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  1. i dont have the beverage package. i like the smoothies for the Elite breakfast. Is there a difference in the Elite breakfast between the Summit (only cruise as Elite so far) and Silhouette (next cruise)? free laundry and 90 min internet are the only other features i used. what's this Captain's Club coffee lounge?? also, can the Capt Club host get me a reservation to the 30% discount to the Lawn Grill buffet on embarkation day? (it's sold out for pre-booking)
  2. how many mb does platinum plus get for their 60min free internet benefit?
  3. well,24hrs later still havent gotten the email. but the offer is longer on my list in my amex acct. so im good, right?
  4. now the question is: does the upcharges pertain to the free meal at cagney's for being Platinum? can anyone comment who had eaten at cagney's using their Platinum dinner certificate since this new nickel and dime menu came out a couple of weeks ago?
  5. no, i've had it back in sept at cagneys. it's just 3 strips of thick bacon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced at $16. i would very much like the pork belly back!
  6. yeah i know. im just commenting on he $16 charge for 3 pieces of bacon hat you can get the same thing for free by doubling up the breakfast bacon at breakfast on every bite
  7. Confirmed: Nickle and Diming is back at Cagney's and w t f pricing on the Bacon appetizer?! it's 3 strips of bacon. you can do the exact thing from breakfast by eating 2 strips of bacon at the same time. and thats free!
  8. sweet! im on the breakaway next year. so i dont have to care about slow internet at noon on a sea day.
  9. how did you verify your $5 was posted correctly?
  10. what the hell is a premium shrimp cocktail? and do these upcharges apply to the free dinner at Cageys for being Platinum?
  11. https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/casino-cruise/players-club "Ruby Package: 400 minutes OR 1250mb. " it was always 400min. now there's a 2nd condition to it?! 😞 when was this added?
  12. 2months ago (sept), NCL got rid of the silly $4 upcharge over the dining package for the shrimp cocktail at Cagney's. they also added lobster surf and turf at no additional upcharge. Poster in the thread above said Cagneys now has a $19 upcharge for surf and turf!? She said it was on the Breakaway this month. Anyone else notice lobster upcharges to the dining package this month?
  13. wait.. what?! i was on Dawn 2 months ago. cagneys surf and turf was filet and lobster tail. no upcharge to dining package. it got changed back to filet and shrimp? and with a $19 upcharge?!
  14. i arrived a little before 11am. remember, i was 15th from the escalator and it took 1 1/2 hr to get to the metal detectors. those that were queued out the door waited ALOT longer. i would say come after 1:30pm if you dont want to queue up. unless what i experienced was just a one time thing???
  15. yup, tampa port sucks. you queue up on the 1st floor to go up the escalator to the 2nd floor. and there's line queue on the 2nd floor as well. dont come early! when i took a ncl cruise from Tampa earlier this year, it took 1 1/2 hrs to get to the metal detectors. and i arrived early and was like 15th person from the escalator. (there were already people queued up on the 2nd floor.) the line did not move because noone was allowed to go through the metal detectors. i dont know why. the line on the 1st floor queued out the door! thankfully it wasnt raining outside.
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