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  1. yes, im a land bloke. if it's small and has a propeller, it's a lifeboat. if it doesnt have a propeller, then it's a life raft.
  2. i found the answer from the captain. the ship has 2 types of boats: Lifeboats and tenders a lifeboat is single engine and only goes 8knots per hr. a tender is bigger, shaped more like a catamaran, has dual engines and goes faster. the Summit only has 4 tenders thus they hired some 3rd party tenders
  3. but as i said in one of my replies, the 3rd party tenders are 1 level. celebrity's tenders are 2 levels. so about the same amount of passengers?
  4. ok, went to Highroller and had BOTH the lobster lollipop (regular, no fried) and the lobster roll. the bread was toasted PERFECTLY! yum! How many oz is a lobster tail?
  5. google found another lobster tail on a stick: http://susansfishnchips.com/ but it's 11miles from the port. 😞 ok, i'm off to High Roller for lunch for the regular Lolly pop, not the corndog version. reviews says too much breading, like you said. https://highrollerlobster.com/menu .7miles from port hope the regular version is also fried.
  6. nope, i was on a 3rd party tender and was NOT on a shore excursion. i wouldnt have started this thread if that was the case. it would make sense. wish celebrity had a senior Officer's Q&A session like some other cruise line's have. i would definitely ask them about the 3rd party tenders.
  7. in cabo, mexico ships are forced to use 3rd party tenders so i understand that. but here in bar harbor, celebrity can use their own lifeboats. so why use 3rd party? more of a curiosity of why spend extra $ on 3rd party tenders? as for the reasons given, the 3rd party tender i was on leaving the ship didnt seem bigger. (3rd party tender was just 1 level, celebrity's lifeboats had 2 levels for passengers.) it might be faster but i did not pay attention to the speed on either the 3rd party or celebrity's lifeboat. and the dock handled 2 tenders at a time so there wasnt a bottleneck
  8. i was on the 3rd party tender leaving the ship in the morning. thought it was just for morning rush to shore and afternoon last tender rush back to ship. but i saw the 3rd party tender being used when i was coming back to the ship a little after 12pm. so my theory went out the window. yes
  9. as you can see from the pic (taken 12:30pm), Celebrity is using both 3rd party tender boats and it's own life boats as tenders. but why? i only count two 3rd party tender boats. surely Celebrity is capable of operating 2 additional lifeboats?
  10. Nevermind.. my ship (Celebrity Summit) has free unlimited lobster rolls at the buffet. (Bat Harbor, Maine) but will probably still go get a fried lobster tail on a stick in Portland, Maine tomorrow.
  11. Still says nausau. And there's no roll call for july 6th sailing so can't ask what happened. :( (I want to be on that cruise if it's grand Bahamas)
  12. ok, forgetting McD. will try the fried lobster tail on a stick. thx!
  13. im currently on the Summit. my impressions. 1) just came out of drydock? VERY visible rust from my veranda. 2) nice new room but i was surprised my veranda is this small. note: the only Celebrity other ship ive been on was the Edge. the inside room was twice the size. 3) What is this knob by the bed? ive turned it left and right. doesnt seem to do anything?? 4) i've made reservations for Qsine as a solo. (20% off) ive read on another celebrity ship you can request 1/2 portions. im assuming i can for summit also.
  14. what does cuba have to do with grand bahamas??
  15. all the July 2019 dawn cruises are now Nassau, Bahamas. it used to be 1/2 those cruises were going to Grand Bahamas. anyone know what happened?
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