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  1. my fcc (100% and the 25% bonus) expire on 6/30/21. so far cruises are canceled till April 2021. im not going to book till a cruise actually leaves an American port with paying customers. (my home port is nyc.) and i only book cruises when the price is $50/day with no solo supplement. (ie: last min specials) has ncl said anything about extending the fcc expiration date?
  2. yup.. dec 2021 expiration. i guess no additional news. 😞 i hope it gets extended 1yr 6months after the start of REGULAR cruising.
  3. tier levels lasts 1yr 6months and will expire dec 2021. it doesnt look like there will be cruises till at least May and that will probably be test cruises. dont know how long it'll take for regular rollout. July maybe? any word on Celebrity extending the tier levels expiration date?
  4. $200k for a new docking platform + installation in the harbor? wow.. a full dock isnt cheap
  5. Carnival refurbished a ship in 2019 and scraped her in 2020. So it's not unheard of
  6. I had no doubt there would be no blame. Water and wind were fast! (40+ knot gusts) How much were the damages?
  7. i... would pay extra for that feature :p
  8. what happened to the Epic that hit and SANK a docking platform in Puerto Rico pier? Also, how much did NCL have to pay for the platform?
  9. $30 pp/pd? doesnt sound cost effective. (you get free bottom level drinks at the casino. i just get a FULL glass of wine and bring it to dinner.)
  10. how does one become a test volunteer? are we allowed off the ship or is it a cruise to nowhere? and will the casino be open? :)
  11. yes about illogical stock market. Tesla has doubled every other month! nevertheless, i believe it's the Dutch tulip problem. the bubble will burst and it will come back down to fundamentals. also, ncl will not receive much new $ in the months after cruises start again due to all that FCC out there.
  12. it's fundamentals. $24 is 1/2 the price of $48/share pre-pandemic when they were topping estimates. now they are near $0 revenue! plus billions additional debt. plus multiple rounds of stock dilution. and this convinced myself to pull the trigger to short. :o
  13. holy crap.. ncl went up to $24/share today!?!?! and this is after they diluted the stock (again) last week with 40M new shares! https://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Norwegian+Cruise+Line+Holdings+(NCLH)+Announces+40M+Share+Offering+of+Ordinary+Shares/17616004.html plus Billions of new debt since the pandemic started! and no cruises till at least Feb 2021! i'm thinking of shorting NCL...
  14. wait what? the all inclusive classic drink package includes specialty coffee al Bacio?! first they neuter our free internet perk and now the free coffee perk. a big F U to loyalty, Celebrity?! also, i can see al Bacio being swamped with long lines from open to close. those poor workers...
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