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  1. he never said ceo. he said took over control of ncl. in all people's minds, del rio is de facto in charge. everything else is semantics
  2. it used to be 6 or 8 piece Godiva chocolates in your room on embarkation day if you were Latitudes Gold and above. then it was 4 piece. then it stopped. just curious if anyone remembers when it stopped?
  3. im assuming they wont do the actual cancellations till after your sail date. my comped cruise was on 4/9. 2 CN certs, and $80 out of pocket. from what i read, i get the 2 CN back into my acct, and should have $100 in FCC. not really that worried about the 2 CN certs being in my acct in time before i book my next cruise. i have retroactively applied them and got $500 refunded on my credit card.
  4. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/23/royal-caribbean-takes-out-a-new-22-billion-loan.aspx from the article, they had $1.4B in the bank. now they have $3.6B. Why the need to draw on that credit now and pay interest when they have plenty cash on hand? and why ALL of it in 1 shot?
  5. In case you're wondering what's going on financially with NCL's competition: - Carnivale: Survival analysis doesnt look good due to their debt load: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/27/will-carnival-survive-the-covid-19-crash.aspx $1.8B due in 2020 alone! $1.92 billion due in 2021. they also have 17 cruise ships ordered across their various lines to be delivered by 2025 with TEN of them to be delivered by 2021. 😨 YIKES! Even if they max out their line of credit, they will be $500M short in covering their expenses. And that's just for this year. Double YIKES! - Royal They took out a new $2.2B line of credit earlier this week and drew all of it. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/23/royal-caribbean-takes-out-a-new-22-billion-loan.aspx No idea why they did that. They had $1.4B in the bank. so now they have $3.6B in cash and paying interest on at least $2.2B of it.
  6. here's the revised bill the Senate passed last nite: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/25/whats-in-stimulus-package-coronavirus-149282 "the oil industry is getting nothing — and neither are the Postal Service and cruise companies." :o so why is ncl stock climbing 15% today?!
  7. Based on the way the bill is written now, it appears travel providers are going to have to compete for loans from a $500 billion fund. Trump has repeatedly mentioned airlines as a group that needs to be bailed out. He has also mentioned the cruise and hotel industries. They would have to jostle for a share ofthe pot, which would likely be structured so that it would eventually have to be paid back once the economy improves.
  8. congress reaches a deal with the $2T stimulus package. but i cant find any deatails. im assuming there's a bailout for the cruise lines that arent registered in the US since ncl is up 20% premarket.
  9. +60% on no news. guess people are expecting a cruise bailout in the $2T stimulus package
  10. yet the stock is climbing 20% today where the down is down 700 points?! cant find any news. whats gives?
  11. just my curious nature when it's not obvious why they chose that location. ie: if they chose port miami or everglades, i wouldnt have asked. it's the closest port... obvious why they chose it
  12. its a gamble. ncl will no go bankrupt. prices will not skyrocket short term when they are allowed to cruise again because they need to being passengers back, etc, etc. you seem very risk averse so go for it
  13. is there a website that shows where all the ships are docked during this pandemic? want to see port everglades, which is still 200 miles closer than port orlando
  14. it gave me a chuckle. im in the same boat. most of my april cruise is paid for by the 2 cn certs. i get back like $150. im going to choose the fcc because i know i will be cruising with ncl again.
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