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  1. You give me hope! I’m concerned my dh and I will have trouble with all this technical stuff.
  2. Dall

    New to Alaska

    We’re doing our first Alaska cruise/land next May. We’ll be at Denali May 16 and 17. When you say shuttle buses don’t run until May 20, does this mean we’re not getting in or do private buses go in? This is so new and confusing.
  3. Dall

    Denali in May?

    We are scheduled May 2022 land/cruise tour with Princess to Alaska. We are scheduled to be at Denali May 16 and 17. I’m a little, yeah maybe a lot confused on the park being open. I’ve read that for 2021 tour buses are allowed in May 20. If this holds true for 2022 and we arrive before that date are we able to visit the park at all?
  4. Thank you for all responses. I’m now leaning towards a BD or BE on deck 10.
  5. Thank you, lots of info. Are you saying all BD and BE on deck 10 have the larger balcony?
  6. We’re looking to book land/cruise tour to Alaska on the Grand. Can you give me your pro’s and cons on having a premium balcony or a mini suite? This will only be our 2nd princess cruise and first time to Alaska!
  7. Did you get to choose your cabana number? What number did you have and did you like the location? We have one reserved in the general area in January 2021.
  8. I am thinking they don’t want you to wear shoes? Yes or no?
  9. Thank you. I was able to cancel and rebook by calling Celebrity.
  10. We booked the cruise through a travel agent, booked the excursion on line. Today it is $12 cheaper per person. Do I need to call my travel agent or celebrity? I tried to cancel and rebook online but couldn’t.
  11. Ahhh. I’m on the Equinox, so it should be available!
  12. I did not know this! All categories of rooms or just certain ones? Looking forward to not dragging my bag around waiting for the room to be ready.
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