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  1. Crab roll ($17) with roasted red pepper mayo (on top). lots of crab! unfortunately, i couldnt taste the mayo.
  2. Dawn (Sept 2019): No more seafood,asian,Italian,BBQ,etc theme nights at buffet. No more specialty baskets (ribs & shrimp, seafood,etc) at o'Sheehan's for dinner 😞
  3. well, the point is moot. celebrity moved the port to Miami because of docking conflict at port everglades. :o (yes, causing much confusion and anger among passengers already booked with flights, hotels, transfers.)
  4. I have the free drink card at the casino bar. I asked for a bottle of water, and a bourbon and Coke. That was the only things I ordered that day. Today i looked on my acct and there are 3 casino bar charges listed for that day. Still $0 so I'm not worried about it. Just curious if anyone else noticed more orders listed on the acct than what you ordered?
  5. The t&c of sdp changed recently. It no longer says unlimited apps. But it also doesn't say the limits of apps/dessert either. It only says 1 entree and extra one will be charged full price.
  6. the small Bliss lounge was packed. The dawn doesn't have an observation lounge like on Jewel class ships. Red wine: Merlot White: Chardonnay Both santa Catalina brand, which is the old ncl brand. (New ncl brand: north and south) Live music. No sales pitches/up selling
  7. Yes, thats why I avoid the regular Latitudes party because it's nothing special since almost everyone is invited. Hm.. I like the idea of Platinum plus and above be invited to the Haven Captain's reception. 🙂
  8. Finally! In all seriousness, I'm surprised there wasn't one till today just for the higher tiers. (In all my cruises, I've never seen one and I'm Platinum plus.) Edit: I guess with all the double points promo over the summer, there's now enough Platinums to warrent a party?
  9. no more pork belly as appetizer. now replaced with thick sliced bacon. i had that. basically, it's bacon with maple syrup. it's actually very good. but you can do the same thing for breakfast. just stack a few slices of thin breakfast bacon together to get same thickness. also, prices are INSANE without the dining package!
  10. What's a purser? (Saw a love boat episode from the 1970s and one of them had that title)
  11. Note: You have to buy tickets at the window. The self serve kiosk doesn't have an option for mail boat run ($16.50). Edit: I paid the $16.50 (9/2019) and didn't get the paper placemat map of Casco Bay. 😞
  12. Yeah, my room on Dawn looks the same as any other regular ov room. On some ships, the family ov is bigger than other ov and has a couch! (I've seen the pics but don't remember the ship)
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