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  1. I believe all the staterooms in the middle are not Sky Suites but are the regular Sunset Verandas which we cruise in all the time.
  2. We used Bonaire Golf Carts in Feb. We had no problems on the roads. We did pull over for cars as we did not like having them right behind us and happy to do so. Made for a more relaxing drive for us. It was a very fun experience.
  3. It should be very easy as there is a train station on the lower level of the airport. You can buy your ticket right there at the ticket booth. We have flown into Amsterdam many times. Stayed at the Sheraton Hotel connected to the airport then the next morning taken the train to Maastricht which goes right through Rotterdam. Very easy.
  4. Well we took two grandchildren (8&9)on an Alaska Cruise in June and they spent a lot of time in the outdoor pool even on some rainy days! That certainly did not stop them. The water was not as cold as we had imagined it to be. We did come back to the ship early on a sunny day and they had the pool to themselves for awhile. Our grandson was in the pool nearly every day. We did not visit the solarium even once.
  5. Thank heavens for some nice tailwinds on your flight from HNL-LAX. That’s a long haul from Sidney to LAX via Honolulu. I’m amazed you were able to write this update so well and with some humor thrown in. My body feels tired for you!!! Thank you for your wonderful reporting and sharing of your cruise. By now you should be safely home and sleeping in your own bed!
  6. Last year on the Beyond Transatlantic we did all three of these evacuations. We backtracked to get close enough to Bermuda for the coast guard to come out by boat. We also backtracked to Gibraltar for an air evac.
  7. Things may be rundown but what I like is to see the simple life how it really is. The people are generally happy and proud living with what they have. Not all of Fiji are the beautiful resorts that you see in photos and cater to the rich tourists.
  8. When we were on the Beyond in Feb Capt Kate made an evacuation around midnight. She came on the speaker into the staterooms to announce it. Something she rarely does that late at night. We saw the helicopter lights off our veranda on the aft before the announcement was made. She said the Beyond’s helicopter pad is too small. They did the evacuation off the side of the ship. Probably the lawn Club.
  9. I’ll second that for the Sunset. There is just nothing like the relaxing view watching the wake. Added bonus extra steps on your Fitbit!
  10. Thank you Triplem67. I actually did look at your Roll Call for the Feb 25 Edge. It was quite helpful and you were very helpful. There was lots of info on it. At that time j was looking to get from Arlie Beach to the Whitsunday’s on Celebrity tight schedule and following your roll call on how you tried to get it all to come together.
  11. We enjoyed following along with you. It looked like a fun cruise and I’m sure you loved all the warm days and sun. A very nice break from winter. Glad you finally got your cruise cards. That was quite the challenge. Sometimes ours have been delivered but on our last cruise they were not and we forgot about it until we were at the airport. Safe travels back to Norwayand hope your ✈️ is smooth Will your cruise with the Queen be o. Celebrity? Mary
  12. Ours is acting like it’s not correct either. I was logged in on the app this am which usually stays but this time it did not.
  13. For the past hr we are unable to log on to celebrity app or the website both my husbands and my phones. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  14. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle from Yorkeys Knob to Cairns? We will be overnight on Celebrity so it makes my options easier. Where is the drop off? I’m looking at some independent excursions.
  15. We have been all over the Caribbean numerous times but somehow none of our cruises has stopped in Martinique. I’m glad you tried to make a go of it. Definitely underwhelming when everything is closed. I had to chuckle on your wanting to learn mahjong and bridge. Seems roll calls we have been involved with are always looking for players. Thank you for all your daily posts and photos. Really enjoying them.
  16. It can be hard to find things as this novel has many pages to go through before they begin the actual cruise!
  17. You must have done this trek quite some time ago because the road has been greatly improved and is an easy drive now. It is no longer a breach of your rental car contract to drive this beautiful road. We have been over this road many times because we drive this road from Waikaloa on the Kona side just to go over to a smoothie shop called “what’s Shakin! We also love the Botanical Gardens as well. It can be an eerie drive in the fog.
  18. We spent three weeks on deck 12 Sunset Veranda. We also did not have any issues. Loved it. Be sure to wear your step counter as you will acrue some serious mileage.
  19. Al Bacio on the Beyond was open 0600. Sit and enjoy coffee there or take it ToGo.
  20. We were on this cruise in a SV on deck 11 in Feb. We stayed on our veranda heading into the canal but on the way out we were up top and moved around to different locations including the Ocean view Cafe on the deck on the aft. They would not let us be on the Magic Carpet so that was not an option for us.
  21. Saddened to hear about your parents dear dog Alf. He had a wonderful home and a new life with his new parents. Glad he got to live out his life where he was welcomed loved and appreciated. We had Brandon and James with us on the transatlantic last April on the Beyond so saw several of their shows. We enjoyed them.
  22. Any idea what kind of 4x4 open vehicle is used in Castries St Lucia for Celebrity’s excursion from the port to a waterfall, fishing villages and beach excursions?
  23. Easter is really late next year so hoping all the Spring break kids are back in school.
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