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  1. yup, it allows for easier and faster loading of tenders. also allows easier and faster loading of provisions at port
  2. i dont think it'll ever STOP on a floor with staterooms. it'll just pass them on the way up to 14th floor or down to tender. of course if you are in a S3 when this happens, close your curtains. :)
  3. one day will splurge for the front most S3 in the magic carpet track. unobstructed view to the front of the ship through the side window. unfortunately, there's only 6 of those rooms per cruise (6184, 7194, 8200, etc till the 12th floor)
  4. Equinox does 9day abc islands and alternates with 12day southern carribean. i just did the 21day b2b. (August) Bahamas, abc islands, then for the 12day ALOT of islands that have the word 'Saint' in them. :) i think equinox does this till at least oct
  5. How about in port? Or would security frown on that? And even if you can fish on the pier, you cant bring the fish onboard 🙂
  6. i emailed blue chip yesterday just to find out how many points i earned in the casino for my cruise 2 weeks ago. lets see how long it takes for them to respond so 4 days for blue chip to answer your email? (3 days if they dont work Sun?)
  7. my question was why flare out the balcony for the center cabins for the 7th+8th floor? (they could have left it straight like on 9-12th floors)
  8. Aft Balconies: so the balconies next to the center ones on 7th and 8th floor (7313,7310,8321,8312) are smaller than the ones on the 9th-12th floors because the center ones are flaring? Wonder why they made the center balconies on those 2 floors flaring?
  9. free daily breakfast @ Tuscan for Elites and above: the OJ has plenty of pulp. i guess it's the $4 premium OJ?
  10. Last Oct 2021 sailing: Miami- 4 night Bahamas Cruise (Oct 17, 2021 - Oct 21, 2021) 1st Nov cruise: NYC- 7 night Caribbean Cruise (Nov 21, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021) Where is she between Oct 21 and Nov 21? (I would have done a Repo cruise from Miami to NYC)
  11. I'm disappointed with the casino. They only gave me back $32 for this 12day. 😞 I'm doing a b2b and last cruise (9 day) i received $90. and I played 50% more this cruise than last. Last cruise I estimate I got 9k points, mostly from tables. This cruise I estimate 15k points, also mostly from tables. For those that gambled, how much did you get back at the end of the cruise? and how many points?
  12. Nope, has not subsided. 😞 Matra'D at restaurant asked me to rate his waiters and asst servers a 10 on the after cruise survey email
  13. Today butter chicken for lunch and chicken tikka masala for dinner. Yum!
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