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  1. Ahh.. Forgot about the annual cruise benefit. (I didn't inquire about it last year and probably lost it since the casino year ended dec2019 😞 ) so what are they giving as the annual cruise? Burmuda in the summer? (I'm sapphire)
  2. Email blue Chip what your total points are. Or before you leave the ship, ask the host for a printout of your play. Then you can calculate your points from that
  3. I'm Elite on celebrity and got and offer for a free 8 day cruise from Baltimore. I have never sailed Royal before. Their webpage says they will status match but doesn't say what. So what will be status on Royal? Would it be better to wait till Elite Plus before doing the status match? And does Royal match my celebrity casino tier as well? (I'm sapphire)
  4. What option? To top off your dining package? Ie: if you got 5 meal sdp because of perk, you can just add more to it instead of buying a new package? (Ie: 3sdp for $99)
  5. ncl now allows you to just top off your current sdp package and just add more days?? instead of making you buy another package? (ie: 3meal for $99)
  6. im the on the Joy. on this ship, we're allowed to substitute FR with our La Cuchina Platinum voucher. and instead of 4 item limit, we're allowed $35 worth of food ($70 per couple since each voucher is for 2.) items in FR range from $4 to a couple of items that are $12. so if you eat just the $12 items, then the dining plan is better. if you want to sample alot of stuff on the menu, then using the Platinum voucher is better. i will be eating in FR this week for the 1st time and will be using my Platinum voucher. i've eaten at ocean blue many times. (Love the food.) i'll let you know the comparison next week.
  7. i was on the silhouette late last year (2019). the tree was dead. no leaves. wonder how long this new tree will live? or did they replace it with a fake tree?
  8. i have never seen a Maitre'd in any specialty restaurant. (and im platinum plus.) always the asst Maitre'd. does every specialty restaurant have a Maitre'd?
  9. Every specially restaurant has an asst matre de in change of his/her restaurant. What does the matre de in change off?
  10. Now that their contract is over and their presence of being replaced with American dinner, did they have a profitable relationship with ncl?
  11. Sigh at people that don't understand smiley emoticons 😞
  12. obviously, if you think you're going to book multiple cruises before you sail on your next cruise, then buy more cn. :) but even if you unexpectedly book multiple cruises before you sail on your next one, you can buy lots of cn when you sail and call up ncl to apply cn to the cruises that you didnt use cn for. they'll refund you $500 even if it's past final payment. (i've done it twice.)
  13. Yup! The only reason to buy more than 2 is if you can use all of them for the next cruise. Else you can just buy 2 more while on your next cruise
  14. oh man.. i assumed it was $23/day based on the 7day for $161. else i would have gotten it for my 16day Joy cruise if it was a set price! Joy's green swipe arcade selection is MUCH bigger than the Breakaways. downside: there's no pool table on the Joy. 😞 i'll probably get it for the 21day bliss in April. (Bliss has a pool table, right?) Any discount if you get the arcade package on the 2nd day? (like the discount at the spa if you buy the package on the 2nd day)
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