that have been moved to summer of 2021 but we most likely will not be seeing them happening. What we have done for this summer is book places that are within driving distance from the Northwest USA. We just returned from staying at a beautiful Lake Lodge in Whitefish MT. We were able to drive easily to Glacier National Park from Whitefish. We will be driving to Park City Utah in August. We are seeing places and having experiences we normally would not be doing. We are not f
  10. We have done both and are avid cruisers. We enjoyed both but the downside for us is we still have to get there! We have a Hawaiian vacation booked in Nov that we will most likely cancel. We do not want to have to fly to get there! Six hours in an airplane wearing a mask with a plane load of passengers does not sound very safe to us. In the meantime we are renting vacation homes in places that we can drive too.
  11. We were told by Delta rep back in April that all that we needed to qualify for a refund was to have Delta make any change in our itinerary. Well Delta changed our Itinerary from a direct non stop to AMS to one that made two stops. I tried for several weeks to get hold of someone when we finally gave up and made a trip out to the airport and spoke to an agent during a quiet time. The Delta agent was very nice and she spent 15 min on hold on a direct line with someone who said we would see the refund on our credit card in about three weeks. We had the refund in three days!! We hav
  12. We have cruises from the West Coast (Vancouver BC) twice now in Sept. Fantastic beautiful weather cruises. For us it was like cruising on a lake. We had threats of hurricanes both times and fortunately nothing maturated from them. Broke up long before reaching the Islands. Ships change paths and steer clear. Much better weather than a spring one would have been.
  13. When they called us I was told they are doing it month by month. They were calling the folks that were cruising the last two weeks of July. So hang in there. August will no doubt be next. They realize many of us can’t even get over to Europe and there also is not free movement between countries at this point.
  14. We received a call this am from Tauck. Our July Rhine River Cruise has been cancelled. We have been waiting for that call. Like everyone else we are disappointed not to be traveling anywhere. It feels so strange not to be doing any planning or researching on anything now. Unfortunately we had to cancel this same cruise two years ago with Tauck when I ended up having surgery two weeks prior to leaving home. Luckily we had third party insurance on that trip. Like the agent said “third times a charm”. I sure hope so. We have elected to get our large deposit back. We will wait and s
  15. Mick. We had this Aft stateroom on the Port side on Eclipse for our last Alaska Cruise. We loved it. We spent a lot of our time out there on our mid June cruise. We took two of our grandchildren with us. While we were outside enjoying the fantastic views and watching for whales we were very protected ourselves from the wind. On the sides they get the wind. We were not bothered by the noise. Even though we had fantastic sunny weather there were not that many people up there as it gets windy and cooler up there in the bar for those sitting outside. Our recommendation is book it and e
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