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  1. What sailings are charging 4 grand for a Studio?
  2. Don't log in and miss the excitement? As if.
  3. Leave the beach exactly as you found it so others can continue to enjoy.
  4. Sounds like the doctor needs to work on his waiting room setup and procedures for the patients.
  5. Not sure why you are lecturing me. I didn't say one way or the other if I wanted to cruise. I read various opinions on the CDC wanting input from cruisers and like I said: MOST that I read were dismissive of the request for input. Carry on.
  6. This has already been discussed in a few threads. Most seem to think it's a waste of keyboard ink. Hope that doesn't break your "doom and darkness" rule. 🙂
  7. Nothing wrong with having some hope that your cruise will sail but having said that, I wouldn't be rushing out to buy new luggage.
  8. You'll want to post this in the Roll Call section.
  9. I think the OP forgot he had an identical thread not all that long ago. 😉
  10. Even worse is the couple of regular posters on here who constantly hijack threads. That gets frustrating.
  11. No withdrawals and no travel. Until restrictions are much less than they are right now all over the country I'll just be staying at home biding my time. Not fun at all, but sacrifices have to be made.
  12. Seems to me the reasons are obvious and have been discussed ad nauseum.
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