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  1. lol.. adult behavior on an anonymous forum. but you know the real reason why private msg was disabled here? it was because cruise critic is also a travel agency that gets commission. so they dont allow private msg
  2. oh man.. back to free 2sdp and buying a 6sdp for my 10day cruises 😞
  3. great on the dining credit! i usually get an inside room (free from casino) thus 1 perk and i pick sdp. (free drinks at the casino. on port days, i just get a few beers the night before and pout it in my cabin fridge.) now i dont have free 2 night sdp and buy a 6 sdp for a 10night cruise. now i can buy a 8sdp for cheaper! (I get $200 obc every cruise)
  4. this. if you dont need a Concierge, it's not worth the price. i didnt find the little extras that came with it (ie: little snacks delivered to your room around 2pm) to be worth it. i never needed the Concierge. This was on the Edge. heck, sometimes the price increase for Aqua isnt worth it. edit: i loved the 4 MDR concept of the Edge with each MDR having their own signature dish. Sea bass is my favorite dish in general. i could eat sea bass till the cows come home. and one of the MDR's has seabass everyday. for me, dont know if Blu would be worth the price increase on the Edge since i would be very happy with seabass
  5. look up threads about the Summit refurb. many reviews, including mine
  6. i think that changed last year. everyone playing is now entitled to free (bottom level) drinks. heck, you can be just sitting/standing next to your significant other and the waiter will get him/her a drink as well. (just tip $1)
  7. ahh.. a hull balcony. i think an IV is better than it. lol.. an aft balcony (sunset veranda) isnt a regular balcony. :) they usually cost MUCH more than an IV. so basically on the Edge, you have hull balcony, IV, or aft balconies. but no regular balconies?
  8. with the insane ala carte prices increases in all specialty restaurants the past couple of years, i had better use of my obc. namely alcohol from the gift shop to bring home :)
  9. did not know the Edge has non-suite real balconies
  10. yup.. should have been called 'deluxe oceanview' with top half of window that comes down. but i guess the marketing worked. since there were no other rooms called balconies except for the super expensive suites, people were willing to pay balcony pricing for fancy ov cabins. i guess celebrity was smart that way... not having a mix of IV with regular balconies on the Edge/Apex.
  11. you like Pinchos with the dining plan's 4 item limit??
  12. i've been thru the panama canal twice. 1st time in an inside, 2nd time in a balcony. (real) balcony is the way to go. you're not fighting the masses for a view of going through the locks!!! edit: oh.. you're in an aft balcony.
  13. i prefer my bed next to the closet instead of the balcony. makes the room look much more open
  14. this subject has been beaten to death. i was on the Edge in a concierge infinite veranda. i view it as a deluxe ocean view with your window that partially opens. not worth the $
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